Sunday 21 June 2009

The Transition Point for Nationalism

The recent election of two BNP MEP's and the frenzied response from the government has revealed that the entire Nationalist movement has to change.

The government claims that the Equality Bill will seek to ban the BNP is no idle boast - the legislation is clear and unequivocal.

It was designed as a fail safe mechanism by the government to be enacted in the event of an upsurge in electoral support for the BNP, and Harriet Harman is determined to destroy the BNP and destroy the rise of nationalism as an electable and electoral force in the country.

The legislation though doesnt just apply to the BNP - it also applies to other nationalist political parties like the National Front that also seek to stand in elections.

Those nationalist political parties whose constitutions infringe the Equality Bill provisions will face being struck off the register of political parties as controlled by the Electoral Commission and they will no longer be allowed to participate in elections.

Therefore Nationalism faces a crisis - and must evolve in line with the change in the law.

The BNP is the only serious political force in modern Nationalism.

The National Front stands in elections but does not win elections, that is a simple fact.

Hard facts have to be faced by both BNP and National Front members.

In order to fight the endless legal cases that will be required to defend nationalist parties from these laws, then parties like the NF will require hundreds of thousands of pounds to do so, and they just do not have the money.

Therefore once the Equality Bill is passed then the NF will be struck off as a political party able to stand in elections and they will not have the finances or access to legal help to enable them to fight such a case.

The BNP though will be able to go to court and apply for injunctions and Judicial Review proceedings as to test the legality of that law as the BNP will have access to the funding ( derived ironically enough from the EU ) to allow them to initiate a prolonged legal struggle against those laws.

The BNP have also been planning a legal response to the new laws for years and already have in place plans and procedures in the event of the law being enacted.

For the Nationalist movement to be in the position of having two parties spending hundreds of thousands of pounds fighting the bans at the same time is absurd - there is only ever so much money in the Nationalist pot to be shared out between nationalist parties.

Therefore the National Front has to re-evaluate what its role is in the Nationalist movement.

Yesterday the National Front staged a demonstration against the open borders fanatics who use asylum seekers to bolster their cause in Tyneside, and this was a superb example of what the NF does best.

The National Front is an organisation for those people who are Street Activists, not political activists.

When it sticks to street activism it does a superb job, but when it stands against the BNP in elections then all it does is split the nationalist vote.

The NF, as I stated above, does not win elections - therefore when it does stand in elections against the BNP then all it does is open the door to non-nationalist parties to take seats from the BNP.

There is no point in this.

The BNP have no interest in seeking to retrun to street activism so the way is clear for the NF to become the primary organiation in the UK that organises and deploys those nationalists who are not interested in political electioneering but in street activism.

The NF will be banned under the law from participating in elections.

Therefore it will have to change from being a political party to a Nationalist organisational hub.

There is huge hole in the nationalist movement.

That is based upon the fact that whilst Nationalist parties compete against each other for votes, there is no mainstream nationalist organisation that recruits, trains and deploys nationalist activists in street activities to counter the activities of organisations such as the UAF.

Every time the UAF demonstrate against Nationalist parties like the BNP then there should be a counter demonstration by nationalist activists against those UAF demonstrations.

The National Front must become the Nationalist counterpart to the Leftist UAF.

The NF should be organising massive Armistice Day celebrations, demonstrations, festivals, rock concerts, marches, cultural events and many other nationalist cultural events, not wasting theit time on electioneering.

Whenever the pro-asylum seeker lobby groups and pro-open borders groups organises one of their pathetic stret demonstrations then a Nationalist organisation must attend to counter demonstrate.

Yet this has not happened.

But this is precisely the role that the NF would do best.

It could take all those Nationalists that have rejected the demands required for electoral politics, for whatever reason, and train them up and deploy them as street activists to counter the reds on the streets.

The BNP is and will remain the primary politial voice and party for political Nationalists.

The NF will never be able to challenge the BNP in any way as regards our electoral capacity and support.

The BNP will not return to street activism, marches and mass demonstrations - simply as to do would damage our electoral development.

We must concentrate on getting elected not on confronting reds in the street.

Our activists are hard at work already at every level of the political process and for the BNP to start street activities would merely divert money, time, skills and people from the huge amount of electoral work required to get us elected into power.

Therefore the NF must change and become a Nationalist organisation predicated upon the creation of a massive street presence capable of blocking the UAF and others who have stated that they wish to use violence against the BNP.

It not just the NF who must change though as so must the BNP.

The BNP must start to nourish and assist young nationalists through the educational system and into universities and training that allow them to develop the skill sets that Nationalism will require in the future - from bankers, journalists, writers, lawyers, small business owners etc etc

The BNP must begin to create an entire Nationalist Counter Culture in Britain that runs alongside the existing system - in effect we must begin the proces of building a Nationalist Community Network that will be the basis of our future social and political development in the future alongside our political campaigning.

We must build a nationalist movement in our communities that sustains our political growth.

We must build a Nationalist Majority on the ground in our communities who will vote us into power at election times and whose loyalty to to us will not be affected by media lies directed against us.

Alongside politics the BNP must begin Community Network Building.

The NF must also now start to reassess what its role in the Nationalist movement is -and it cannot avoid this any longer.

Over recent years the NF has become a home for many people who have left the BNP but who have taken their grudges and anger with them - and in many ways these people are motivated more by anti-BNP bias than any pro-NF sentiment.

These people are in many cases good organisers and intelligent people - but their skills are being wasted and their anti-BNP animosity clouding their judgement.

The issue for all Nationalists must not be what is good for them, but what is good simply for the Nationalist movement.

It has never been beneficial to the Nationalist movement to have two nationalist political parties competing for votes. Every nationalist knows this, though many will not admit this as they are motivated by anti-BNP irrationalism and personal petty grudges to the extent that they refuse to embrace any common sense.

Others are loyal to the principle that the NF must remain a political party that stands in elections - but when the Equality Bill is passed this will no longer be an option.

They will come for the NF as well as the BNP, and the NF unlike the BNP cannot defend itself from this attack.

Those who are motivated simply by anti-BNP bias have been the barriers to the growth of the Nationalist movement for decades.

They will carry on attacking the BNP and insisting the NF stay in electoral politics and stand against the BNP even if it meant the NF became prohibited from standing in elections and simply vanished forever or the BNP kept losing elections because of the split vote.

These people were the ones who worked with parties in the recent elections simply to ensure the BNP vote was undermined - which puts such people alongside the UAF in terms of treachery.

They would rather the NF implode and the BNP lose seats than a cohesive Nationalist movement evolve where each specialised in what each did best.

These are the Stormfront lurkers who hide under a hundred fake names on stormfront and spend all their time attacking nationalists and nationalist parties who are working hard for our people simply because they are poisonous little idiots motivated by hatred and grudges.

Their agenda has nothing positive to add to Nationalism, as they are simply the same old crowd of wreckers, splitters and lunatics that have specialised in negativity and internal feuding for decades.

We can no longer tolerate these people within the Nationalist movement - simply because they are not Nationalists.

Nationalists are dedicated to the empowerment and growth of the nationalist movement - the wreckers are simply motivated by their own petty hatreds, feuds and paranoia.

They can no longer be regarded as Nationalists just because they self designate themselves as nationalists.

They are a liability that must be dumped by the entire Nationalist movement.

Anyone who spends all their time on their fat arses doing nothing at all for the movement in any way but talking shite and slagging off nationalists and nationalist parties on the internet and on sites such as Stormfront is not a nationalist. They are as much an enemy of nationalism as the UAF.

A debate has now to begin in every sector of the Nationalist movement.

This debate can lead to positive change for everyone, or simply destroy the nationalist movement itself and set Nationalist politics and electioneering back twenty years.

We do not have that time to waste any more.

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Man Of The Woods said...

Excellent post.

Have posted the link to this article to the comments section on the local National Front website.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly Defender of Liberty. I could have written the article myself. We could have done with the NF being close by to deter/defend our MEPs when the UAF anti white racist hate not hope group attacked them recently while the political police merely looked on. NG and AB could have been killed. LEGION

Adrian P said...

The British People MUST Unite and work together.

I don't see how Harmthem can bring in this Law.

Who stands for you and your children

Anonymous said...

You still wonder at the people who sneer from the right. Nick Griffen has become an MEP, an amazing achievement when you think of all the media and establishment hostility. The NF was and is going nowhere because the electorate doesnt warm to street fighting and the like.

Anonymous said...

Superb nationalist article. The NF should concentrate it's abilities on what it does best, that way it will be more effective, have a bigger profile, attract more people and cause the reds severe problems.

By whittling away down to what they are best at the NF will become like a dagger point, deadly effective when used in the right place. At the moment they are more like a fly swat - spread too thin.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the NF, i remember they were the only ones who had the bottle to demonstrate against Abu Hamza who took over a street in Finsbury Park to spout his racist views, (he was also given a huge police presence to do this) i remember seeing it in one of the newspapers and the Dhimmi cops were penning in the NF, even though Hamza and his devotees were clearly the ones breaking the law....politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Agree, the trouble is that within our ranks lie a disproportionate amount with delusions of grandeur and dreams of being the 'Man of Destiny'.

Interesting that you want to see the encouragement of the NF into street level activity/confronting the enemies of Nationalism head on, the trouble with this is that such organisations themselves adopt this 'Man of Destiny' mentality (precient to themselves as a group!) witness C18 which 'evolved' into a political organisation much like Blood & Honour previous to them.

What needs to be carried out though is the destruction of those whose agenda is more anti-BNP than the promotion of their own particular brand of nationalism as they are as you have pointed out, nothing but treacherous snakes who act as conduit for the State and their stooges such as UAF/Searchlight.

Stringbag said...

This news of a possible injunction is not great; typical of the "soft totalitarian state" though. One million people vote against their own genocide and the regime attempts to outlaw their representatives.

What a grotesque travesty

eg Black lawyers

"We are the Society of Black Lawyers
We are the main representative group for lawyers of African and Caribbean and Asian descent."

Would it help to drop the word "Caucasian"? After all we all know what we mean by "indigenous" - as in pre-1948. As indigenous people we should be protected by the UN Declaration

Of course the vicious, wicked, traiterous, aristo-degenerate, Harhag denies the existence of indigenous people in Britain at all. So what exactly was the status of "Cheddar Man", the teacher in the locality whose DNA was a perfect Stone Age match??

The main colonisation of the British Isles took place between 15000-7500 years ago - during the Old Stone Age, with the "secondary colonisation" of "farmers, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings" subsequent to that(Oppenheimer - Origins of the British 2006). However you look at it, that is an indigenous population.

Does Harhag wish to dispute the genetic evidence?

Albion1983 said...

Although I agree with the majority of your article there is one area of disagreement.

The NF will not be banned from competing in elections as the NF are not a threat to the establishment.

When they look like they may get their first MEP then they will be considered a threat and banned.

Until then the establishment are happy for them to exist. They want Nationalism split into lots of tiny groups with no power.

The BNP are a threat so they are the ones who will be forced to change in the hope that some of their activists will leave and join smaller groups that have no chance of achieving anything.

Thus the threat will be neutralised.

Practical man said...

Excellent analysis Lee. It only became apparent to me after watching the counter demo to the UAF at Blackpool to see what was required.

The UAF were thrown by that I think.

The 14 Words said...

The National Front is an organisation for those people who are Street Activists, not political activists."
Wrong again Lee. The NF IS political as well. It is the BNP who have left the streets.

"The NF will be banned under the law from participating in elections.

Therefore it will have to change from being a political party to a Nationalist organisational hub."

What total crap what are you on pal, the NF has a 42 year Nationalist history and 'has' not diluted its policies unlike the BNP.

"The National Front must become the Nationalist counterpart to the Leftist UAF.

The NF should be organising massive Armistice Day celebrations, demonstrations, festivals, rock concerts, marches, cultural events and many other nationalist cultural events, not wasting theit time on electioneering."
Wrong again pal and again total crap. The NF will stand for election.
Why should the NF do your dirty work.
The BNP is a civic nationaliust party the NF is a Racial Nationalist Party that's the difference

Phil said...

Interesting post, but if the BNP win the right to be a legal political party will that legal precedent not apply equally to the NF? The case would be tested by the BNP and the NF wouldn't have to fight the law at all on that case would it?

Have I got that right Lee or is my presumption wrong? If so, why etc.

Agree with many of the article's other points though.

Ex Marxist for Griffin said...

Thought provoking article.On one hand it could be taken as a cynical recruitment excercise ie the BNP will take the votes on the back of the NF activism.On the other hand it could be taken as the BNP will take the votes by condemning NF activism.

If UAF are as they claim going to step up their violent and illegal tactics what would be better than to provide them with some opposition leaving the BNP free to keep its members safe and occupied in legitimate political activity.

Its a winner but it is not win win.

Epona said...

Well I am hoping that this all comes to nothing as I really don't know how they can enforce it. Would not the Black police association have to open their ranks to Whites?
There was a bit of bad feeling between Swindon NF and Swindon BNP but I have done what I can to heal this rift. They need to understand that we must all work together.

Rufus said...

Very well written article. Its good to see the White Dragon flying too.

The 'nationalist scene' in this country has been torn apart by petty rivalries and egomanicas who wish to become kings of their own castles. It is ludicrous that parties which purport to be defenders of the Nation stand against one another in elections. We don't have time for this petty politics.

I agree that street activists should put their energies into making the streets safe for the more specialised activists.

You make a valid point about the lunacy of allegedly nationalist parties fighting one another. What use is their in splitting votes? Imagine how well the pro-independence parties would have faired if the BNP, UKIP, EDP etc had come to an accomodation not to fight in each others strongholds? We could have seen a greater number of MEPs campaigning against the EU beast from within. That would have made the authentic voice of Britain unsilencable.

Don't get drawn into party squabbles. The NF and the BNP are equally at fault for refusing to cooperate with one another. It would indeed be good if this foolish and self-harming infighting could be ended. But, as the saying goes, if wishes were horses...

Anonymous said...

I like how the image in the top right hand corer. Is he the god of homosexuals?

Anonymous said...

I really like the image at the top centre of the page.

"Ooh, dragons are powerful and its white. I'm white and think that I'm powerful..."

Pure kindergarten shite tbh.