Thursday 27 May 2010

Tories Target the Poor and Subsidise the Rich

True to form the Tories are going to once again target the poorest people in our society, the disabled and the unemployed, at the same time as they are paying hundreds of billions of pounds out to the bankers.

The idea that you can force people to take jobs or cut their benefits has one flaw - there are no fucking jobs you twat.

The millions of jobs that have been created under New Labour all went to immigrants.

The Tories are not going to withdraw us from the EU and so millions more EU migrants will be entering the UK and taking our jobs.

They are not going to stop asylum seekers, deport the 2 million illegals in the UK and they are not going to ensure that British jobs go to British workers.

Instead the Tory wankers will simply cut benefits for the poorest whilst bunging billions to the bankers, the same as the Labour filth did.

And the Daily Mail morons are applauding like sea lions thrown a fish.


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Tarn Lass said...

Your damn right, the tories will never pullout of the EU, the powers that be will not let them. There is more immigrants on the way too, with this as an incentive.

Anonymous said...

a recent job application replied we have been overwhelmed with applicants, this believe me is typical..

Cameron ought to get his ring unfenced I mean un - ring fence the billions of foreign aid ..

stop mass immigration,..... but no of course we are waiting upon the welcoming by clegg n cam of the remainder of the Africans and Most of Turkey