Saturday 20 June 2009

BEXLEYHEATH POLICE - anti-white racists

It is not often I am gobsmacked.

Today I am.

I got a phone call this morning from a man who last night was forced from his home by a black gang, his wife and kids attacked and his house threatened with being burnt down - and the police stood and watched and did NOTHING.

The local black gang called T-Block in Thamesmead - video and news links here ;

This chap was fixing his motorbike in his front garden when the gang attacked him for nothing - this was witnessed by all his neighbours.

His wife, daughter and a friend were all attacked by the gang who drew knives and threatened to firebomb his house.

The police were called and watched and di nothing as the gang threatened him with knives, threatened to burn the house down and threatened the life of his family.

The police even refused to stop and search the gang members who were brandishing knives in front of the police !

He rang the police today and said he was going to return to his house to collect his belongings with his friends and the police said that if he caused any trouble they would arrest him and his friends !

We all know why dont we - he is white, they are black.

No doubt Bexleyheath police have some sort of gang initiative with these thugs where they let them get away with crimes just so the police dont get accused of racism when they are forced to arrest them.

Imagine if a gang of thirty whites had attacked the home of a black family - or even Gypsies such as in Belfast - we can all imagine what would have happened.

Mass media coverage, lefty marches, cries of racism and the white gang members rounded up and arrested.

But it appears that the Police in Bexleyheath is run by racist pricks who dont give a shit about white families.

In the same week that the Met Police have been admonished for arresting, stopping and searching whites just to round up the race figures - it now appears that death threats, race attacks and firebomb threats made against whites is now acceptable.

I have seen this for myself in Birmingham at an anti-mosque demonstration a few years ago when black gangsters threatened to kill bnp demonstrators and the police did nothing but give the gangsters high fives, gang handshakes and both gangsters and cops were on first name terms.

The police now longer serve the community - their job is to enforce political correctness and act as apologists for racists that attacks whites and white families.

NO JUSTICE - NO PEACE is very soon going to be a slogan that whites in this country will start to chant if the police dont start doing theur job and preventing these scum from attacking our people.

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Wolfblood said...

The "antifascists" rainbow utopia -

Peter Roman said...

Do you actually think that is true? Genuinely?
Where does this bitterness and hatred stem from? I think therapy would be a good place for you. You could be an adorable man if you just started being nice, I'm sure, why not try it?
It's a shame you're writing is fairly poor but I'm sure there is something you can turn your hand to if you try. Go on!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Government are at war with the British people, the politically controlled MET are following orders, they want to eradicate us British from the face of the Earth using a variety of methods, this is just one of them...politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Please follow the story and disseminate widely.

sedational said...

We know where pr abovecomes from ?Well known Asian heroin addict +armed robbery +burglary xmany,many theft's,ex-con,was caught at a trouble spot in MK during this week,while brandishing a knife,the police took the knife off him and told him to 'be on his way'.If that was me,white male from Western Europe,with no criminal conviction's in 50+year's,would i have got away?Mr.Roman who would you rather have in your community ? True ? Genuine ?

Anonymous said...

"...the Government are at war with the British people..."
At war? Do you actually mean war? You know, like the members of the British Legion and the Gurkhas fought in? Please explain.

"...they want to eradicate us British from the face of the Earth using a variety of methods..."

Just read that back to yourself and think about what you've said, silly girl.

Stringbag said...

Peter Roman

Of course it's true you pathetic, self-loathing, handwringing liberal cretin.

Look at the links Lee has provided you half-wit.

And for your further enlightenment read and watch as follows;

Gang rape: Is it a race issue?

Roosevelt Island Reality said...

It's a race issue.

End of.

Doesn't appear outside African communities, or prior to African colonisation in Europe or the USA. Was unheard of and unthinkable.

Now it's a rite of passage among Afro based gangs.

Police and CP disinterest are strategies in white attritional genocide.

Great blog.