Saturday 29 May 2010

Dont Fuck With The Russians

People may recall an incident a couple of months ago where Somalian pirates, the same ones that are holding British citizens hostage, attacked a Russian tanker and then the Russian special forces attacked the ship, disarmed the pirates and recaptured the ship and freed the Russian crew.

Well the video link below - which is a cache as the main link has been removed - shows what happened to the pirates.

The Russians put them back on their boat and then blew it up = no more pirates and a lesson for all future pirates that attack Russian ships, that if you do we will kill you all.

Thats how you do it.

You do not negotiate with rabid dogs, you kill them.

The British Navy had a chance to storm the pirate ship that seized the British hostages in Somalia and the government told them ' oh no we have done a health and safety assessment and one of the sailors may damage an IPod or get a nasty scrape if we do' and blocked the navy from saving the British hostages ;

" The 100-strong crew of the RFA Wave Knight were under orders not to open fire as Paul and Rachel Chandler, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, were taken from their yacht for fear that the couple could be executed by the pirates.

With the nearest warship, HMS Cumberland, two hours away, the lightly armed Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship, which was carrying a helicopter crew and 75 merchant seamen, was forced to play a high stakes waiting game, the Royal Navy said.

But there are fears that the presence of the British ship may even have rushed the pirates into taking the couple off their 38ft yacht, the Lynn Rival, more quickly.

As the naval vessel approached, they were taken onto a a launch which then sped them to the hostage takers' mother ship, a hijacked merchant vessel, nearby.

Details of the operation were kept secret by the Ministry of Defence until they were disclosed by an anonymous member of the crew who said that they had come within just 50ft of the couple at one point. "

Now if the Royal Navy had sent a crew of marines over to the pirates and said " Hand them over. If you hurt them or kill them then we will sink the boat with our cannons and then machine gun anyone we find floating in the water " then they would have been handed over by the pirates in a second.

But the British New Labour government was run by pussys who were too shit scared to give the order, and hence the Navy had to stand down.

Now we have the reputation in the world as a bunch of weak pussys who wont fight for our people, and hence this will invite more people around the world to attack the British.

Heres what we need to do.

If anyone, anywhere at any time fucks with British citizens - then we kill them.

We either do it there and then or we track them down and then kill them.

Thats how you send a signal out to our enemies - we adopt the methods of that democracy known as Israel.

But we are run by politically correct cowards, idiots and traitors and therefore our enemies know we can be attacked and we will back down - and hence invite people to attack us.

Watch the video here and see how the Russians operate and how the message was sent out to the pirates 'mess with the Russians you will pay.

Thats what we must do - kill all those that attack us.

Video link here ;

Enjoy !


The new BNP - promote alternative media said...

Good post, the more I hear about the Russians the more I like them, shame they had to put up with so much oppression, though roles are now reversed it would seem.

I want to state again that the BNP should promote Russia today at every opportunity, my friend ordered ther other day after seeing some clips and was gobsmacked how much our news covers up and lies about, he could not stomache the mainstreme media for one seconsd longer and appears to love Russia today.

We have to push this for all BNP members, it is not about converting the converted but more so the rest of the familiy and friends that visit, you could reach a lot of people that way exposing the mainstreme as nothing more than propaganda.

even people who do not support the BNP but see a RT piece on the main site would also be woken up by the lie factory that is the BBC.

This is again critical and should be part of the plan for the new BNP.

we dont have much time so role out the new BNP as fast as possible - what are we waiting for?

Russia Truth said...

Spetsnaz (Russian special forces) videos:

Russian Special Forces

Spetsnaz in action

The Russian Spetsnaz

Spetsnaz Rap

extant said...

Beautifull, please sir can we see some more :O)

Mihail said...

Thanks for the article.
If other englandmans will think like you, I think, it'd be better.
Cause, as civilian humans, we should have a good thoughts about themselves, foreign countries and good relationships. Or, don't you agree with me?

Defender of Liberty said...

I am an great admirer of Russia and the Russian people. I admire their strength, courage and toughness.

We need to work with Russia in the 21st century for the benefit of both our nations.

Kind regards to the Russian people.

Regards to you Mihail

Mihail said...

Thanks a lot, my friend.