Saturday 29 May 2010

Is This What British Soldiers Died For

Is this what British soldiers died for in Iraq ?

It looks like American soldiers really have become the same fanatical nazis as some of the members of the IDF.

How the hell are we going to win the hearts and minds of Iraqi youth, and ensure they dont fall victim to Islamism, when verbally abusing young kids is seen as a laugh ?

Islamism is a meme that only infects and imbeds in a mind when that person has some sort of grievance or psychological injury - and this sort of behaviour merely ensures the Islamist meme is able to claim ever more new victims.

In order to eradicate the Islamist meme we must eradicate the injustices that feed the meme.

And that means confronting the US and Israel and the Zionists that control both the US and Israel and remove them from politics and the media - as the Islamist meme is spread and nourished by the atrocities committed around the world by the Zionists.

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