Saturday 22 May 2010

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Red Squirrel said...

Good one Lee LOL,
I receive a lot of spam as well, from African criminals as well as the Viagra pedallers ( who are hard to block ) Recently I have been plagued by the "have you had an accident"ambulance chasers as well.

extant said...

pmsl,Tehe,Rambo em,

I'm in, my kinda talking :o))

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Priceless Lee.

It's not just old wimen that get scammed by these Nigerian "businessmen", Simon Bennet says he was too, gullible and foolish spring to mind. I must admit i don't get the viagra spam emails but i always seem to win the Nigerian lottery, i'm just in the process of saving the money to buy a plane ticket to go over there....Donna

Anonymous said...

My Spam Guard is ON

churchnill said...

Oh man you cheered my day up no end ROFLMFAO @ them nigerian scammers. I also read SB admit he got scammed, from someone who is supposed to be a "business man" he shows him self to be a utter gullible tit by getting taken in by these scammers, christ even my 88 year old silver surfer gran is not that stupid.