Friday 19 June 2009

How to Win - National Walkout

All British workers need to realise that trusting the trades unions to win your struggle for British jobs is not going to work.

The trades unions are run for the benefit of the Labour Party and the Labour government, not the workers.

If your union donates via its Political Fund to the Labour Party then it is not going to represent your interests.

The same Trades Unions that say they are there to represent the British workers are also busy recruiting foreign workers into the trades unions.

They cannot represent British workers when they are taking their union dues money from the very same foreign workers who are taking your jobs.

It is this fundamental conflict of interest that means the trades union cannot be trusted.


The trades unions are simply going to betray you as they did before the last time these strikes broke out.

The walkouts cannot be supported by the trades unions as the unions will be injuncted by the courts and the employers and their funds taken if they go on strike or assist the walkouts.


What you need to do is organise the walk outs below the level of the unions.

Dont go through the unions - organise yourselves.

No more local walk outs as all they do is allow the bosses to target those that walk out in those areas - what you need to do is organise a National Walkout where the walk outs are co-ordinated in a de-centralised way through the workers taking charge of contacting themselves and organising the walk outs.

1) Send representatives to all major sites and industrial centres to collect mobile phone numbers of activists in those places.

2) Co-ordinate the next round of walk outs between yourselves and not through any trades unions.

3) If workers are sacked in one company for walking out then workers from other companies need to visit those sites where people have been sacked and give them their support.

4) Those bosses who are sacking workers need to understand that such decisions will
result them being targeted for demonstrations at their places of work.

The minute thousands of strikers turn up at the corporate headquarters of those firms that are sacking people then the bosses will think twice about sacking other people in the future.

The managers that will do the sackings on the sites are simply doing what they are told by the bosses - you must take action against the bosses where they work and make them understand that their decisions affect real people.

Only when the bosses experience for themselves the anger of the workers will they realise that their actions have consequences.

Organise a National Walkout.

Realise that the trades unions and bosses are both going to betray you.

The trades unions despise the very concept of British Jobs For British Workers, as the trades unions are leftists who want open borders and who regard the stopping of foreign workers taking British jobs as 'racist' and 'xenophobic'.

You have to organise amongst yourselves.

The anti-trades union laws of margaret Thatcher were consolidated by Tony Blair.

The unions are in effect chained to laws that make themselves useless and redundant and the people that run those trades unions are all Labour supporting leftists that despise the very thing you are fighting for.

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alanorei said...

Petrochemical workers locally have walked out in support of refinery workers.

Some time back, during the contest of a by-election near the local petrochem works, where our candidate got 16% of the vote, we spoke to a rigger who'd been on the site. He said that the foreign workers there (in huge numbers) were allowed to by-pass British Safety Standards e.g. by dispensing with harnesses when going up tall structures, because they were being employed on the cheap.

I think that will in part be what these walkouts are about. Hard-won national SHE conditions for industry are being thrown to the winds by greedy employers purely for profit.

I think that another and worse Flixborough may be just a metter of time unless this collective industrial action yields a victory for established British working practices as well as British jobs.

That such a large-scale disaster is possible through slipshod management may be appreciated with just one word - Bhopal.

(Did you get the D-Day email OK, Lee?)