Monday 24 May 2010

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Captured Jundallah leader Abdolmalek Rigi has said that while in Morocco, suspected Israeli or US agents had given him a list of people to assassinate in Tehran.

In a recent interview, Rigi told Press TV that before his arrest Jundallah had held a series of meetings in Casablanca with a group who had claimed to be NATO contacts.

"When we looked back at all the things that had happened we felt that two things were unclear. First, if they are from NATO why did they not meet with us in Afghanistan where they have bases and where they can contact us in a much more easy and secure manner," said Rigi.

"The second issue was that the first time they informed us that NATO forces wanted to meet with us we thought they were going to speak about eastern parts of Iran, because NATO forces are stationed in Afghanistan," he added.

"But they insisted that we should transfer our operations from the eastern border region to the capital. We thought that this was very strange. When we thought about it we came to the conclusion that they are either Americans acting under NATO cover or Israelis," he further explained.

Accordign to Rigi, the Israeli or US agents said they would provide him with a list of names, addresses, and photos of people who they had to assassinate in Tehran as well as any other equipment and explosives they may need to carry out their operations.

He further pointed out that they had promised him very high sums for the overall project as well as specific amounts for each assassination.

Iranian security forces arrested Rigi while he was onboard a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan in late February.

Jundallah, which is based in Pakistan, has carried out numerous bombings, assassination attempts, and terrorist attacks in Iran, one of which killed at least 40 people in the southeastern city of Pishin.

After his arrest, the ringleader confessed that Western intelligence agencies supported his terror activities against Iran.

During the interview, Rigi also said that his activities were undoubtedly the result of "a mix of ignorance and hatred."


The King of Saudi Arabia has strongly criticized the country's intelligence officials for disclosing a secret document, which shows Riyadh has links with terrorist activities carried out by al-Qaeda in Iraq.

According to a report by Iraq's Buratha news agency on Friday, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz ordered a special committee to investigate the intelligence leak and inform him about those liable in the case.

Some 37 members of Saudi's intelligence service, accused of being behind the leakage of the confidential document, were also reported to have been arrested.

The condemnation by the Saudi monarch comes as the Iraqi news agency disclosed the amount of money transferred by Saudi government officials to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Saudi officials are also reported to send explosives and weapons to the terrorist groups.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Saudi National Security Council Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz is said to be the main guilty behind the case.

The report came as earlier last week, Saudi army officer Abdullah al-Qahtani was arrested in Iraq over charges of planning a terrorist attack during the upcoming FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

The Saudi national entered Iraq in 2004 and was involved in militant operations carried out by al-Qaeda.


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Anonymous said...


Please try and talk Nick round Lee, ask him to launch a leadership contest to clear the air, then Nick will find out his true support from those that count - the members.

British resistance

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin over the next 5 to 10 years things are going to get real interesting on an international scale, hang in there as we will need a strong leader to keep the party together in what could be history making times for nationalism.

to jump out the boat just now through dissapointment over the elections is madness.

You said years ago, it is not when the labour party fails that things will be interesting but when the Tories fail.

why not stick around and play this one out, i have a feeling you are right.

also dragging on in limbo for 3 more years does not help any party, take a look at Blair!

call a leadership election, put yourself forward and clear the air.

Then wait for the Tories to implode!

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is Nick stepping down, I feel I have lost all hope, Until someone was able to be Nicks equal and so far no one is, then why step down?

Nick needs to take a step back, and reconsider.

Simon Darby will be the new leader, but even Simon Darby admits he could not fill Nicks shoes.

Nick is a legend, he inspires people, not perfect no, but about as close as we can get.

Only two other pweople in the BNP have Nicks level of intelligence.

Lee Barns - too common to be excepted by the masses - unfortunately as he is a natural leader with foresight.

johnathan Bowden - too many whispers about his past that could lead to subversion(not sure if rumours are true and i oppologise if they aren't but that worries me and he also lacks charisma, something Lee has and Simon has, but Simon will get chewed up in most heavy debates, he misses open goals and that will lose us followers.

In short if Nick steps down we are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Why is Nick offering to go? He then gives the excuse that the BNP needs someone with less " baggage" at the helm. The baggage has never been the concern apart for the guardian readers ; it is more the own goals that are the problem.The Question Time poor performance is an example.
As to anyone who could do his job. Well that is difficult. Lee you come across as too aggressive to be honest, Brons is too old, Simon Darby is lacking in the leadership department and Bowden has a whiny voice . I only hope Collet who not only has loads of baggage but also comes across as weird and not very masculine doesnt decide to stand!

Chopper said...

Too Common Ha Ha....The Workin' Clarse can Kiss my Arse.

If the Queen's Mohel's have not got to him, he might still have the other to.