Tuesday 18 May 2010

The Hidden German Holocaust

Warning Video is Graphic.


Public broadcaster Czech TV will screen a documentary film on Thursday entitled Zabíjení po česku, or ‘Killings Czech style’. It features unique footage of a massacre of over 40 ethnic Germans that took place in Prague in May, 1945, shortly after the end of the war. The authors say they want to draw attention to the atrocities committed on German civilians in post-war Czechoslovakia, though some historians believe this particular murder was carried out by Soviet troops

Before WWII, there were over 3 million Germans in Czechoslovakia - even more than Slovaks. The majority of them lived close to the German and Austrian border, and after 1933 these areas got overpowered by the nazis. In 1938, all of this territory ( the " Sudeten" was given to Germany by the Munich treaty (in which the Czechoslovakian government didn't participate at all ), which was supposed to calm Hitler down. It was a demand of the exiled president Benes, that after the end of the war, all Czechoslovak Germans need to be driven out (displaced) to Germany. It was approved by the Allies and became a part of the Yalta treaty. In the end, only about 50000-100000 Germans that could prove they were antifascists could stay in the country.

The "displacement" was organized by the Czechoslovak Army and " Revolutionary guards". The moving Germans had to leave all their possessions behind, except of a 20 or 25kg package of personal belongings. Needless to say that the soldiers and guard members didn't treat the German civilians nicely at all. There are several known big massacres, and in total about 100000 people died during the transport.

They even shot kids..................

Warning Video is Graphic.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Strange isn't it how certain bits of History and others paraded in our media time and again.
It's amazing, you can tae one incident, let's say someone being drunk and the media can portray it as a drink problem by showing it in every newspaper and TV news item.
Yet the deaths of hundredss of thousands of Germans get barely a mention.

The same is true of Serbia.

The same is true of Iraq, 1.2 million Iraqi's have ddied violently since our invasion, the bbc reports this only as 'thousands'

Maybe the BNP should do articles on mass media manipulation, in so doing they would be illustrating the media war against the BNP but how we are all being lied to and manipulated to our doom.

The Bankers and WWII

Anonymous said...

Theres no video here.

Defender of Liberty said...

There is , it just takes a few seconds to load.

I have just checked and the video is still online.

Anonymous said...

Wow if this was Jews being shot by Germans it would be on every news web site around the world and would probably make the top news on the BBC website . Dont expect it to be any other website Lee; You see we live in a matrix and news is what our bosses want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Fucking sick communist bastards, i have a 2 year old son, and to see that little lad in the video clinging to the lamp post watching his family die by that half track truck was just sickening.
Communism is an illness.

Anonymous said...

no, wait, i thought it was a small boy at the lamp post, sadly though its a man begging for his life, holding his hands up praying not to kill him.
at least we dont see him die, the bastard that killed him will have to live with that guilt for the rest of his life.

what a sick way to live.

Ade said...

Germany must Perish