Wednesday 12 May 2010

911 and the 72 Virgins

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff, i did write a long reply but blogger seemed to be down and ate it!

I think the drills on the days and the stand down notice is the biggest giveaway.

Adrian Peirson said...

Freefall Collapse of a building that wasn't even hit by a plane.
IE No internal resistance to the collapse.
Unreacted Thermite found in the rubble by seperate teams, tons of Molten steel running underground, in the words of fire crews 'It was like a volcano in there'

Jet fuel burns at less than 1k deg C, around 700.
Steel melts at 3000.

There next excuse was the heat weakened the structure, OK, that could, at a stretch explain a collapse at the impact zones but what then weakened the zones much lower down to the extent that they presented absolutely no resistance to the collapse.

The NWO is insulting my intelligence.

There is a very simple explanation, the buildings were demolished with explosives.

Niels Harrit

Anonymous said...

Lee this seems to be the new electoral system they are going to choose, it is rather odd and complicated, how do you feel this will effect the BNP. from my perspective it seems almost as effective as the old system at keeping us out but gives UKIP a slightly better chance!

It certainly isnt PR

Anonymous said...

lee, off topic (well slightly). did you read about the US federal reserve to be audited regarding the latest bailouts to banks, the fed handed out billions in bailout money and kept the recepients secret. ron paul was calling for a more robust audit, ie of their historical figures since the fed's creation but he lost. at least both democrats and republicans voted unanimously 69 for the audit amendment, making the feds by law open their books. will be interesting to see who and what foreign banks and secret entities are on the receiving end of US tax payer dollars. the fed is also funneling billions into europe to help the greece crisis. the money, us tax dollars, is being funnelled via all the world banks, which is no secret as its on cnn.

hopefully the fed audit is a good sign of things to come, a serious people power revolt against the NWO bank.

btw, the 911 link has gone?


Defender of Liberty said...

Interesting, do you think they will really reveal where the money went ?

What 911 link is that my friend ?

I read the ATV report, I reckon the BNP will merely concentrate on specific areas re campaigns rather than trying to act like one of the big boys and have as many candidates as we did this time.

ATV requires we pick target seats in good areas, and target resources.

Re the explosives - my theory is that the buildings were wired to be brought down in case the hijacked planes did not finish the job - the planes hitting the towers were the ultimate 'propaganda of the deed' but in case they did not topple the towers, they had to ensure the buildings fell for maximum effect.

The explosives evidence cannot now be ignored - an alternative thesis is that all buildings that house CIA offices, such as WTC 4 are ALL wired up with explosives in case the buildings are seized and the documents inside them comprimised.

It may be that the WTC 4 was the site with the explosives imbedded within it and that the rubble from WTC 4 has the explosives in it and it has contaminated the rubble from the WTC towers themselves.

If all federal buildings are wired to explode in the event of the russians during the cold war, chinese or terrorists taking control of them.

Oklahoma city may have been an example of such explosives being detonated from inside the building.




Anonymous said...

"I read the ATV report, I reckon the BNP will merely concentrate on specific areas re campaigns rather than trying to act like one of the big boys and have as many candidates as we did this time.

ATV requires we pick target seats in good areas, and target resources."

so no overall change in our prospects, personally i think a wide spread is good as it builds a national foundation, without that we are playing chase the fleeing whites, that system does not work, they simply retrete to a new area and we get flushe out.

we ned to invest in seats in ares we cannot yet win as it builds a national support base and community network, if we ignore that we may as well give up now.

as long as we can stump up the £500 needed - peanuts when spread over a whole area, then we should do it, otherwise do you think the whole nation will rise up if we get one isolated MP in a dying town if we are lucky?

we need a national campaign to give the impression of a big party, who wants to vote for a localised isolated party that has no national base?

Bad mistake Lee.

It is also contradicts you idea that we need community groups, these groups can be formed around the basis of our standing, reams working together, they wont simply pop up out of knowhere and if we dont stand in elections we lose support and activists as well as new enquiries.

we stood more candidates and our vote share increased, if you want isolated pockets then watch the party collapse to nothing and have no national base to build on rapidly if the shit hits the fan like greece!

Standing in elections is building a community base as well as an elections base.

We need to stand more candidates not less, then we would have beat UKIPs share of the vote and be seen officially as the forth biggest party, then we would have something to crow about and more people would wish to get involved.

sorry lee, but isolated seats would mean the end of the BNP, people need to see progress.

Yes we can still target certain seats like we did last time, nothing wrong with that!

also standing in so many seats allows us to find target areas that we may not have beeen aware of before.

I think Nicks stratagey was spot on, i just dont think our time has come just yet!

Defender of Liberty said...

You misunderstand my point - in AREAS WHERE WE CAN ALREADY WIN we target those areas and deploy resources extra resources, whilst in areas where we do not have good support we deploy and concentrate resources on community activism until we build up a strong voting base - the two systems work together.

We can stand paper candidates in areas where we have limited support if the people wish to stand in those elections to raise their profile, but we cannot waste spending large amounts of resources on them - resources that can be better spent on areas where we already have high levels of electoral support and that can be used to ensure a victory.

Its about targeting.

The point in standing for election is primarily to win that election - not to pose as a big party and then win no seats, as thats a total waste of money, time and activism.

All that happens if you pose as a major party and win no seats, is that you look absurd with the electorate, people then know not to vote for losers in the future and you waste money and demoralise activists.

The secondary purpose in standing in elections is to increase support in an area that is underachieving for us and raise our profile - but that is secondary to winning seats.

The present strategy is totally flawed - we must target seats in future that we can win by upping our game politically in those areas whilst investing time and money on community activism in areas where we have a low vote in order to build the voting base.

Adrian Peirson said...

With regards more false flag ops, they can't use the Jihadists again as this just strengthens the case for border controls and expulsions, they will probably cook up some right wing extremist plot now as a pretext for closing down the BNP and any Islamist groups not with the program.

Expect to see Nick Griffin arrested on charges of building a tactical nuclear warhead in his shed, aimed at bradford.

Something along those lines.

Or the Lone Nut one, that's always a good one, where is Lee Harvey Oswald now, is he still alive rotting in jail, oh no wait, they got rid of him too didn't they.

Serves him right actually, if Lee Harvey hadn't ordered JFK's bodygaurd to stand down, the west wouldn't be in this mess.

JFK's body gaurd stood down

As you can see, lone nuts are very dangerous, they have friends in very high places.

Ade said...

Interesting Video Lee on Mercury and Neurological impairment.

Mercury and Neurological impairment

Kennedy Junior

Chemical Dumbing down

Does this count as a Community Issue.

Communists always get rid of the intelligentsia, in this case, they are using Neurotoxins.

Andraste said...

Lee have you thought about setting up your own Youtube channel? It would be an excellent way to disseminate your video uploads. It's very easy to set up. You would get a massive audience if you started uploading your video/audio files on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

"ah! I see", said the blind man. Looks like I was wrong about the link, now i'm using my laptop, not my blackberry I can see it's an audio link, didn't work on my pda.

Do I think that the Fed's wont get audited or the truly secret stuff wont be touched? Time will tell, but
knowing the Fed's history about secrecy I wouldn't put it past them to fight this tooth and nail and start moving their secret stuff out of the way.

On reflection, if their files are secret then how will the audit team know what's been hidden, so no I now dont believe that the audit will uncover anything truly juicy. They will come across a lot of dead ended paper trails and empty accounts with nondescript titles.

(my word verification for this is... "kiled", charming.

Anonymous said...

Like the new addition to your blog Lee. Are you planning to do more audio, very interesting.


Anonymous said...

yes a you tube account would work, go to it lee, and embed them here, someone already explained how to do it, im sure they would again if you wanted to follow that rout!

I think you could get quite a following like Pat Condell and make an impact on the youtube community as well as bring mor people to your blog and the party in general.

just keep the language tame for the kids!