Saturday 27 June 2009

Michael Jackson - Did You Weep ?

Did you shed a single tear for the children of Beslan,
Or weep when Israeli bombs tore apart Gaza ?

Did you cry at the crimes of coalition forces,
As they turned Iraq into rubble in your name ?

Did you watch as the babies of Waco were burnt,
Then turned your scorched face from the fire ?

Did you see the twin towers fall live on TV,
Yet remained distant and disconnected ?

Did you see the flowers of Dunblane slain,
And yet remained dry eyed and impassive ?

Did you just walk past a shivering stranger,
Who is dying in rags on the street where you live ?

Yet today you weep for Michael Jackson,
The Pop Star,
The Paedophile,
Someone that you never met,
Mourning as though you knew him,
As though he were an old friend,
Or a member of your family.

Can you not see that you are sick,
And disturbed,
Projecting your delusions,
Onto all your false idols,
Whilst all around you is the hell,
That your ignorance is creating.

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lormarie said...

I didn't weep but what bothers me the most is not the public reaction to his death (or Elvis or Princess Diana). I'm hesitant because of the alleged child abuse. He was clearly a great entertainer and I still love his music. However, I can't honor a person who may have abused children.

DeeDee said...

As someone who is supposed to be trained in the legal profession Lee, your words here astound me. To blatantly write that this man was a paedophile whilst presumably knowing that he was tried in a court of law and found to be innocent is disgusting. I thought you were someone not willing to follow the crowd and shout out the same garbage as the press or whomever else is jumping on the bandwagon. Yet it seems you believe all that you read in the tabloids. Well, shame on you for being so insensitive at a time such as this. Shame on you for even suggesting that we don't grieve for other people and other matters. Yes, we do, but this is a man who dedicated his life to bringing joy to millions of people. He's maintained a sense of dignity and humbleness despite all the vindictiveness that's been thrown his way, he's given millions to charities and yes, we are allowed a day to mourn for the loss of this truly wonderful humanitarian. Let the man rest in peace and may God bless his soul.

Defender of Liberty said...

He gave Jordy Chandler 3.5 million dollars not to testify in a criminal trial for child abuse.

You dont pay off little kids with that sort of money unless you have something to hide.

He used his wealth, given to him by the suckers that bought his records, to avoid going to prison for his kiddy fiddling.

The idea that he was innocent just because he was acquited is idiotic.

OJ Simpson was acquited but was s guilty as hell. American justice is nothing more than a money market. He bought his way out of prison by using the best lawyers in the US - and it bankrupted the sick paedo scumbag.

He was a sick pervert.

Those that buy his records or bought his records gave him the money to escape going to prison for his crime - therefore they are guilty of assisting his crimes.

Those that weep over a kiddy fiddling nonce need a good kicking.

Idiots. said...

Farah Fawcett died on the same day as Jackson.Yet we have hardly heard anything said by the media about her death.
She was never accused of being a pedo,she lived life without any contraversity, worked hard and done well.She also had fans all over the world, but for some reason she has been completely forgotten by the media.
You don't think! no it can't be could it? It couldn't be because she was white!

pete said...

I grew up in the MJ era . He was a talented singer and dancer who was promoted by the international "music industry". I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't think that the media have gone overboard with its reaction to his death. Its like Princess Diana all over again, goodness knows what the BBC will do when Saint Nelson of Cape Town passes on.I think your poem sums up life in our media obsessed era very well.

Mike's Mate said...

I dunno about Michael Jackson, but as someone who likes poetry (and the English language)reading that clich├ęd "critique" made me weep for Mother England.

Andraste said...

The Cult of Wacko Jacko - it's pathetic how people are going on about him - it shows how empty their own lives are that they mythologise celebrities. Pathetic.

Wolfblood said...

For the DeeDee type:-

"Michael Jackson masturbated me many times both with his hand and with his mouth.
Michael Jackson had me suck one nipple and twist the other nipple while Michael Jackson masturbated."
- Jordan Chandler who Jackson bought off with $22 million US dollars.

... and what did Jackson do to the rest of the children he abused?
Eh, DeeDee?
The drug-addled paedophile who slept with a monkey?

Says a lot about people like you, DeeDee.

Anonymous said...

YEP the many prefer Idols and delusions to Reality

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really have got yourself off on one with your sick diatribe against Michael Jackson.

Whatever you may have thought about the man he was a fantastic performer, entertainer, dancer and song-writer of incredible talent.

He led a very lonely life and did not have a childhood like many of us. He loved children because he could see their innocence in a world full of terrible things and injustices. he lived his later adult life through the eyes of children, in a bid to capture a childhood that he never had. His love was innocent and non-sexual. That may be a hard thing for sexualised individuals like yourself, living in a highly sexualised society where nearly everything seems to be linked to sex. Your interpretation of Michael Jackson's relationships with children is perhaps more of a reflection on your own inner sexuality and your own conditioning by a consumer society obsessed with sex than it has with perhaps the reality that was Michael Jackson's personal and everyday relationships.

Your articles on Michael Jackson are really terrible and obscene. You have, to all intents and purposes, debased yourself in your fact-free and hate-filled loathing of this man. You do yourself no favours and your rant against both Michael Jackson and the thousands of fans who follow him have surely led to a point where your other views will not bear serious consideration. Has this been done merely to try and increase your blog traffic by linking in with the media frenzy and the multitude of outpourings of grief around the world. Or is it merely to court controversy in the hope that you will appear 'superior' or 'different'? Whatever it is it is both smeering and cynical and unworthy of a man as intelligent that you have shown yourself to be.

If anything Michael Jackson tried to bring people together, which is something that the BNP ought to be doing instead of creating hatred and disunity. But no, some members of the BNP have tried to use this tragic event, the death of another human being, as an opportunity to vent their hatred and self-loathing.

Perhaps people like yourself ought to use this occasion as a reflection on the self and the destructive effects of ego and hate, then perhaps real progress on a humanitarian level would occur and as Michael Jackson said in one of his songs, "Make the world a better place".

Despite his tragic death, Michael and his music will live on.

I wonder if your blog and its venom will last more than a few years?

Defender of Liberty said...

Another delusional apologist for the kiddy fiddler jackson I see.