Monday 31 May 2010

When In Rome

Who the hell are the Association of Pakistani Lawyers.

Pakistani Lawyers present in this country should either keep their mouths shut about what the British people do in this country in relation to their right to protest or just scuttle off back to Pakistan where they came from and run their legal firms there.

These people are only here to make money out of our legal aid system by helping Pakistani immigrants and asylum seekers stay in this country.

The ongoing abuse of the legal aid system by lawyers from every nation on the planet who make hundreds of millions of pounds a year taking on cases paid for by the British tax payer, whilst Legal Aid is denied ordinary British citizens such as to sue incompetent doctors in the NHS, is a national scandal.

The idea that Pakistani lawyers can lecture the UK on human rights, policing and the right of people to protest - when they come from a nation run by Sharia law, where terrorism is rife and sectarian slaughter commonplace - is hilarious.

Shut up or fuck off back to Pakistan if British freedoms offend you.

Our rights come before your profiteering.

Our people died for those rights, and paid for them with their blood, and we will not surrender them to anyone.

LONDON, May 30 (APP)-The UK-based Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL) has called for a ban on the far right wing English Defence League following report in the British media that it plans to stoke up racial disorder in Muslim dominated areas of Bradford and Tower Hamlets in East London this summer.In a statement APL chair Amjad Malik has demanded a ban on this organisation saying it poses a threat to public order and has sinister aims.

“If British society rightly so has no place for Al-Muhejeron, so must be the case with English Defence League which should be proscribed before it’s too late as it threatens the very fabric of British society which is built on ‘tolerance’ and ‘live and let live’ principle,” Barrister Malik said.

Malik declared that the EDL group’s decision to target some of the UK’s most prominent Muslim communities including Bradford is a an attempt to provoke Muslim youth to take law in their own hands as the youth is already feeling disillusioned by past 10 years of negative campaign and governmental actions and foreign policy concerns.

“British Muslim youth feel under the cloud due to a heavy stop and search figures and usage of terror legislation against them. English Defence League has only one agenda and that is to stir public hatred and community tensions turning into riots and create a worst law and order situation having far reaching consequences for future stability in the society.”

He said this agenda of hate and despair is a ploy to divide people and communities who are living peacefully in Britain irrespective of their faith and colour.

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Adrian Peirson said...

before it’s too late as it threatens the very fabric of British society which is built on ‘tolerance’ and ‘live and let live’ principle,” Barrister Malik said.

Who said Britain is based on Tolerance and live and let live, this is my fucking country, I don't want equality I expect fucking preferential treatment.

Defender of Liberty said...

Too bloody right mate.

Well bloody said.

Comment of the week so far.




Ade said...

Imperium Europa