Tuesday 11 May 2010

Interview on Majority Rights

I have done an interview with the Majority Rights site here ;


Excuse the sound quality on the file, my computer has a crap built in microphone that only works when you shout down it, so I had to raise my voice in order to allow the mic to pick up my voice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

That was a good interview and i thought your ideas are great. This must be the next step for Nationalism in this country.


Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks mate,

I appreciate that,


Anonymous said...


Just started listening, so far very impressed, the interviwer is also impressive.

I would like to take you up on one point however and that is the community activism angle.

While i think it is a good idea, it would have failed in the past and will fail in the future until their is no where for the British to hide and the british become a minority.

Immigrants set up groups as minorities in order to get a stronger footing for themselfs as a minority group, this has continued right up until they have taken over as a majority in some areas.

Minorities try harder to get representation, the Natives however always took it for granted that they had a majority and did not feel threatend as a group outside of the inner cities.

Where the bulk of natives simply move on.

on top of this we have the white guilt sydrone, and again this is built up from being a `safe` majority with people too scared to speak out as the race hate laws are so vague, and the media consensus pushing white guilt so hard that people shyed away anyway from achieving much community spirit basesd on ethnicity, they half brought into the multiculti propaganda in general outside of the effected areas.

what may happen however, is as times get tough and the Natives do see themselfs as becomming a minority with their country slipping through their fingers, then such a plan may start to work, and yes starting now is about the right time. not 40 years ago, for the reasons i have given.

will now listen to the rest - and thanks.

Anonymous said...

The interviewer was a very intelligent chap. He did make valid points with regard to the BNP though. When you look at the NF in France which is a very vilified party with no press support it still can make a strong showing in terms of votes because it has a lot of intellectual and professional support. I m sure thousands of professionals voted BNP last Thursday but until they can stick their head above the parapit they will kepp stumm. The BNP could help by being more professional in outlook and behaviour and Nick and the whole leadership need to keep this in mind.

Anonymous said...

poor excuse, you shout because that's the only way you know how, but I guess it keeps your grass roots happy.