Saturday 22 May 2010

Obama Found Guilty

President Obama does not exist.

He is a construct of the CIA.

A fabrication, a facsimilie, a creation.

Some say he is the true Anti-Christ, who is not the enemy of the Church, but the serpent who represents the three heads of The Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths.

The Anti-Christ of the Church is different to the Anti-Christ of Christ.

The Anti-Christ that the Church condemns as Anti-Christ is of the true faith, whilst the Anti-Christ who opposes the true Christ will be heralded and welcomed within the three faiths.

Eschatology and Synchronity have become Actuality.

Obama is a product of the CIA, a servant of the Shadow Government, an agent of the demiurge, the whip hand for the super elite.

They just put a black face on the New World Order.

Just put a new wrapper on the same old shit.

Dr. James Manning's now-famous trial of Barack Obama in Harlem, New York has ended. The jury found Obama and Columbia University guilty on all charges.

The trial, however, unveils many more questions than it provides answers.

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais).

But first, a few observations are in order about the nature of this event.

Obviously the event was a 'public' rather than a 'court' trial. No court sanctioned it. The legality of public trials apart from court sanction has not been established. While the Constitution does, indeed, maintain that the ultimate power of government rests with 'we, the people,' and while a case can be made that under the 10th amendment the people, acting under the auspices of local and state authorities, can engage in certain acts of self-governance apart from the sanction and control of the federal government, it has not been established that any local entity in Harlem granted state or local legal status to the trial.

In that sense the trial and the verdict have no binding legal authority.

However, should a legal authority, a court, a law enforcement agency, an Attorney-General either at the state or national level, decide that the evidence presented at the Manning trial is overwhelming enough to launch a full investigation, then ultimately the results of the trial could carry the full weight of legal authority.

Dr. Manning has stated that he intends to present the evidence and the verdict to U.S. Attorney-General Eric Holder. At that point the ball will be in the 'court' of the Department of Justice. If no action is taken on the verdict, then there is not much further that can be done.

But if action is taken and an official investigation ensues, then perhaps the goal of this event will have been met. The problem is that under the present circumstances it is next to impossible for that to happen. Holder is Obama's choice and Congress is held in the grip of Obama's Party. End of story.

Serious, unanswered questions remain, however--questions that the trial did an excellent job of bringing to the surface.

These questions are as follows:

Why didn't Barack Obama have a Social Security Number issued in his name when he was first employed as a 14-year-old in Hawaii? Why was there such a long delay after his first job before an application was made for a Social Security Number? And why was he given a Connecticut Social Security Number previously used by a man born in the late 1800s, given that Obama never lived in Connecticut to begin with?

The first instance of Obama's use of the Connecticut number was when he started to work as a Community Organizer in Chicago--a very long way from Connecticut.

Further, why was Obama given a degree from Columbia University when no one in Harlem ever remembers him being there, and although witnesses have testified that he was never a student on campus? And the address given by Obama as the one that he used while a student in Harlem does not exist.

But perhaps the most telling question of all is, why did Obama use a Kenyan passport to travel to Pakistan in 1981? Wouldn't a U.S. citizen normally be given an American passport? It seems to be standard procedure--and the law--that passports are given only to citizens of the country in which they reside.

And what has the CIA got to do with all of this mess?

The fact is we may never know for sure unless somebody in authority in the government decides to investigate and discover the answers.

But one thing is for sure--Obama is an enigma, a shadow, a persona created out of the murky circumstances of his past, which is being carefully hidden. Why would it even need to be hidden?

These questions are disturbing to anyone who takes our Constitution and our way of life seriously. Our form of government, as delineated in the Constitution, is dependent upon the honesty and transparency of those who hold public office. And if a fraud is elected, a charlatan, a person who presents himself as something he is not, then the entire American system of government is in grave danger.

Better to err on the side of utmost caution than to glibly dismiss all of these questions as 'mere coincidences.' Coincidences do happen, no doubt, but this many and this often--all revolving around one man?

The odds are that the country is in grave danger.

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Russia Truth said...

Obama Crimes is the latest news on the cases of attorny Phil J. Berg concerning the eligibility of President B.H. Soetoro/Obama.

Obama Crimes .Com

Anonymous said...

apparently it's racist to ask why Obama has his birth certificate sealed away in Hawaii.
funny how that works isn't it......

Anonymous said...

Obama today talking to West Point graduates regarding the "international world order".

extant said...

After being in business for over 20 years, I now say firmly "there is absolute no coincidence"

I have had to many experiences to every believe in that word, something is always for a reason and when the word is used be aware !
We have a saying in the motor trade, "Story cars", there is always a nasty underlieing problem, when someone has to over explain something. The bigger the story the more you should be aware.

eg- My Grandfather gave it to me, he was old and forgetful and that's why the V5 wasn't passed on.

If it doesn't just fit into place, there is a serious problem. My main purchase name for the past 10 years "CAVEAT EMPTOR", Latin for Buyer beware"


LorMarie said...

Pastor Manning doesn't have much credibility. If Obama's citizenship were in doubt, he would not be president.

Anonymous said...

Has Obama's birth certificate turned up yet?....Donna

Russia Truth said...

LorMarie spouting typical nonsense. Barry Soetoro's (Obama) citizenship is in doubt, just happens to be that the entire US establishment and mainstream media suppress the fact, and have labelled anyone who questions his legitimacy as a "conspiracy theorist" (the usual strategy that the establishment uses to discredit genuine inquiry). Barry Soetoro is bought and paid for by the banks, and he is a puppet of the NWO.

Fact is Barry Soetoro has spent $2 million dollars fighting legal actions that request to see birth certificate and other records. Why not just present them? But hey, I guess Barry Soetoro likes buring millions of dollars because he has nothing to hide. lol.

Michelle Obama: Obama home country is Kenya

IS OBAMA - An ILLEGAL President? THE TRUTH about his citizenship!