Friday 22 April 2011

The South Will Rise Again !

The American Civil War was not about freeing slaves, it was about the creation of a Federal government to replace states rights and the takeover of the South by the bankers and business people of the North.

It was about power and profits, not slavery and liberty.

You believe what you are told by the media.

You do not do the rsearch for yourselves.

Hence you are a slave in mental chains.

There are more slaves today, of the Federal Government, media and the corporations, than their ever were before the Civil War.

I support states rights.

And when the Federal Government collapses into debt and economic chaos - THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN !

A century and a half after the opening shots of the U.S. Civil War, nearly four in 10 Southerners say they still sympathize with the Confederacy.

That's according to a new CNN poll released on the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, when Union soldiers raised a U.S. flag over Fort Sumter in South Carolina and the opening shots of the war rang out. The poll's results reveal that the war that divided the nation for four years still divides American public opinion today.

In the South, 38 percent of respondents said they sympathize with the Confederacy, which lost the bloody war. More than 600,000 American soldiers on both sides were killed. Overall, the number from all geographic areas who said they still side with the South is less than a quarter.

Tuesday was the 150th anniversary of the first shot fired in the Civil War, when Confederate guns fired on the fort.The poll also reveals divisions over what Americans see as the reason the Civil War was fought. Overall, 54 percent of respondents said they believe the war was over slavery, and 42 percent said that wasn't the main reason. Those percentages didn't change substantially when it comes to Northerners versus Southerners. But the issue of slavery was different for respondents from opposing political parties, and different races.

Sixty-five percent of respondents who described themselves as Democrats said they believe the Civil War was fought over slavery, while 45 percent of Republicans said so. The belief was strongest among nonwhite Americans as well. Some 66 percent of nonwhite respondents said they believe slavery was the main reason for the war, while about half of white people thought so.

The poll also examined whether the responses of tea party supporters were different from those of Americans who described themselves as opposed to the grass-roots conservative movement, or those who said they were neutral to it.

Tea party supporters were only 2 percent more likely to have sympathy for the Confederacy instead of the North, and that difference falls well within the poll's margin of error for that question. Tea party supporters were 9 percent more likely to say they have "some" admiration for the leaders of Southern states during the Civil War, compared with those who said they oppose the tea party. But compared with the poll's overall numbers, their views fell within 2 percentage points of the general population -- again, within the poll's margin of error.

The poll was conducted by CNN and the Opinion Research Corp. Pollsters surveyed 824 adult Americans by phone between April 9 and 10. The poll's overall margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, though the sampling errors were slightly higher for some questions

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Anonymous said...

Little known fact...there are currently a dozen or less people still alive who's father's were civil war veterans! Literally their Father's were in the civil war, they married later in life, some 60-70 year olds married 16 year olds who were attracted to the war veterans as the vets had lucrative war pensions and the widows received these after their vet husbands died.

The last civil war widow died recently in 2004.

The South is replete with stories of the "Civil war" and how it was not really a civil war nor was it a war fought for the freedom of the slaves but was a war for secession and freedom.
Technically a civil war is a war fought to overthrow the government or replace the government. The war of 1861 was not a civil war as the South wanted to be rid of the Northern government and had no plans to take the government.
The American war of independence was a civil war, as the American colonists were British and they fought the British colonial Government and established their own government once they had kicked out the colonial powers.