Wednesday 3 June 2009

The Anti-Zionist Blowback Begins

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala - French Anti-Zionism Resistance Leader.

Some people, who are talking out of their arses, alway seek to equate criticism of Zionism and Israel with anti-semitism.

This merely shows the person making the comment hasnt a clue about Zionism, Israel or anti-semitism.

The majority of Zionists today are not Jewish, they are fundamentalist Christian loonies who want Jesus to return and either convert the Jews in Israel or kill them.

Zionists that live in Israel are Nationalists and therefore I support their right to do as they wish in their own country, just as I support the right of the PLO to do as they wish in an independent Palestine. As a nationalist the more nations of the world that exist to fight against globalisation then the better.

But any Zionists that seek to use my nation for the benefit of themselves and Israel are the enemy of my nation and they must be resisted and removed from our nations.

Criticism of Israel is also not anti-semitic. People constantly slag of America all the time, yet when does anyone say that slagging off America is race hatred against Americans. They dont. Therefore Israel should shut the fuck up and take the criticism that every other country in the world takes all the time. Screaming 'anti-semite' or 'The Holocaust' every time someone criticises Israel merely demeans the dead of the Shoah as it is a cynical abuse of the dead for political gain by corrupt politicians.

The most poisonous anti-semitism in the world is that directed against the Palestinians, not at the Jews. In fact many Israelis who are not Jews but merely migrants into Israel are amongst the worlds greatest anti-semities.

Therefore the next time I read some idiot talking a load of bollocks about a subject they obviously have no idea about, or are working towards their own Zimmitude agenda (Zimmitude is the surrender of our nations to Zionism as opposed to Dhimmitude) then I will not be so polite in my response.

Interesting article here about how the Zionist networks such as in France that dominate much of the nations media, political and economic systems are now creating their own counter organisations.

Our enemy is not just Islamism it is also Zionism - those that espouse either of those ideologies in our nations have no rights to be present in our nations.

Both of those ideologies must be removed before we regain our democracies, freedoms and nations back.

Amazing stuff is happening in France. It all began with a relatively well-known French-Cameroonian comedian, Dieudonné M'bala M'bala was invited to participate on a TV show on the channel France 3. The show also featured a Maghrebian artist and Dieudonne decided to impersonate an extremist Israeli settled infuriated by the presence of an Arab on a French show (for those of you who understand French, you can see an excerpt of his appearance that day here).

Dieudonne who, in the past, had always enjoyed ridiculing pretty much every segment of French society clearly had never expected the hysterical uproar that his humor would trigger that day: the huge constellation of French Zionists organizations lead by the notorious CRIF ("Representative Committee of Jewish organization in France" - the French version of AIPAC) immediately attacked Dieudonne, suing him for racists comments and suing him for "anti-Semitism" (a criminal offense in France). This was hardly the first time that the French Zionist mob had decided to crush an outspoken critic of its role in French politics or its unconditional support for the last racist state on the planet: Israel. But this time, the Ziomob miscalculated, badly.

Dieudonne began making the accusations of anti-Semitism made against him a central piece of his shows. Here is a sampling of the kind of the hilarious skits Dieudonne came up with:

Les racistes anonymes

Peuple Elue

Mes excuses premiere partie

Mes excuses deuxieme partie

J'ai fait le con

Dieudonne et Faurisson au Zenith de Paris

Dieudonne et Faurisson 1

Dieudonne et Faurisson 2

This was not at all what the Ziomobsters in France had hoped to achieve when they attacked Dieudonne for his appearance on France 3. In response to his defiant stance, they then used their total control over the French political class to shut down his shows under the pretext that they would "threaten the public order". Dieudonne immediately replied that France is capable of providing the security needed for an event like the G8 summit, but not to let one comedian make his show.

Still, while in the past he had filled the biggest concert halls in France, Dieudonne was forced to perform his skits in a rented bus (you can see a report about this here). But Dieudo, has he is known, had one more thing up his sleeve.

His logic was simple: if I cannot use my freedom of speech as a comedian, why not use it as a politician?

Dieudo had already tried one to run for office a couple of times, but he never achieved any measure of success. This time, however, he came up with a stunning argument. Basically, Dieudo claims that the Left-Right chasm is an artificial and meaningless chasm in French politics and that the real issue which separates the parties in France is their attitude towards the Zionist ideology, the state of Israel, and the role of the Israel Lobby in France. Check out his press conference here:

Conference de presse de Dieudonne 1
Conference de presse de Dieudonne 2

Conference de presse de Dieudonne 3

Conference de presse de Dieudonne 4

Needless to say, the French political elites had a total hysterical breakdown at such inpudence. Doubleplus goodthinking reporters and commentators declared that his political party had to be banned and that Dieudonne was probably mentally insane (the latter reminds me of the old trick invented by Yuri Andropov's KGB who used to declared that Soviet dissidents were "obviously" insane because how could any mentally sane person oppose the Soviet rule: QED).

Still, Dieudo did not back down and he has recently presented some of the members of his political movement "the Anti-Zionist Movement" running as candidates for the European Parliament. Here is the press conference of this event:

Conference de presse liste UE 1

Conference de presse liste UE 2

Conference de presse liste UE 3

Conference de presse liste UE 4

Candidats du Parti anti-sioniste: presentation

What is most interesting in this list is that its candidates come from every political movement imaginable. Unionists, nationalist conservatives, Roman-Catholics, Muslims, ex-Communists, Socialists, etc. Ethnically, everybody is also present. It appears that the Zionist threat is truly uniting many of those who until recently were virulently opposed to each other.

What is the potential of this political movement?

On one hand, the entire weight of the French political establishment is now coming crashing down on Dieudonne. Every politician, every newspaper, every commentator either completely ignores Dieudonne and his movement or, when they speak of him at all, it is with a vitriolic loathing which cannot be imagined. The French newspaper even calls him a "comedian" in quotation marks, showing that such a hideous figure as Dieudonne cannot be called a comedian or somebody who makes people laugh. The fury of the establishment is such that I find it very likely that Dieudonne's political movement will be simply banned and declared a criminal organization (in France, the membership in an organization declared illegal is considered a crime in itself). If not, Dieudonne might do very, very well.

The fact is that there are literally millions of French citizens from all parts of the society who are sick and tired of being ruled by a small group of mutually interchangeable elite (all of which is 100% loyal to anything Zionist or Israeli). The fact is that in the French "banlieue" (suburbs) there are hundred of thousands of Muslims who are outraged by the events in Gaza, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and the constant threats against Iran. The fact is that the economic crisis had hit France - and the rest of the Eurozone - very badly and that more and more people are making the link between the Israeli-American model of globalization and the economic collapse of the world markets. In fact, I would say tha the potential of Dieudonne's movement is huge and that it represents a very real threat to the French and, beyond that, USraelien elites in the West.

The fact that Dieudonne himself is (half) Black, and that he succeeded in federating very different currents of the French society under his stance will make it impossible to simply ignore him. Can the French political establishment engage Dieudonne and prevail over him in an open political debate? Not in a million years. Banning Dieudonne's political party will, at best, be a stop-gap solution as we can be certain that Dieudo will sue the French courts in Brussels and that, if needed, he will simply re-compose his movement under another name.

Under the infulence of the recent immigrants to France, the French society is changing and it appears that while the "native" French did not have the wits and guts to take on the Ziomob in power, those who immigrated to France do have what it takes.

It is amazing to listen to these recent immigrants defending the secular and multi-ethnics nature of the French Republic and denoucing the ethnic and tribal nature of Jewish ortanizations in France. For example, Dieudo was once asked what he thought of the attemps made by such French Blacks to create an organization which woud speak for them. Dieudo rejected this approach, saying that the organization which should speak for them should be the French Parliament. Amazing idea, no?

Thanks to Dieudonne, Zionism is now finally being denounced as a tribal and racist, ideology and suport for Israel is now becoming as morally repugnant as support for Apartheid. The entire intellectual edifice which was carefully built by the Zionists in France for many decades is not coming crashing down because once these issues are out in the open, the Ziomob has already lost the key battle. In fact, Dieudo has said that he has already won the next election.

What will happen next? Dieudonne does not take his participation in the upcoming elections too seriously. As a typical comedian, he can sit there and say "I will bring you all to the light" with a serious face. When asked if he is really serious, her replies that nobody in French politics is serious and that the difference between him the the rest of the French politicians is that they are lousy comedians whereas he is a professional.

Humor as a weapon of liberation can be very powerful. The ridicule which Dieudonne is now heaping on the previously sacred cows of French Ziopropagnda, such as the "The Eternal Memory of the Shoah" (all in caps), and all the rest of the Zionist brainwashing toolkit might well prove to be a formidable weapon for which the Ziomob does not have a standard answer.

It will be very interesting to see what happens between now and June 7th - the next election.

In the meantime, here are some links to Dieudonne's non-political skits. Enjoy!

L"equipe du 11

Avant le mariage

Apres le mariage

Le garagiste

La prison

Le journaliste premiere partie

Le journaliste deuxieme partie



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Anonymous said...


The guy is a muslim ffs.

You're full of shit on this Lee, anti-zionism is jew-hatred. Israel is in post-zionist stage it can't even hold on to its own territory. The left - inbcluding JINOS (Jews in name only) are allying with Islam to destroy Israel.

The world hates Israel, it is demanding it give up its territory to a people who have never existed and a people who already have their own - second - state, that of Jordan whose Queen is "Palestinian" allegedly.

Ask yourself a simple question:

Who occupied the west bank and Gaza prior to 1967? I'll tell you: Jordan and Egypt. WHY DID THESE NATIONS NOT CREATE "PALESTINE" WHEN THEY HELD THAT TERRITORY?

And now answer this: The PLO was created in 1964, when the so-called "occupied territories" were still under Arab rule. So if this is about 2-states, what "Palestine" was the PLO going to liberate? It has to be the land of ISRAEL, got it?

It is because of sharia law a fact no one including you who accuse people of "talking out their arses" never ever mention. Once a land in dar al Islam falls back into dar al harb it is incumbent on muslims to take it back. Why is this never mentioned Lee?

One more for you and all the other jew-hating, pro-Palestinian Israel bashing kuffars:

When did Palestine exist? Who were its leaders and where was its parliament? What was its currency and who did it have trading relations with?

What you need to grasp - indeed all kuffars need to grasp - is that this conflict is not about the ME it is being used to Islamise the world, especially Europe. Another fact conveniently never mentioned but that'd give the game away to the gullible kuffars wouldn't it?

But seeing the bigger picture is beyond those blinded by their own piety and hatred.

If we do not wake up to what the Arabs are doing we will suffer the same fate as Israel and Kosovo and we are already well down the same road. FACT.


Defender of Liberty said...

I know what a threat Islamism is, I also know what the threat of UK based Zionism is.

We see it every day bin our nespapers and on the TV.

We cannot take power as long as the Zionists in the media, PARLIAMENT, ECONOMICS, Politics, the Establishment etc etc of all races and religions still work together in the UK for the benefit of Israel as opposed to the benefit of the UK - and as long as they keep attacking us.

We are war with Islamism.

Therefore we cannot allow people in our own country to stab us in the back whilst we are facing the inner and outer enemy.


Anonymous said...


We - ALL KUFFARS - are at war with Islam because that is Islam. We do not have a choice. European leaders have been selling out Europe to the PLO - now HAMAS and FATAH - since 1970. Arafat played them like fools and the Arabs are continuing his strategy.

You talk about Zionists here Lee but seem to miss the point that Zionism is dead. Israel cannot hold on to its territory, the demographic weapon alone will finish it one day but its friend the USA has now turned on it big time. Started by Carter, the US is demanding Israel surrender territory to the Arabs for a non-existant peace with the disaster of Gaza being the best example of this suicidal tactic. Backed by the UN, a body now run by the Arab/Muslim bloc, a bloc that doesn't have democracy yet uses the democratic process to destroy and Islamise the west. Look how many resolutions are passed against Israel compared with the muslim world, e.g The Sudan. It is madness.

The Arabs - and not zionists - have led and continue to lead the west a merry dance with the outright deception of "Palestine" being the tune the west dances to in the hope they will not have to face the same music the Israelis are if I can stretch the metaphor.

The enemy within is the marxist/liberal/socliast left who are appeasing Islam at every turn. They refuse to face the reality of Islam - a globalist supremacist force by definition - that Islam seeks to dominate the world and appeasing muslims only convinces them that they can achieve their goal. And they are achieving it Lee.

We have to face the problem that Islam presents or we will share the same fate as Israel.

That there is RIGHT NOW a holcaust being committed against Christians throughout the ME should send alarm bells ringing. More so when you realise that these lovely "Palestinians" the west has fallen in love with are also killing and abusing Christians too something else that is hardly ever mentioned.

We in the west are in deep, deep trouble with Islamisation and we just will not see it despite overwhelming evidence.