Thursday 13 May 2010

Hurrah For The Russians !

It looks like the Russians are the only ones who know how to treat the Somalian pirate scum that are holding British citizens hostage - blow them out of the water and then shoot them when you capture them.

Execute them all.

Dont mess with the Russians, they are the only European nation with a set of bollocks left.

“The Russians never released the young men instead they shot them point-blank range then loaded their lifeless bodies back on the boat,”

“We condemn the action of the Russians, it’s driven by racism and hate for black people and Africa, it’s the face of the new Russia. In future, if we capture Russians they will meet the same fate as those they executed,”

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extant said...

Hurray too :O)

We need that on British streets, to teach the savage scum to behave and stop raping and stealing.

Adrian Peirson said...

Hatred of Black People ?

I suppose capturing Westerners and threatening to kill them is an act of kindness.

alanorei said...

I can't see the Somalis catching any armed Russkis. As for the death threat, if the Mozzies want to kill somebody, they will, regardless of anything.

Like they did the fatal victims of July 7th 2005, who probably hadn't shot even one Somali pirate between them.