Friday 28 May 2010

No Benefits If You Dont Work

Theres just one flaw in Ian Duncan Smiths plan, there are no jobs.

And when an advert went out for a chip shop dish washer in Southern Ireland 400 people applied for the job.

The politicians and the bankers created the credit crisis that closed down businesses and threw British workers on the dole, but the politicians are still paying the bankers billions whilst taking benefits from the poor.


Rise up and smash the political and banking system that has destroyed our country and thrown our people into poverty.

A chip shop owner in Donegal was "amazed" when almost 400 people applied for a dish washing job.

Donal Cox, who runs Charley's Cafe on the Pearse Road, in Letterkenny, got more than he bargained for when the job was advertised on the FAS website.

"A girl was going on maternity leave so l only needed someone for a few months," Donal explained.

"Once the job went up on the FAS website I started getting emails from people in Dundalk, Dublin and as far away as Poland and the Czech Republic.

"A lot of the applicants were more qualified than what I needed for washing dishes. I couldn't believe it."

He said most of the applicants from outside the area were prepared to move to Letterkenny and start "straight away".

Indeed, there was a lot of local interest too.

"Usually, I would get 20 to 30 replies to a job ad. One of the applicants said they had nowhere to stay in Letterkenny, however, they were still prepared to travel up here for an interview.

"Once it went up on the FAS website it all went mad. I suppose it's a sign on the times we now find ourselves in."

Last week it emerged almost 1,000 people applied for fewer than 25 jobs at a new cinema -- many of them over-qualified. Cinema manager Eugene Tobin said he was "flummoxed" by the number of applications at the Gorey, Co Wexford, venue.

The lucky applicant for the chipper job was a Donegal man. "He was local and had experience in the catering trade," said Mr Cox.

The famous Charley's Cafe was founded by Letterkenny man Charlie McGee 26 years ago.

It was taken over four years ago by Mr Cox and employs 16 full and part-time staff.

Source Irish Independent

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Anonymous said...

The irony is the conservatives/lib dumbs are going to cut spending which they admit will lead to major job losses. These people will go to claim benefits and be told they'll have to work for them!

It's the beginning of slave labour as companies will take benefit claimants on who they don't have to pay the wages of whilst they lay-off paid staff.

It's actually already happened where a worker who was laid-off ended up working for the same company for his benefits!

Greying Wanderer said...

Import millions of foreigners while keeping millions of Brits quiet on the dole. Then when the money for dole runs out close it down and have everyone fighting tooth and nail for a crust.

Our politicians are whores for foreign billionaires and globalization.

Adrian Peirson said...

We need to be working out how to get off the Grid, collecting rainwater, growing our own food, storing and bartering any excess, perhaps inventing a monetary system, although food and labour might be all that is necessary, EG, I will give you these potatoes if you mow the lawn for me while I'm at work.

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