Sunday 28 June 2009

Michael Jackson - An Apology

I wish to make an apology concerning my articles posted on this blog about Michael Jackson.

I am truly sorry.

I am truly sorry that I did not realise how sick, insane, disturbed evil scum you Michael Jackson fans really are.

Now I know I realise that you couldnt give a fuck if your evil pervert pederast hero had raped a million little kids - all that mattered to you was the image you saw of Michael Jackson that you saw in the pop videos and that he portrayed in his interviews which you thought were real.

If you had watched him rape children then you still would have forgiven him or sought to hide the truth and make excuses for him.

You are the sort or morons that believe everything you read in the media that your heroes like to have publicised about them.

Michael Jackson was a homosexual - this is now widely known.

Yet how many of the idiotic Jackson fans will ever admit to themselves and the world that their hero was a homosexual who had a string of homosexual affairs with men he often picked up in bars and restaurants.

( Article here - )

None thats how many - even admitting their hero was a homosexual is a psychological step too far for them. Getting them to admit he was a homosexual and repeated child rapist is something they psychologically could never ever do.

He was a sick pederast who deserved to be hanged for his crimes against children.

Just because there are plenty of you moronic lemmings that believe all the bullshit he sought to have pumped out in the media about him being a decent human being doesnt make it true.

Michael Jackson raped little boys. He was scum. Deal with it you morons.

But what I have now realised is that his fans are even sicker then he was.

Take the article here ;

Read the comments about the child who was molested by Jackson that have been posted up by his 'fans'.

They dont care about what suffering this child went through, the pain, the anguish, or the hatred that is directed at this victim of repeated rapes by the sick pederast Jackson - all they care about is defending the name of Jackson and slandering the victims of his crimes.

You are one sick evil bunch of bastards - and you deserve to rot in hell beside your pederast scumbag hero.

Jackson paid the child and his family 22 million dollars to ensure he did not testify against him in court.

22 million dollars - which represents the largest bribe in the history of the planet to stop someone testifying at trial.

If you are innocent you have nothing to hide.

If you are guilty, and it can be proved you are guilty, then 22 million dollars is a pretty cheap pay off when the alternative is the rest of your life in prison labelled as a paedophile.

Yet you sit there like a bunch of brain dead fucking lemmings believing all the bullshit and publicity that Jackson and his team of spin doctors and publicists pumped out to the media.

You are weeping for one of the most evil, cynical, manipulative child rapists in history - you disgust me.

Your money that you spent on his shit records was used by Jackson to hire the best lawyers in America who then defended him in court.

If Jackson had been 'Mr. Joe Average Paedophile Suspect' with just the usual bog standard court appointed public lawyer to defend him in his criminal trial that 99.99 % of paedophiles get to represent them in the American courts for their trials, he would have been convicted, jailed and would still have been in prison today.

Even the jurors thought the evidence showed he was guilty but that psychologically they could not accept what he had done as they had been so conditoned by the media image of Jackson that they could not vote in accord with what their logical brain was saying (which was that he was guilty) as the effects of decades of subliminal media conditioning meant they could not accept reality as opposed to the power of media conditioning to which they had been subjected too.

Jackson had become an archetypal figure in their minds through his endless appearance in the media -and they were forced to confront this archetype in the trial as well as processing the evidence.

Jackson never got a fair trial - at every moment the entire process was rigged in his favour - from the years of media conditioning that had been pumped out into the minds of the jurors from the media, the money he spent on his lawyers, the fact that the victim only got the bog standard state lawyers in the trial to the fact that the names of the jurors would have been released to the media after the trial and they would have been attacked, threatened and villified by the insane Jackson fans if they had convicted him.

At every level of the trial process Jackson was set to win.

( Article here - )

Instead your money as fans funded the best defence that money could buy - and your money dragged an innocent child through court, slandered his name, ruined his life and acquited a repeated child rapist.


You are so stupid it sickens me. You were sold an image by the media who peddled an ideal of what Jackson was and you believed it like the dumb fuckers you really are.

You are as much an accomplice to Jacksons crimes as he was guilty of them.

Your money allowed Jackson to buy the silence of Jordy Chandler and to get off the child abuse case that went to court.

Jodry Chandler and his state appointed lawyer knew that if they went to court they would face the best lawyers that money could buy and in America money always buys justice (or buys it off) - so they took the money and tried to get over the evil done to them by Jackson.

Some of the people in the comments were saying ' Why did they allow their child to continue to stay with Michael Jackson if they were worried about what was happening'.

The answer is simple you dumb fucks - the parents of this child could not believe that Michael Jackson could or would do such a thing to their child.

Michael Jackson - the child lover, Mr.We are the world, we are the children - was the last person in the world that they could have expected to abuse their child.

Just like you fucking lemmings they believed the media image was the real Jackson - and so they hid their suspicions and continued to trust the nonce as he molested their children in secret.

Just like you they believed all the publicity about Jackson and sought to hide away from the reality of the situation.

It was Michael Jackon after all - Michael would never molest children would he, seeing as he was always in the media saying how much he loved children.

Michael Jackson fans are evil and sick people.

They are proof positive of the sick society we live in and how much power the media has to manipulate the minds of the gullible, the stupid and ignorant.

All human beings when told of such serious allegations against an individual would have put the interests of the child first and assumed the precautionary principle and prevented Jackson from going near children in order to put the interests of the child first.

Yet you people put the interests of your idiotic perceptions of Jackson, and the interests of Jackson himself, before those of the children he had abused.

You people who support Michael Jackson are not human beings.

You are empty ciphers, media drones who believed the media bullshit, publicity and lies before you believed the testimony of terrified, violated, abused, hounded and villified childen.

You disgust me.

I am glad Jackson is dead.

I hope he suffered as he died and saw the images of what he did to those kids as he faded away.

I am glad he is dead as he can now no longer abuse any more little kids in the future.

The grooming of the children, from the showing of horror films to scare them into his bed, to the emotional maipulation of them and the silence he imposed upon them with threats - all these prove that he must have been an accomplished serial rapist.

I hope the sick pederast is rotting in some particularly nasty section of hell that is reserved for child molesters.

I also hope that one day all you sick fuck Jackson supporters find yourself in the same hell as Jackson as you, your stupidity and cruelty paid for him to hide his crimes and evade justice.

You deserve to rot in hell with Jackson, for those that give their money to pederasts are facilitators of that abuse.

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Andraste said...

The media are the same sick bunch of freaks - they are obsessed with the cult of celebrity, and all the vile and meaningless superfluities that go with it.

Lily "anal-whore" Allen is never out of the fucking papers, even though she is a talentless chav whore.

Then this new character "Bruno", the Austrian gay by Sasha Baron Cohen, he is fucking everywhere - I am sick of seeing his fucking face. The media scum ejaculating in the kaks as they are over-cum with orgasmic rapture - oh the sexual hilarity!

An article in the Sunday Times today mentions how the BBC have sent 407 employees to cover Glastonbury - what the fuck? They only sent 27 more employees to cover the Chinese Olympics...

The media are pure scum, and they peddle their shit for all the scum loving brain-dead morons out their who readily devour all that shit.

The case of Jackson is a classic example of how the lunatic mindsets of these conditioned drones will perform any sort of contradictions in order to maintain their belief in the cult of celebrity - their God is the media lauded celebrity who is rolled out for a empty headed audience.

Wolfblood said...

That's the way I like it told,
The plain truth straight from the heart.
The way the sick fuck paedophile worshippers can't handle it. The way the liberals can't handle it. The way every cringing, vindictive, nasty bastard can't handle it.

That's why they hate and fear the BNP. Even those three letters send them into paroxisms of spittle-flecked, gut-eating vitriol, denial and hate.

That's why we will keep on telling the truth. Because we know what it does to them.
Because they deserve the pain.

Anonymous said...

Super stuff, Lee! This is the BNP we like to see.

alanorei said...

I once heard MJ described as "The perfect neuter thing for the New Age."

That observation seems to be borne out by the global adulation heaped on him.

Something odd, why was he so ashamed of his race that he spent untold amounts of dosh acquiring a bleached complexion (which eventually resulted in his face falling apart, I believe, though I'm not sure of this)?

Andraste said...

Michael Jackson tops album chart

That says it all really... the music companies are rubbing their hands in glee... got millions more out of Jacko's old crap, that everyone had forgotten about... money for old rope.

Anonymous said...

The many Preferring as ever, delusion, illusion and media over reality, thought and self awareness

Anonymous said...

So you and these commenters actually know that Michael Jackson was guilty - and presumably that must also include every other accused individual who is released without charge or prosecution? Then surely you should have been present at the trial to testify against Michael Jackson, or maybe you should have been the primary prosecutor, after all, with your legal credentials you would surely have been able to indict the man himself?

Let me provide you and some of your knee-jerk commenters with some facts about the MJ trial:

1. In the US, unlike here in the UK, the accused often pay off the accuser. It is seen as standard practice in some areas of law and although it seems odd from our standpoint, it's quite common over there and in no way a sign of guilt on the part of the accused.

2. Jordy Chandler's father accepted the pay-off. So, if you look at it another way, how many fathers would accept a payout - regardless of how much money that payout was - if their child had been abused?

3. Michael Jackson's life was extraordinary in that he lived it in the public eye. This in itself attracted many sycophants, hangers on and those after money. If he had allowed every case to go through court he would have effectively spent nearly all his time fighting battles and never had time to do anything else.

As for those who have bought his records and are alleged by you that they are somehow 'guilty' of assisting his alleged crimes, then that is quite an irresponsible statement to make. So, I am sure that you bought records by artists who have described themselves as left-wing or have supported 'Anti-Nazi League' activities. Does that make you an accessory to people who have tried to oppose the National Front/British National Party? I assume that you also pay for a TV licence, and so maybe you are similarly responsible for helping the BBC in its anti-BNP propaganda? And maybe you have bought certain foods and other consumer items that have been purchased from countries with a bad record of protecting the environment, or of repressing its people, and so on?

I would suggest that behind your outbursts of hate directed against Michael Jackson lies perhaps your own personal issues. Please don't direct your ire at someone who has simply tried to do good for everyone by trying to destroy them. Enough people tried to bring him down when the man was alive, without others now coming out of the woodwork to do more harm now that he is dead. Just because the man was accused of child molestation does not make him one. Michael Jackson was - and is - innocent.

Defender of Liberty said...

You are delusional.

He was a kiddy fiddler.

Anonymous said...

Educate yourselves, instead of wasting whatever pitiful lives you have trying to condemn a dead man:

Anonymous said...

Jordan Chandler admits he lied about Michael Jackson? No he did not, that is an Internet hoax. Any worthy news media isn't even bothering to comment on it, it's so see through and ineptly done. Yet MJ fans accept it readily without second checking any source. Of course it originates from a crazed, obsessive MJ fan. Have a look at the charming comments at - MJ fans are a real worry.

Interesting story here:

Anonymous said...

"You were sold an image by the media who peddled an ideal of what Jackson was and you believed it like the dumb fuckers you really are.

MJ fans were sold an image? No! MJ haters were sold an image that was completely false.
I think it's funny you write your ass of on something you don't know off. You have no facts supporting you're fancy theories. And you couldn't find any if you wanted to.

Read this:

Watch this:

If you can't be bothered to, then maybe you should keep your opinion to yourself . If you only view a case from one side, you are in no position to judge.

AND if you actually wanna seem like you have something intelligent to say, you should stop writing sick fucks and etc.
It makes you look like a retard .

Anonymous said...

u dumb ass idiot writing this shit ...maybe instead of spending your time writing an article like this maybe you should do your own research and stop listening to the dumb tabloids ... you are as ignorant as they come..did you see mcihale jackson rape the children noooooooooooooooooo...did you ever see him in a relationship with a man nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo
maybe what you need to do is go to you tube or somewhwere on the internet and look at his personal interviews an dhome videos and shit and see the person behind the music scenes and you will see a real human being with genuine feelings and obviously screwed because he couldnt walk outside like you and i do or go shopping or anything that normal people do and this has been since he was less than 10 years old ..why dont u try put yourself in his shoes and see how the fuck you turn out ...
you people piss me off , being gullible and believing in the shit the tabloids say

D said...

You are a sick man, Lee. Seriously sick. And you will pay for all the sick and vile things you have said here, I can assure you - if not in this life then when you rot in hell. I am not even going to spend time trying to educate you on the facts. An erodite and knowledgeable poster has already done that, yet you've totally ignored them, once again, as usual. When are you going to crawl back into your hole you scumbag?

Defender of Liberty said...


You are a fucking lunatic, who worships a false god because of the image his publicists peddled to you in the media.

In fact you worship pure evil.

Now fuck off.

Anonymous said...

You all waste your time on the internet to write bad about a legendary KING of MUSIC? Your pathetic and i bet your life is more in a rut hole than his was. Why don't you shove all the crap your talking up your ass and place yourself in a position of other people other than your ignorant self. With your attitude and the bullshit your putting on here is ridiculous and selfish.


Anonymous said...

Jordy Chandler didn't have a state appointed lawyer he had prosecutors who are top level lawyers

The Thing said...

Wacko Jacko's deluded fans just could not see any bad in him. He could kill and eat a baby right in front of them and they would still defend him.