Thursday 6 May 2010

The Sham Election Over

The sham election is over.

The British people have been locked out of the polling stations whilst various criminals and colonists all over the country have conspired to abuse the postal vote to defraud our democracy.

The government stays in power.

The economy will continue to collapse.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will continue.

Political correctness will proceed apace.

Mass immigration will continue.

The puppet show has new puppets to please the crowd.

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media, propaganda and demographics said...

After seeing how many people still vote Labour and Tory after what they have done to this country it shows the power of the media and brainwashing in schools.

The people can be lead around like sheep, no one wants to risk saying the king has no cloths in case every one laughs!

I wonder how much longer they will be laughing when the austerity measures are brought in along with the ECO tax designed by the NWO marxists to destroy the middleclasses!

Greece didn't seem to happy!

But then this country has lost it's backbone.

We need all the propaganda methods we can muster!

Soundbites, slogans, education, we need our people to have more children, we need our people in high positions.

The people of Barking voted Hodge, by the next election they will be a minority at the point of no return, thats if they get another election other than the one party state panto the EU may still allow.

The iron curtain has come down, and this time we are on the inside.

Anonymous said...

Lee, thanks for everything you do and all the activists.

Gutted we didnt get a seat and that progress is slow, but i think the party is heading in the right direstion and learning from its mistakes, to simply field all the brave candidates we did and get the literature out is a massive achievement we should all be proud off.

we will learn from this.

Anonymous said...

Why did the BNP do so badly?

Who is the Simon Bennett - web bloke?

What happened to the BNP webiste and facebook page druing the election?

Why did the BNP lose so many deposits?

Adrian Peirson said...

I wouldn't want any major decisions made soley on the basis of anything I say but I repeat, the Media is all powerfull and one of the best ways of defeating this medium is through the use of DVD's.
A 3 Hr DVD can be packed full of information that the general public have absolutely no idea about.
The situation throughout Europe etc, Malmo, Gang rapes, the sheer number of state sanctioned abortions, plans to sterilise us that may already have been carried out.
The Use of agents to Block UVB.

Sunscreens cause cancer, they also block Vit D production by blocking UVB and reflourescing that absorbed radiation in the UVA deep within our skin.
You might think this a bit far fetched but that is Exactly what this research shows.

Not only that, isn't it amazing how Ozone Blocks UVB also, and what have they been trying to do for the past decades, Increase Ozone.

They have been telling us Ozone will protect us from Cancer, WRONG.

All of these things can be understood on the basis of a single premise, the intention to commit mass murder by stealth.

Note also this research shows that Ozone INCREASES Cancer risk, note the increase incidence in the High Ozone regions in the US.

Also note that VIT D and sun exposure both INCREASE Survival from Cancer.

Mass murder by stealth, something tells me the agenda behind Sunscreen, Ozone propaganda is to commit mass murder.

Also note that people of fair skin are at particular risk.

I fully appreciate the idea of this sounds ludicrous but as an engineer I was involved in fault diagnosis, the skill is in seeing a wide range of symptoms trying to deduce what single explanation can account for all of those symptoms.

In this particular case ALL of the above can be expalained by the single premise that someone wanted to commit mass murder by stealth.

Note also what Govt and Globalists tell us about how much Vit D we need.

They tell us We only need 200IU's of Vit D per day, this is their RDA, when in fact just a half hours whole body exposure to produces in our skin 10,000 IU's.

This ties in with Codex which seeks to limit our access to micronutrients like Vit D.

It also Ties in with Agenda 21 many commentators interpret this as a depopulation program.

Dr Edward Gorham

Again, a single explanation which explains all of the above on Ozone, Suncreeen proaganda, Vit D RDA's Codex, Agenda 21 is

a desire to commit mass murder.

You're the Lawyer lee but this looks to me like overwhelming scientific evidence.

Dr Shipman voted Tory. said...

Anon is right. It is a massive achievement that our party still exists after 60 years of brainwashing.
The very fact that we can field more candidates than before is a victory with all the repression.
The Tories only got 4% more votes this time than last, we got 2% more reported in the media which is probably not true.
We need to unite the Nationalist movement now, get all the ex activists back and then we will be stronger.

Anonymous said...

We have been slaughtered by the media Brit Haters

All the T.V. channels plus every British newspaper have made up lies and false stories to vilify the BNP

The time has come for all patriots to campaign to close down these hateful institutions of propaganda starting with the BBC

The main BNP policy should be to stop financing the BBC with taxpayers money and the end to the licence fees

Anonymous said...

The party is definitely heading in the right direction. Keep on going!

Anonymous said...

I agree with "media, propaganda and demographics@7 May 2010 00:12"

The real winner of this "election" was the media. I think all committed nationalists should be applying for jobs at the BBC, local newspapers, as script writers and other key institutions. That is where the influence lies. This is what that leftists have been doing since the 1960's.

And demographics: Imagine a BNP voting husband and wife having 10 children and raising them to be loyal nationalists by keeping them away from filth like MTV and the BBC. That would mean 2 BNP voters would multiply to 10 BNP voters in just 1 generation. The BNP could potentially increase its vote by a factor of 5 every generation! This is the kind of strategy the Muslims are employing and that's why the politicians are sucking up to them.

Here's a story of one couple wanting to reach 14 children. Inspirational stuff.

alanorei said...

If ever proof was needed of a sham election, the Barking and Dagenham council election results provide it.

They make no sense at all but they do scream 'corruption.'

Anonymous said...

It was a putsch by Israel utilzing the preening peacocks of the old hat parties.

Everyone knows it.