Sunday 30 May 2010

A Question for the Nazis

Heres a question for the Stormfront Nazis -

If Zionists control the media, and the EDL are Zionists, then why does the media constantly attack, abuse, denigrate and smear the EDL as 'fascists, racists or thugs' ?

Do you see the disconnect here ?

If the Zionists control the media, and the EDL is a Zionist tool being used to promote Zionist interests, then why is the most vocal enemy of the EDL the same Zionist media ?

Yeah, it makes no sense does it.

If the EDL were Zionists then the Zionist media would adore them.

If the EDL were Zionists and a Zionist front group then the media Zionists in the media would not call the EDL 'Fascist' as the morons in the Daily Mail did yesterday.

If they were Zionists the Zionist media would call them patriots, nationalists, defenders of Britain from Islamist extremism, heroes etc etc.

The Zionist media would big them up if they were a Zionist front group.

They dont do that though do they.

They call them thugs, fascists, racists and nazis.

This Daily Mail story is the most vicious of the increasingly vicious attacks on the EDL.

Calling them fascists was simply pathetic.

To call the children at the demonstration 'fascist' was moronic.

Hopefully the EDL and its activists are now realising that the media are lying, filthy , scumbag bastards who peddle bollocks to the public.

The media doesnt tell the truth - it prints propaganda for its corporate owners.

Yes the British media is dominated by Zionists.

Yes the Zionist media call anyone who opposes them 'fascists and racists'.

So then please explain why the Zionist media constantly calls the so called 'Zionist' EDL 'fascists and racists' if the EDL is a Zionist front group ?

If the media want to promote a multi-cultural EDL to undermine the White Nationalist movement, then why do the media call them 'fascists, nazis, racists, thugs' etc ?

If the media wanted to promote a multi-cultural EDL to undermine White Nationalism then surely they would be supporting the EDL instead of abusing and attacking them.

I wont hold me breath waiting for an answer that makes any sense.

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Anonymous said...

There are a number of possibilities Lee.

The press are attacking the racist element, this ensures that the EDL continue to demonise the BNP and other groups the press proclaim as racist, while reinforcing the multi culti element, this is because the press fear the EDL could get out of hand and turn into real nationalist movement any real nationalist elements must be purged - hense the articles.

It also continues the press credentials for being lovers of the multi cult, which would be in doubt if they ignored the EDL.

The EDL may or may not have been a state lead organisation, who knows? but you can be sure they will play it for all they can or shut it down, I don't see much in the way of anti EDL articles in the press, not much in the way of EDL events being shut down, and also don't forget the damage of immigration is already largely done - all they now need is time and the job is done, it is now safer for such groups to exists as without a radical sweeping to parliment of the BNP who the EDL demonise then the EDL keep things cooking nicely for the NWO supporting the paper British as the destruction nears its goal and while the EDL supports the NWO agenda, such as more middle east wars.

The EDL in fact only demonise the only threat to the NWO, but not the threat to the British and British nationalism.

It may have surfaced in response to the growth of the BNP as a way to subvert its patriotic potential to a NWO agenda rather than a true nationalist agenda. though I admit this would be a very risky thing to do, but seeing as the media pretty much control everything which has lead to the EDL demonising the BNP at the very least then perhaps they see the the EDL as something else they can totally control, keeping in mind if it gets out of control they could set it up for a fall any time the sate wished with false flags and the right articles.

Perhaps that is what the EDL is designed to do, build them up and then bring them and the nationalist movement down.

and perhaps this is one such article.

So from my view there are many possiblities and NONE can be discounted. To ignore such possibilities would be madness, seeing as it could directly affect British nationalism in a negative or positive way.

In short it matters not what the EDL do all the while the media is NWO and controls the people, same for the BNP, which is why alternative media is critical to any success, the BNP website and news letters is a start but it is not enough.

So far I think the BNP has played the EDL issue right how it plays it in future though could be critical.

But lets not discount ANY possibility but look for the advantages and dissadvantages of the situation which is new and interesting and could be critical to the BNPs success or failour.

Defender of Liberty said...

I think the thing the press fear more than anything is not any fictious threat from the Far Right, who are a threat only to themselves, but a threat from a New Nationalism that transforms ethnic minorities into the UK into a new nationalist constituency who can challenge the Zionist death grip on power - the real threat is not the white fare right but a new far right of integrated and assmiliated British citizens of all races who vote and act Nationalist.

They cant shut EDL events down as they have a lawful right to protest.

The idea that the press go easy on the EDL and are nice to them is frankly absurd and not even worth your time peddling that stupid statement.

The idea that the government wants a radical right wing street movement to counter the BNP is absurd - thats why the government banned Islam4UK in order to defuse the threat of the EDL. By banning Islam4UK they thought it would lead to a withering away of the EDL when the street actions of Islam4UK ended and hence ended the EDL as no more visible targets existed for them to attack.

As it is the EDL is growing, more and more whites are getting involved in the EDL and more and more kids - which is the thing they fear most, which is a radicalisation of the white working class kids via the EDL.

The BNP attacked the EDL before the EDL attacked the BNP - it was the BNP attacking the EDL that led to the EDL then attacking the BNP.

Where the fuck is the logic in building up a nationalist movement in the first place - surely the best thing would have been to not build a nationalist street force in the first place.

And the fact is that the EDL evolved solely out of one incident, the Luton troops out demo by Islam4UK and was a local group of people who then grew bigger as more and more people joined and set their own wings up - the EDL is self grown, not a creation of anyone.

The fact remains that the EDL is radicalising and nationalising white kids and the white community and also nationalising ethnic minority kids and ensuring that the Liberal Model of Multi-Culturalism becomes a Nationalist Model of Multi-Culturalism.

If British Nationalists cannot see that a group which radicalises young people, of all racial groups, into becoming Nationalists, and hence turning Liberal multi-culturalism into a new Nationalist Multi-Culturalism is useful both for us as a political party when we have a new constitution that allows people of all races to join the BNP, then thats because they are paleo-conservative reactionary idiots.

The EDL when they nationalise ethnic minority kids are the first step towards these kids, of all races, joining the BNP and rejecting the Liberal model of Multi-Culturalism and creating a new Nationalist Model of Multi-Culturalism.

The BNP is now no longer a racist organisation with an all white membership and the BNP if it is to grow as a populist party needs to attract more ethnic minority British Nationalists into its ranks, so attacking the EDL for having ethnics in their ranks is fucking idiotic to be frank.

Anonymous said...

Despite the edls opposition being uaf, unison and any other obvious communistic grouping. They insist on chanting nazi at them.

I don't know what they are but blind could be one, who are ya! who are ya!

To me edl and uaf are both shades of red, who dare not chant commie scum.

phonys in the `nationalist` movement said...

As Tyndall says Lee, if you want to be a phony, they can do it far better than you.

Have fun exposing yourself as a
phony and undermining the cause!

let's hope any new leader has more guts than you and doesn't relish selling out the Brits.

Defender of Liberty said...

Tyndalls dead you mug.

You can try and clone him if you can find some DNA - but apart from that he is about as relevant to todays BNP as a fucking biplane is to a 747.

Christ almighty, its like the real world doesnt exist in the minds of morons like you.

All that matters is what Tyndall said, when the BNP constitution he drafted up has gone forever.

It was Nick who wrote the new constitution, not me.

It was BNP members who voted for the new constitution not me.

I would advise you to put your fingers in your ears and go la la la la for a few hours, you might feel better then - though of course the real world will still exist when you open your eyes.


Anti-Globalist said...

Multicultural nationalism? Wow what a clever and original idea! I bet Peter Mandleson will steal that idea for a Nu New Labour. That is unless the ConDems steal it first. Wait...they already have! Doh!

Anonymous said...

"If Zionists control the media, and the EDL are Zionists, then why does the media constantly attack, abuse, denigrate and smear the EDL as 'fascists, racists or thugs'?"

Well, the enemy isn't monolithic.

One part might support the ethnic cleansing and genocide of white rabbits through mass immigration.

Another part might support the ethnic cleansing and genocide of white rabbits through mass immigration generally *but* have a specific problem with muslim immigration and want that bit stopped.

Who knows.

Either way fuck it, the EDL is doing a good job highlighting a particular problem. The BNP is doing a good job doing something different.

All good.

The more chaos the more chance the system will fall down before they've managed to wipe us off the face of the planet.

Ade said...

Facing up to the reality of Zionism

I've often thought that the Mid East conflict was a cover to get the sympathy vote, surely it could have been sorted years ago.