Thursday 4 June 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

Can you feel the calm before the storm ?

The media have gone totally silent and are broadcasting no conjecture at all about what the pollsters are hearing at voting stations.

UKIP are whining to the media that their members and supporters are too stupid to find their name on a fiendishly folded ballot paper and demanding a new election and the sacking of the Elections Minister.

The Peoples Revolt has begun.

The tipping point that Guillaume Corvus called The Convergence of Catastrophies is here.

The Establishment are trying to pretend it is business as usual, but the System is broken and cannot be fixed - we are entering a historical moment of Punctuated Equlibrium, when the very nature of society itself changes.

The Ballot Boxes are the ticking time bombs of a political revolution.

The masses now hold the Establishment politicians in contempt.

We now need to make the masses realise that the media tell the lies that get those policians elected.

The Corporate Media as well as the political elite must be regarded with contempt, disgust and ridicule, for the Corporate Media are the manipulators of public opinion who get the politicians elected.

We as a society are saddled with the greasiest, grubbiest and most corrupt politicians the media can buy and then propagandise to the public.

The media are our primary enemy, not their witless monkey puppet politicians that dance to the tune that the Corporate Media organ grinders want.

The politicians are simply the mechanism of imposing the will of the Corporate Elite who own the corporate media on the public.

Public opinion is an aspect of Corporate Media propaganda and individuals in modern mass news media societies are conditioned drones inculcated with false beliefs and false needs.

Now the masses are awakening.

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Andraste said...

The time is up for all those self-loathing demented freaks who have been manically spewing out their filth and lies... the BNP are the herald of the new age... this is inevitable and the establishment crooks and their media scum lackeys better get packing or they can stay and face exposure and the resultant consequences for their sick actions.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but don't you think that there's something more than a little bit suspicious about the timing of this 'news' story from the BBC ?

As far as I can tell this is simply the State broadcaster a) reminding people to vote UKIP and b) treating them with such contempt that it even has to tell them where to look to find the state sanctioned 'protest vote' box to tick.

This stinks if you ask me. This is the left-wing BBC at its most pernicious.

Andraste said...

The corrupt establishment and their brain-dead lackey media are now experiencing a dark period of reflection, a state that inevitably follows after the euphoria they felt when they were attacking their victim, not just has and the bully's source of nourishment has gone, but in the solitary moments when the realisation that consequence is about to come a calling the bully turns inward and reflects. However, this post-mania state, is not about the bully feeling a sense of true remorse or guilt because the bully does not have such emotions, they are effectively now on their depressive downer because they ahve been found out - and for them this is a truly terrfiying prospect... expousre!

Those freaks in the establishment and media intelligent enough realise that come what may from these elections one thing is absolutely certain and that is that they over stepped the mark, and crucially, for us and them, they have now utterly reveled themselves for what they are - exposure is something that the narcissist and/or sociopath always seeks to avoid not least because it throws into doubt their own perceived omnipotence. However, this is the way of the compulsive - the narcissist and/or sociopath - their instinct for gratification is all consuming and given a situation where they think they believe themselves to be dominant, and a state where they are emotionally volatile, they will always seek to gorge themselves utterly on a victim, it is a unrelenting urge to satiate themselves on a designated inferior, in effect to feed their malformed vampiric egos (specifically in the case of the establishment and media their egos are deformed into pathological self-loathing, and therefore any non-self-loather is the designated victim and therefore their collective impulse to destroy the non-self-loather is a binding force which is what we witnessed with the constant ganging up against the BNP from all the emdia and establishment diseased organs).

Furthermore, and fundamentally, with narcissism comes omnipotence, or I should say the belief one is omnipotent (or the group is collectively omnipotent) and therefore beyond any sort of consequence - this is what the media have reveled... their collective narcissism manifested in their feeling of self-righteousness, a crusade against the designated victim, the perceived inferior (which is really just a ego defence mechanism to prop up their self-esteem and validate themselves against their own innate sense of worthlessness (self-loathing). Thus their savage and completely insane attacks against the BNP was due to the fact that they lost all sight of perspective because for the narcissist only the present is important and at that moment they do not consider consequence.

But why did they not consider restarint or consequence? Because their hysterical mania against the BNP was induced because they was (and are) witnessing the rise of the BNP, this caused them extreme stress because, as with all psychotics, if you challenge their belief structure they will react with murderous and savage fury, indeed they are capable of killing at such moments (as we witnessed very obviously from the idiots who posted comments to Lee Barnes' blog), this has what has happened with the rise of the BNP - the self-loathers have had their belief structure challenged, and they have reacted and revealed their true selves - and in that state of stress they completely lacked the ability to control their true narcissistic and/or socipathic impulses, thus they revealed themselves, and thus they are now fearful of exposure, because this quesitons their omnipotence, and this is central to their sense of existence.

The rise of the BNP does not send them mad, they were always mad, but what it has done it cause them to reveal themselves as mad.

Andraste said...

We have reached the tipping point, we have crossed the point of no return... the BNP message will now permeate all levels of society, the "no platform" strategy was their only means to contain us, and now we have defeated them. Slowly, like water nourishing barren soils, our message will reach everywhere - this cannot now be undone, we have won... the BNP message is finally out, and now that it is out it is merely a matter of time until we form the government. Thus we will see more rapid efforts by the self-loathers who infest the establishment and the media to step up their anti-British agenda, because they know it is a race against time. However, this is a race we will win, because the faster they try to move society, the more obvious their sick social engineering becomes, the more obvious it becomes the more people will resist it, the more people that resist it the more people will join the BNP.

We have won... but, we never rest, we will fight everyone battle as thoroughly as we have fought this Euro campaign, we will never give way to complacency, we will fight each and everyday with all our ability - this is just the beginning, we cannot be defeated, defeat is impossible, we are the bearers of the blood of our ancestors and we will honour their sacrifices with our own - traitors take note, your days are numbered. The BNP are coming.

Andraste said...

Anonymous said...

...we are the bearers of the blood of our ancestors and we will honour their sacrifices with our own - traitors take note, your days are numbered. The BNP are coming.

Is that a threat, Lee?

Anonymous said...

To make this grammatical you should remember that organisations are singular; so for instance, "the BNP is coming," or, "the media is..." rather than, "are". Also you should not confuse common nouns with proper nouns and capitalise words such as establishment and ballot boxes.

Of course the BNP is coming. It has won another 3 council seats. That makes about 60 out of the potential 22000 seats in the country! Crikey, the liberal elite conspiracy is being shaken to its foundations!