Friday 14 May 2010

Bees and Sudden Country Collapse

The bee population on Britain's mainland has declined rapidly in recent years due to disease and harsh weather conditions.

But colonies on the island are healthy and thriving thanks to a ban on importing foreign bees since 1987, which has prevented the spread of disease.

Last year more than 10,000 queens were imported to Britain from all over the world.

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Anonymous said...

Lee we need these as youtube files so we can spread the word, other are doing it but it creates a delay, please look into it.

Anonymous said...

An interesting point which i have pondered a few times, how big an effect does climate and enviroment have on people not selected to be there by nature.

First I think their has been cases of alien groups wiping out other groups due to disease resitance just as you suggest, I think the red indians were one example when Europeans went there?

But otherwise I think to a degree modern technology buffers the effects at this time.

Such as treatments and also methods to adapt to extremes of weather which would otherwise hamper any alien group.

Though even then we have to wonder what effects their could be that are currently going under the radar?

Such as massively higher rates of mental illness in ethnic communities, could this be ralted to vitimin D or other such things so far unrecognised or simply the lack of mental agility to survive in a advanced techological world that came naturally to some groups but not others, and the adoption of certain social structures that some may be genetically incompatable.

Some may scoff at this, but if you take an example of dogs, some will go crazy if kooped up, while others prefer it. some need lots of excersise some detaest it, some need to excert agressive behaviour, some ovoid it at all costs.

The other issue is cross breeding, if anyone studies animal breeding you find that cross breeding radically different isolate groups can lead to unpredictable results, non of which it appears have been studied closely, could this in fact be behind the mental health issues discussed seeing as most ethnics has a small concentration of foriegn blood?

Has anyone ever done a study on this rather than looking for sympaphy and guilt?

The guy who did half the human gene work and got the nobel prize(ok it is a NWO joke prize now but their have been some worthy people) made some statements regarding alien genetics in a native group and how it is incompatable and always will be, no matter how much you wish it were not so.

He was discussing intelligence specifically.

If he is correct and it would appear that he is given the evidence, then you will see a perpetual underclass that can not be raised by any other means than affirmative action which undermines the rest of society and causes social unrest, especially when the liberals do not look to science but instead try and blame whites for what is a natural and regretable situation, as the scientist said, it cant be any other way, no matter how much we wish it were the case.

Anonymous said...


This also leads me to wonder that if the evidence is correct and we have race mixing etc then rather than an equal society we could end up with a colour chart social structure, a caste like system, not by birth right but by genetics.

It reinforces a racial colour code that appears to exist in most countries that have tried it.

where is the equality, it was all in the brainwashed liberals hollowed minds!

potentially with chinese on top or near the top, two reasons that seems to back this is the fact that chinese came to the west with a greater disadvantage than any other group, they could not speak English, did not understand the culture as they were not Christian, were small so they could potentially be bullied, had close resemblence to Japanese so could be a victim of racism that this could bring as well as standard racism issues.

Yet, they don't need any help!


Why do the Liberals have no answer for this? I have not found one yet that could answer this question, and the unfairness that affirmative action brings on both the natives and the people who now find they need it?

How long can it last as the west goes down the pan?

That is not simply individual traits but hardwired traits that have a physical element also - hormones are both physical and mental, that can only be compromised to a certain degree but then at what cost in a complex social animal such as a human?

If we ever run out of resources and cheap fuel and revert back to the dark ages the process of selection would kick start all over again, bringing diversity once again, which is natural, breaking down diversity, unatural.

But hey, the international banking cartel and corporations who are largely non British want to destroy the nation and mash it all up for their own amusment and ego, and possibly an ironic - yet again - race hate issue that could behind it, using every destructive method they can lay their hands on, they care not for the victims, both ethnic and otherwise, just themselfs and greed.

They have already shown the compassion they have for the third world by killing millions of them, raping their resources, putting them into unrepayable debt, funding warlords and backing manics that serve their interests.

Nationalism is the most un-rascist movement their is.

Everything else is a lie, swallowed only by the ignorant and the gullible.

Adrian Peirson said...

@ Anon

I believe what is going on is by design, if you look into what is going on with mercury, why they are always screwing around with our education system, dumbing down, Neurotoxins in our food, they are creating a two tier race of humans.

Us, and the Elites.

This is why our elites are so coy about what vaccines they give their children.

This is why we have mass third world immigration, fistly if we hadnt aborted 7.2 million since 1970 there would be no need.
They are here because a dumbed down populace are easier to rule over.
Sarkozy has recently said the French must marry migrants for rhe good of France.

This is Socio Genetic engineering setting up a two tier humanity, the Elites and a dumbed down slave race of drugged up dumbed down sub humans.

University of Calgary

Would be interesting to ask Mrs Kameron if her next child will be vaccinated on his / her first day and if the vaccine will contain mercury.

Chemical dumbing down

With regards to bees, It wouldnt surprise me if this were by design, they are attacking us from every angle, using food, water, medecine, psychologically through the media.
They are engaged in an all out war against Western civilization but because they are using silent weapons, most people are not aware.

There is a document called 'silent weapons for a secret war' which details this agenda, it's very much along the lines of the Protocols of Zion.

Naturally the document has been denounced as a forgery but as Henry Ford said, 'forgery or not, they describe what I see going on around me'

There is a link on my website to the document or you can just google it.
I hope our Military are ahead of the game in this matter and just waiting till they feel they have popular support, and haven't been asleep these past decades.

A declining bee population would affect food production, great way to cull the masses down to a more manageable size,create yet more civil unrest, all of which will have been totally unforseen of course, who'd have thunk mass mass mass mass immigration whilst hampering your farming with eu red tape and decimating our fishing industry could lead to food insecurity.

Better yet, when the riots start, they can impose more police state powers.
It's a win win win situation, For them.

Again I have to ask, what sort of country our Generals want for their children.


Anonymous said...

Mobile phone masts. Isle of Wright haven't got as many as mainland Blighty.

Agree that the imported competition is a factor but also the level of background noise that interferes with the bees navigation system.

Saw it on Discovery - can't remember the show and if it was bullcrap, I'm cancelling my subs.

Anonymous said...

Nail on the head.

The parallel is appropariate, indeed it is said of the case of mamalian overcrowding causing habiat loss, loss of traditions and space and order, causes a reaction in nature create balance to survive and so its the same in the human world ..