Wednesday 19 May 2010

America and the Irony Gene


Anonymous said...

then why is the UK America's poodle?

Have you guys lost your irony gene as well?

Defender of Liberty said...

We havent lost the Irony Gene mate, we have just lost our balls.

The British public are now politically cowards, who are terrified of being called racist when they speak out against the Establishment and the media bullshit.

Its a new set of bollocks and a backbone that the majority of the British people need to regrow, not the Irony Gene.

Anonymous said...

Lee, thanks for your response, although irony isn't really an American "thing" we do at least have Rand Paul, (son of Ron Paul) who won a major victory last night.
PAul and the Libertarians are against foreign wars, and follow the constitution to a T.

The tide is slowly turning against the NWO. We have a new law to Audit the Federal Reserve, the Tea Party movement is growing monthly and ordinary European Americans are sitting around bar room/dinner tables discussing how we can realistically retake our constitution from the globalists and social engineers.

The UK has had 50 years of Marxist PC dogma forced fed them, the US has only faced a decade of NWO social engineering and already ordinary folk are talking about marching on Washington with flaming pitch forks, thankfully we have the 1st Amendment here, ie true free speech, talk show hosts such as revolutionary Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh refuse to accept moderation and self censorship.

I had many an open conversation with top lawyers, doctors, city officials who are shocked about the state of Europe and the Islamic Marxist problem and state it will never happen in America.

Obama and his fellows will take a political beating at the November elections.

But irony, you got us there, Americans are too serious.

Your blog is the first site I turn to every morning to see what's happening in the world.

Keep up the excellent work and dont let the bastards get you down!

icr said...

The UK has had 50 years of Marxist PC dogma forced fed them, the US has only faced a decade of NWO social engineering

No, no. PC started in the US before it was introduced in the rest of the Empire. I guess you're too young to know this.

The late Flashman author on this topic:
And no one minded, or if they did, they didn't tell me. In all the many thousands of readers' letters I received, not one objected.

In the Nineties, a change began to take place. Reviewers and interviewers started describing Flashman (and me) as politically incorrect, which we are, though by no means in the same way.

This is fine by me. Flashman is my bread and butter, and if he wasn't an elitist, racist, sexist swine, I'd be selling bootlaces at street corners instead of being a successful popular writer.
That PC should have become acceptable in Britain is a glaring symptom of the country's decline.