Sunday 9 May 2010

Wise Up

It appears that the Equality Commission is taking action against the BNP at taxpayers expense.

At the same time the Electoral Commission, another tax payer funded group, are fighting another legal case against UKIP paid for by the tax payer.

The head of the Electoral Commission is a Labour appointed crony of Tony Blair.

The head of the Equality Commission, Trevor Phillips, is another Tony Blair crony appointed by the Labour Party.

It appears that the Labour government thinks the State should be used to target and shut down opposition political parties.

Isnt that the definition of fascism ?

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Anonymous said...

And still the persecution of the BNP continues, LJB. They're not going to leave the BNP alone, as the BNP is the only threat to the fascists at the EHRC and EC.
The media are only kicking up a stink about the Electoral Commision now because most of the other parties, particularly the smaller ones, and independent candidates, have probably had victory snatched from them by the deliberately-engineered voting fraud. If it had just been the BNP that had been disadvantaged by the widespread electoral fraud, then it would be swept under the carpet by the media. But because other parties'candidates have also been disadvantaged, that's why the Electoral Commission is now itself under the microscope, and about time too!
As for the EHRC, they should be had under the trade descriptions act. They're not interested in equality or human rights. They exist purely to deny the rights of the British people to be able to vote for a party that will rescue it from the abyss.

Anonymous said...

Isnt political oppression against the law, perhaps we should now try and get some BNP police surely the illegal ban is now lifted?

If not then court action and potential loss of earnings.

we need some counter claims, their must be some protections against this kind of thing.