Wednesday 19 May 2010

Cancer and the Ecuadorian Guinea Pig

There is some swearing in this sound file.

If you dont like swearing, then I suggest you join the Taliban.


Anonymous said...

We are lucky to have you on our side Lee. Take care my friend, Yes friend and brother, even though we have never met, I find your blog a great companion to my daily life, that gives me hope and inspiration when all else appears lost and insane.

and I hope you find our responses likelwise.

The British resistance

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks mate,

I appreciate that.

We all need to have a laugh now and then.

Onwards and upwards.



Anonymous said...

The cancer diet....Somehow I don't think that'll catch on over here in the States.
Could you imagine the local bookshop, "ah yes sir you want the cancer diet or south beach diet?" "I'll think I'll stick with the south beach diet".

Anonymous said...

I have very long n large ones..a n d yes its like giving birth!

Your 'broadcasts ' are like the time we all used to gather round wireless set in front parlour..

Anonymous said...

Lol Lee.....Donna