Wednesday 12 May 2010

Muslims and Free Speech in Sweden

Here we see the respect Islamist Muslims in Sweden have for free speech.

The police need to stop pissing about and stop using pepper spray - I would suggest pump action shotguns would be more useful for crowd control in such situations where Islamist terrorist thugs are attacking someone ;

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Anonymous said...

I am sick to death of these intolerant parasites.
The fault not only lies with our political "elite" but with ordinary Europeans as a whole. They just shrug their shoulders, lie down and accept this shit like gutless pussies.
How did the Europe of Nelson, Milton, Goethe, Frederick the Great,The Renaissance, The great Germanic warrior races of northern Europe turn into such defeatist, gutles pansies. Makes we puke.

extant said...


I just showed my almost leftist Mrs the video link, she said they should use Guns on the Bastards.

She didnt see your write up of your mild suggestion Shot Gun.

They are scum, they have no place in our Society, nor have the Communist Scum or the Zionist proper racist Bsts.

Wasnt Hitler 1/4 Jew ;o)