Sunday 9 May 2010

The Red Pill

The Generals are corrupt.


The CIA.

The death of the Corporate Media.

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Odin said...

You might find this interesting.

Adrian Peirson said...

A monster like this can't just be brought down and buried, it needs to be incinerated, vapourized, obliterated,

it isn't over.

If this is true, now is the time to increase our efforts because that is what they will be doing because they know they are facing defeat.

They will not go quietly into the night.

I see the Lib Dems and the Cons are thrashing out a coalition deal, I wonder what the odds are that all three leaders will decide to agree a Party of National Unity, placing us under a One Party State.

Purely for the benefit of the Nation and the British people in these ( deliberately engineered ) difficult times.

And that again, in order to maintain unity in this age of Global uncertainty, perhaps any talk of a further election would be destabilizing and further elections should be put off, at least until the Global crisis we face has been righted blah, blah blah blah,

well you can see what potential the NWO has to set up a One Party State here.

extant said...

Adrian, this is the Plan. It was written by the Socialists/Marxists and well documented that at one point they will remove Democracy; this is it, it is here.

The end game..