Friday 21 May 2010

The Goddess

Now wanton in her dark infinity,
As a lustrous queen at midnight,
Ivory white, the blushing bride,
Naked now before her subjects,
Ascending as a shining seed,
Into the womb of nights delight,
Dancing now upon the dusk,
As the dying sun on Earths cusp,
In fire and fury, falls and dies,
And from the ashes her king arise,
Where his darkness is drifting in,
Whilst sheathed in silk of clouds,
As in whispers through a veil,
Her sacred beauty is revealed,
A goddess on her starry trails,
Casting streams of moonbeams down,
Hard upon the hoar froze earth,
The arrows from her huntress bow,
As haughty on her high sky throne,
She hunts anew the snow snarled hills.

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Anonymous said...


extant said...

I have to have that picture enlarged and framed, it is so tranquel.

extant said...

I know I am on the wrong page, but sometimes when you are in such a good place, you can have Evil flash blacks of alternate harsh dark reality; fkn yuck !

How much do you want to bet that Diane orrible ugly never be british Abbott is the next Labour leader.
This will show their their true credentials. Dont think for one second that they are beyond their own brainwashing; it will happen be the ultimate wet dream for the commie scum bags. If she is not elected I will be gobsmacked.

We should set up a bet blogg on Abbot, I would put almost anything on it.

Time for a stiff double ;o)

extant said...

Talking of the Goddess again, I didnt think that I would be proved so right by the Commie scum of their true Traitor credentials so fast.
check this out,copy and paste-

Dianne Abbott tipped to win Labour leadership race | Mail Online