Monday 31 May 2010

Israel is run by Mentalists

Israel must be run by mentalists.

All they have done is incite more hatred against Israel and created more Jihadists.

Only the insane Zionists benefit from such stupidity as attacking ships carrying aid.

All they needed to do was blockade the port and allow in only one boat at a time and then unload the aid on the dock and check it all for weapons before they let it go out to the people of Gaza.

Job done.

But they attacked the boats.


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Anonymous said...

Stand by for a flood of holocaust related stories to be released in the next few days into the main stream media. This happens everytime that Israel commits an outrage agaisnt its indigenous people.

Adrian Peirson said...

At least the BBC reported a semi balanced view, they reported that people had been killed by the troops but these were being attacked by people with Iron bars, knives etc.

As usual, the little people on both sides, Israelis and Arabs suffer in this decades long war.

I think it could have been sorted long ago, The Rothschilds, reputed to be worth $500 Trillion could buy land fron three or four adjoining Arab countries for $1 Trillion, build settlements, housing and hospitals for the Palestinians, set up industries in that land.

That would leave only Jerusalem as a major problem.

The Sentinel said...