Wednesday 9 September 2009

Lucy James - Student With Attitude

Dear old Lucy James, the token wet, white, blond, Dhimmi-liberal Quizling, has popped out of her box amongst the Taqqiya specialists and Islamist Gramscians at the Qulliam Foundation, named after a radical Islamist and home to the Long March Islamists instead of the 'Military Jihadists', and attacked the BNP again.

The aim of the Quilliam Foundation is the same, the conquest of the West, only the methodology is different to the Islamist terrorists.

My responses are prefixed in the article by the = sign.

Both the BNP and Islamist ideologies thrive on creating divisions. Their arguments need to be robustly and openly challenged, writes Lucy James of the Quilliam Foundation.

By Lucy James
Published: 11:43AM BST 09 Sep 2009

The response of the British security services to what is said would have been Britain’s 9/11, the airline plot , appears to have been both effective and courageous. Unfortunately, certain sections of wider society will no doubt use the incident to attack British Muslim communities as a whole — certain sections being, namely, the BNP and their supporters.

= Aah here we see Lucy play the 'Criticise Islamists and you are the same type of racist, Nazi, fascist as the Bnp' OLD TRICK. Sorry Lucy love, even 'normal' people who arent BNP think that Islamists planning to blow up bombs on airplanes is a very bad thing.

Resorting to crude racism

= Is Islam a race now ? I thought we have been told that Islam is not a race, but now it is. You do the Islamaphobic hokey cokey and you turn around. In out. In out. Islam is a race. No it isnt. Yes it is. And thats what its all about. OI !

is a staple response of the BNP. Since around 2005, the BNP’s rhetoric has become more virulently anti-Muslim;

= Actually the BNP is anti-Islamist, anti-Colonisation and anti-Multiculturalism and antii-political correctness and anti-Dhimmitude not anti-Islam.

Besides have the BNP invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and bombed the shit out of Pakistan - nah, that was those Islam lovers wasnt it. Theres no blood on the hands of us Islamaphobes, only you Islamo-lovers !

manipulating the fears and suspicions surrounding Muslims post 7/7. In the wake of the London Bombings, the BNP issued a leaflet with the image of the exploded bus in Tavistock Square. Below the picture, in language intentionally indicative of a cosmic battle between Christianity and Islam, the leaflet called on people to ‘help the BNP Crusade’.

= What ! How dare we. A crusade against Islamists bombing us. Typical lefty fork tongued bulshit - trying to make people feel sorry for the bombers and go boo hiss at the bad BNP for wanting to deal with the bombers and their supporters, funders and fellow Jihadists. . Twat.

How does Britain solve its identity crisis?At the time of writing, the BNP have yet to respond to the airline bomb plot. No doubt that it will be used to further the BNP’s own racist agenda and the faces of the three convicted terrorists will become commonplace on BNP leafleting campaigns.

= Crikey. Lucy James is also a fortune teller. Is it tea leaves luv or just a crystal ball. Any idea what the lottery numbers are this weekend darling ?

So how should the British media and politicians react to such dangerously racist rhetoric?

= What ours or yours ? If it yours you can use it to line the bottom of the budgie cage. Thats what I usually do with the Telegraph.

In the last few days this issue has become embroiled in the escalating row over giving the BNP a public platform on the BBC’s flagship political show Question Time. Whether we like it or not, the BNP are a legitimate political party with two representatives in the European parliament and the support of 6.2 per cent of the British electorate. As such, they are legitimately — though regrettably —entitled to a platform on mainstream media channels funded by the taxpayer. To refuse them would be to undermine our democratic principles and question our commitment to freedom of speech.

= Blimey Lucy speaks sense. Then again, for her to say ban the BNP would result in a ban for the Islamists she provides succour too, though of course they dont have an electoral mandate like we do. They simply get funds from Leeds council, the government 'anti-extremism Trade Union, Labour group, Black Only Projects' fund.

Moreover, by simply dismissing them outright, we fail to confront and undermine their ideas which are dangerous and divisive.

= What like telling the truth in this liberal fascist society where fear of being called a 'racist' means free speech has been replaced with self censorship.

I recently authored a paper entitled In Defence of British Muslims: A response to BNP racist propaganda in which I established that Nick Griffin and his party’s demonisation of British Muslims is based on factual inaccuracies and an ignorance of history.

= Also can be used as a cure for insomnia or as a sop to Islamists.

As such, their accusations are not difficult to refute. Beyond issues surrounding British Muslims, other hate-filled aspects of their ideology also need to be questioned and exposed.

= yawn.

British politicians, rather than shying away, need to arm themselves intellectually against the BNP and publicly challenge their ideology. If our politicians really believe that Griffin is wrong, they should have the courage to publicly challenge his views.

= oh yeah like thats gonna happen. The idiots in the political parties keep us out of public debates as they know they are too stupid to debate with us.

This is an approach that my own organisation, Quilliam, has been using to challenge Islamism over the past year – the ideology that would have contributed towards the creation of the violent mindset of the airline bombers.

= Er no. Your organisation is an Islamist front based on an incremental approach to the take over of the West as opposed to a military / terrorist take over.

Whilst Islamism and far-right extremism are ideologies that are significantly different, their use of sweeping generalizations and willful misrepresentations to conjure ‘us versus them’ mentalities means that the systematic deconstruction of their arguments is necessary to challenge them both.

= So the idea that Western Civilisation re Huntingdon and The Clash of Civilisation is false and Lucy James - non-entity token - is correct. Now who should we believe hmmmm.

It is the eighth anniversary of 9/11 on Friday. Unfortunately, we are facing a potential race-riot in Harrow as we did in Birmingham last weekend.

= Islam a race again !

We cannot allow extremism to breed extremism.

= deal with the Islamists then. The pussy moderates and liberals wont - they are surrender monkeys cringing before 'racism' and political correctness.

British politicians need to lead the way by challenging extremism through ideas, not through no-platform policies, nor through allowing it to fall to the fists of protestors.

= Politicians dont have ideas to deal with Islamism as they are shackled by political correctness. Therefore only the BNP can deal with it as the liberal surrender monkeys lick the arsehole of the Dhimmi-bastards that are selling our nation and civilisation out to the Taqqiya specalists like those in the Quilliam Foundation.

Lucy James is a research fellow at the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think tank.

= And a nice girl paid lots of money to peddle Dhimmi-bollocks to the masses and white liberal self loathing surrender monkeys.

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