Monday 31 May 2010

If You Dont Like the EDL Join The English Shield Wall

I am sick and tired of do nothing, keyboard warriors moaning about the EDL.

At least the EDL are getting off their arses and getting active.

Here is an activist group you can join and get active on the streets if you dont like the EDL.

Join them.

Get active.

Take the streets back.

Just stop moaning all the time and doing fuck all.

But they wont - as the people attacking the EDL are useless, idle, pathetic spineless jellyfish that spend all their time sitting on their fat fucking arses moaning on the internet, and doing fuck all else but moaning.

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Russia Truth said...

Newcastle EDL video

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks mate.

Top man,


Anti-Globalist said...

They sound good, but they are not covertly approved of by the system and will not be given the hype of the EDL. The BNP still can't associate with any street movements because that isn't how our party does things. But as long as there is no BNP connection then it is fine.

This lot seem like they would agree with Arthur Kemp that (paraphrasing him) when someone tells you an Englishman is coming through the door and you see Frank Bruno, you ask "where is the Englishman?"

Anonymous said...

Well we now know what the REAL purpose of the EDL was.

Take a look at this

A hatred exposed

"The Guardian exposé of the English Defence League should now persuade Westminster to take anti-Muslim hatred seriously"