Monday 20 September 2010

The BNP = The Joke Of Europe

All across Europe the Nationalist Right are moving into the mainstream of politics, yet in Britain the BNP are dead in the water.

Why ?

One answer - Nick Griffin.

The BNP is a dictatorship run as a dictatorship and in all dictatorships the buck stops at the top.

In the most liberal nation on the planet, Holland, the Nationalist Right are on their way to running the country, in Sweden one of the most tolerant nations on the planet the Nationalist Right have just got 20 MP's elected into power.

In Britain we are gaining about 2 % in elections whilst even in wards where there is no Conservative candidate, no UKIP candidate no Green Candidate and no Independent candidate - we still come third.

The BNP is run not as a political party but as a cabal where what matters most is not competence in your job or office but simply loyalty to Griffin.

This means under Griffin the BNP has been transformed from a political party into a money raising scam run by the most corrupt parasites on the planet - Griffin and Dowson.

Now that Hannam has gone the various lickspittles who are left to run the senior levels of the party will be cowed into silence once again.

The AC is a pathetic group of gutless cowards who owe their positions to Griffin.

The Scrutiny Commitee is a pathetic group of nobodies who owe their positions to Griffin.

Now that Hannam is gone no doubt one of Dowsons little clique of vermin will find themselves anointed by Griffin to take up the role, and the retards in the party will cheer as the cowards stay silent.

Even David Hannam, who is presently being attacked by the usual Griffinite vermin on the VNN Forum and British Democracy Forum as an incomptent, was put into his position by Griffin.

If it is true that Hannam has been sacked, then the only reason he would be moved to Europe for a paid role in the BNP is to keep him quiet by sticking him on the payroll, which is where most of the Griffin loyalists end up before being removed by him once they become disenchanted at working for an self serving crook.

Therefore who is the biggest idiot ?

The idiot or the idiot who keeps putting idiots into positions in the party they are not suitable for ?

Griffin has to go.

The BNP are the joke of Europe.

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Anonymous said...

A wee bit too agressive, Lee

Anonymous said...

All Nationalists watch in envy at the shift of power in the Continent, while we in Britain have witnessed the BNP vote evaporate. Why?

Yes it is the Griffin factor.

Anyone who has campaigned on the street receives sympathic words, BUT people say they wont vote BNP because of Griffin. His really piss poor showing on Question Time was the final nail in the coffin for many.

We have some really outstanding Nationalists, who have been pushed out by Griffin. People with far better appeals and untarnished backgrounds than him.

The Nationalist cause can not regain its rise without Nick Griifin steeping aside. The longer he hangs on, then his true colours are shown.

He is either working for the establishment OR he is determined to take as much money out of the BNP as he can.

Be a man of honour Nick and go.

Adrian Peirson said...

Sadly, people need Performers, look at how the masses are mesmerised by the smarmy likes of Blair, Komrad Kameron and Korporal Klegg.
These Frontmen for the New World Order are Schooled as Salespeople, their lines carefullt crafted to fool the unthinking masses who simply think, ooh yes, hope and change, I'll have some of that.

If you know people who the public will support, get them in front of the masses.