Friday 5 June 2009

The Higher Path

There is only ever one winner in modern elections and that is the Corporate Media.

An election is merely an electronic propaganda war between different parts of the Corporatocracy's media propaganda wings.

In consumer societies the majority of the voting masses are mainly mere media conditioned drones who are pre-programmed by the corporate media propaganda to vote how and for whom the media tells them.

The majority do not vote as they are alienated from the process itself. They are our people, the Silent Majority, and they must be re-engaged with politics.

That must be our mission.

The entire spectrum of mainstream politics is a controlled paradigm, the left wing media such as The Guardian propagandise the Labour Party, the right wing media such as the Telegraph and Sun propagandise the Tory Party and the liberals have the Independent to propagandise the Lib Dems whilst each of them condemn the BNP.

Strategically useful parties like UKIP whose social and political influence is marginalised into impotency by their presence solely being inside the EU parliament (where they are similarly marginalised into impotency by being within the EU parliamentary system itself) are propagandised by the media at the required time in order to divert any potential protest vote in Britain that could generate a real mainstream nationalist party and movement that could challenge the power of the Corporate Media and their political puppets.

In return for their seats in Parliament these political whores work for the interests of the Corporatocracy that own media.

The UKIP fakes are able to gorge on the cash in the pig trough of the European Parliament, whilst the British parliamentary fakes are able to gorge in the expenses of the Houses of Troughminster.

Each of these fat little piglets suckles on the teat of their own bloated sow, be that the British parliament or the European parliament.

The word parliament today is synonymous with corruption.

Parliaments are merely the pigstys of the Corporatocracy.

They are not where places the interests of the People are protected, it is the place where the people are betrayed.

Everywhere the Corporate Media rule, they elect those who sit in the European Parliament, they elect those who sit in Parliament and they elect those who are elected in local elections. The media control the entire political process via the manipulation of public opinion at the national and local level.

Local candidates are attacked by the 'local' papers in their areas which proudly host on their front pages some icon of local heritage and history as their corporate logo, yet its owners are Corporate Media groups whose owners may be as much in Dubai, as in America, the UK or Tel Aviv.

Most local papers are about as local as coca-cola, but the people believe that these newspapers and TV news presenters actually represent THEIR interests as opposed to the interests of the Corporate Media groups that own them.

People still trust the media.

They still believe what the media tells them.

They still believe the media is impartial, objective and fair.

They still think the media represents them and their interests.

They still think the medai reflect rather than create public opinion and sentiment.

They still think the media is telling them what they think rather than what to think.

Their slavery is made all the more insidious as it is mental rather than physical.

At any moment the merest reflex from the people would shake us free from this tyranny of traitors, but they are so chained that they no longer know that they are not free.

Freedom has become for them a mere expression of consumer choices. The more consumer commodities there were for them to buy, the more free they saw themselves.

Consumerism became our new opiate, sating us with its toys and trinkets whilst the media, the politicians and the Servile State stole away our liberty and democracy.

The media tells people what to wear, what to eat, where to go on holiday, who to sleep with, who trust and who to vote for. At all levels their wants and needs are defined for them.

The masses are enslaved yet do not even know it.

Now we live in a bankrupt, ghettoised, sectarianised, crime ridden and corrupt country under the tyranny of a Surveillance Society, the domination of Political Correctness and the control of the Corporate Media.

At all levels we have been betrayed.

When the Tipping Point comes as the Convergence of Catastrophies really begins to impact upon the planet, then the fall will be all the harder.

Sooner or later the world will dine upon its banquet of consequences.

Our nation has been eviscerated from within, inexoribly like determined termites the traitors have worn away the innards of our country. They have stolen away our rights, our laws, our liberty and our wealth, and left us destitute whilst they reside in luxury and profligacy.

Our primary enemy is now clear.

It is the Corporate Media - those who get the political parties elected into power.

We must teach our people to mistrust the media and at the same time create our own alternative Nationalist media at all levels. From films, music, books, social networking, festivals, musical tours, nights out, social events, banks, media, business networks etc etc.

We must replace the media with A NATIONALIST MEDIA.

The answer is therefore also clear, we must re-engage with the people at the level of the community at the same time as create our Nationalist Media and engage to attack the legitimacy of the Corporate Media itself.

Our community has been taught to reject thinking of itself in the terms of a community or as a people.

Whilst ethnic groups in the UK have been driven by the media to organise around the principle of their race, religion or nationality in our multi-cultural society in order to represent and protect their interests as a community - at the exact same time the indigenous White British people have been attacked, villified and their organisations attacked by the same corporate media when we seek to organise as a community in our society to protect our community and indivudual interests and rights.

This is why we have seen our culture, laws, liberty and heritage stolen from us as we have not organised those organisations in our society capable of defending our social interests - instead we relied on the traitor politicians who served solely the interests of the Corporate Media and themselves - and watched impassively as we have been totally betrayed.

Now we must organise ourselves.

Our community must first be organised into a community before it capable of thinking, and voting, like a community and before it is capable of defending our social, political, cultural and economic interests as a community.

A consciousness of our commonality, an awareness of themselves as a people and a community must be created in the consciousness of our people, before the National Community will be created.

The roots of the National Community are in all those white communities where our people have no organisations or groups that represent their commonality.

Once this consciousness of commonality exists and is seen to be organising, then the communities will grow. Our people need help and they need representing and that is what we must be doing.

Alongside politics we must begin to engage with our people on the basis of forming community groups, extended social networks and social networking, a business network, community building organisations and a programme of political re-engagement for our community.

The Corporate Media attack we who seek to organise our community as a community when we raise ourselves onto the radar of local and national politics. Therefore many more community organisations for our people must be set up that organise at a grassroots level so that the machinations of the Corporate Media be thwarted.

Until we form a National Community whose roots are in all our local communities, then we will never be free. Politics is the intermediary stage between the awakening of the people and the taking control of Parliament.

Therefore to be able to engage proprely in the political process we must have created a new National Community capable of overcoming the power of the Corporate Media.

That requires we build a majority vote on the ground in our communities before we step into the political arena. Only when we can win with our vote already built within our communities can we move into power. If we do not do this then the power of the media will always be able to check mate us.

Our efforts must be as much into community grassroots engagement and community building as it must be into politics.

We must build our majority on the ground before we can we create a majority in Parliament.

Regardless of the size of the vote in these elections the path forward is clear.

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Andraste said...

Brilliant article Lee. The momentum is now with us... walking through my town this afternoon I spotted 2 BNP posters in windows, there was no other political party posters... our long march to victory is built upon our rock solid foundations of local support.

Broken Record said...

You've said it all in this article Lee. I couldn't add anything or take anything away. Absolutely spot on!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post and just right on the spot.
Nationalists need their own radio station.
We've hundreds that beat the drum of Socialist Crap.
As for corporate media, the BBC should be closed down.
No nationalist should pay that tax.
Need help in how not to pay it, and not face prison for paying this illegal tax go to..
There you can find an enormous amount of info that is 100% nationalist.
Parliament is a registered company!
The M.O.D. is a registered company as are all our councils.

A Corrupted system Corrupted by the Fabians across all parties!

Anonymous said...

the civil contingency act 2004 cannot not be enacted without a royal proclamation from the sovereign who has to declare a state of emergency.(Note) Oxford Law dictionary 2008

What we have now is the final stage of devolution, the devolution of powers away from parliament to the 3rd sector (Private Companies) a corporate republic. We are told that the sovereign’s role within parliament is one of only ceremonial tradition, which again is another of the parliamentarian’s legal lies. No one on this island can have any sort of authority unless they hold oath of office to the sovereign who gets her authority from us the people, an oath of allegiance, such as is held by MP’s, Police and the Judiciary amongst others. This is why we are now seeing this oath being eroded away, with more calls for the oath to be abolished. The new enforcement officers walking the streets (PSCO’s) hold no oath of office, that is why they have no powers at all, but they were given a warrant card and a copy of PACE to keep safe, being told you don’t need them now, but you will do in the future, this is the parliamentarians corporate republics take over as evidenced by the recent announcement that Devon and Cornwall police are being taken over by a private company called Southwest One, which is part of a group of companies headed up by none other than IBM. This is the final attempt to remove the people’s sovereignty and destroy the keeper of that sovereignty, something that has taken little over 800 years to complete, for this is the only place that can undo all the problems in the world if the people of this islands sovereignty is maintained by a true keeper of that sovereignty.

Someone recently suggested that the queen is not the legal sovereign, well in fact the queen is. The queen knows she is not the lawful sovereign, for to be so she would have to come from the line of Cornish dukes and not the Stuarts, a very much kept secret. As I have said before lawful is not legal and never the twain shall meet, but legally the queen is sovereign as laid down by the legal contracts (acts) I mentioned before. But as my affidavit states I fully support her and the queen has all my support for she is doing the best she could possibly do right now for the people of this island by keeping that throne from being handed over to someone who would allow for its destruction.

Have you ever imagined what it is like to be her?

The queen is eighty three years old who suffers on a daily basis from insults, lies, ridicule and a constant abuse from parliament. Her family and herself have suffered extremes of abuse from the Internet with stories that are mind boggling plus constant abuse by the BBC

full article here..

Anonymous said...

My word... TWO posters. The patriotic revolution starts here.

Anonymous said...

That is a great article

In general it as been said by people to me that the issue of the power of the media as come up as the thing to address and we will

pete said...

The people are mere pawns to be moved here and there wherever a profit can be made. The MSM are the mouthpiece of the world power which dominates all our lives, the military industrial complex in the US is the dominant power and will not tolerate challenges to its authority.
Whether Briatin has a Tory or a Labour government is of no consequence whether France had a right or left wing President , the same policies will be persued. Britain and Europe have been satellites of the US for over 60 years. Iran has had the courage to say no to the US and it has been vilified by the US . Obama is a puppet who can read a script well but sometimes gets the lines wrong. Yesterday the BBC was reporting on how Obama s great uncle had liberated Auschwitz !! Well if he had he would have been in the Red army . Oh well theyre all at Normandy today patting themselves on their back. The show must go on!!
I suspect in the end more Britons vote in Britains got Talent than in elections.

Anonymous said...


This is an interesting insight into how Zanu-Labour tries to manipulate the media. Their comments about the BNP are quite revealing :

Post-Election On-Message “Lines to Take” from Labour HQ

Fingers crossed for Sunday. I enjoyed putting my X next to Nick Griffin's name on the ballot paper. It felt almost liberating as I did it - an act of defiance even.

Andraste said...

That's two posters more than anyone else, and furthermore the greater significance is that more and more people are openly demonstrating their support for the BNP - a few years ago it was inconceivable that you would see BNP posters in my town. From small acorns grow mighty oak trees. The fact is that regardless of the outcome of the Euro election the BNP are now on the national radar, everyone knows about us now, this is a major defeat for our opponents, who tried to keep us away from public attention.

eric the fish said...

Is there a particular reason why the posts end abruptly and are then followed by a long, drift down the abyss until we reach here?

A lot of people used to spit oput this 5th Form drivel but then they grew up. What is Leeeeeeee's excuse?

Andraste said, "Brilliant article Lee" as if he actually read all the way through. Give the boy a medal.