Monday 10 May 2010

The Bubble Is About To Burst

The Second Great Depression is here.

The Crash of 2010 is here.

The link below you takes you to the song that I was listening too on the morning of 911 - it is the soundtrack of the Apocalypse, and the soundtrack of the death of the global economic system.

Greece is just the start.

Soon entire nations will be ruined.

The Second Great Depression is here ;

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Anonymous said...

But this time many more people are aware of the corrupt banking system, last time round no one had a cue.

Make sure the BNP is going to expose it in full, Nick has been making more noise in this regard which is a step in the right direction, it also oversteps the more taboo subjects and allows Nick to go full bore in debate.

showing more sides to the BNP, showing nationalism as a well rounded philosophy.

we have to study and get ready to hammer it home.

Anonymous said...

Awesome song. I really think the party should knock up a few leaflets about the NWO, fractional reserve system etc. No other party has done this yet and we could monopolize the whole subject, which let's face it, is gonna be a huge issue in the next few years.

Adrian Peirson said...

If the Bubble is about to Burst, we may not be around to see it.

Mark Steyn

No accident of course

200,000 abortions per year ( 7.2 million since 1970 )

200,000 Abortions per year

Now Westminster wants to sterilize our children

sterilise British children

meanwhile, secret Jobcentres opened up in Africa inviting in another 50 million Africans


These things are not accidents, they are Policy.

Adrian Peirson said...

The Correct link to the 50 million plot

These things are kept out of the public conciousness, if they don't see it, it doesn't exist or is not happening, for the British people to make the right decision, they must be presented with the information they need, information that is deliberately being kept from them.

Most have no idea of these issues, mercury in vaccinations, the number of abortions, fractional reserve banking, the rothschilds, agenda 21, codex, zionism, the war being waged against us through our food, and through medicine.

Geert Wilders warning to the US Pt 1

Part 2

If things like this don't appear on the Telly, then, as far as the massess are concerned, it's not happening, and everything is OK.

gatesofvienna said...

Fred Harrison Renegrade Economist - Bust is built into the system.

Browns cover up..

How Brown broke Britain

Fred is no longer in the media or Westminster.
Knows too much!