Friday 28 May 2010

Have You Read the Arizona Law ?

Have you read the Arizona law ?

Dont be an muppet like the morons that call it a racist law.

Read it for yourself ;

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Ade said...

It may not matter that much according to some

Nuclear War

The new BNP said...

Some top quality posts today Lee, especially top trumps.

I just want to get back to the Ian D S piece you wrote and i want to say that this is the reason I was against the BNPs policy of workfare, as the system can easily be abused.

It creates a slave system, such as the workhouse system.

Yes slaves, there is a surplus of people with immigrants still flowing into the country and a two tier education system and lack of training that means these people have no where to go in the market that has an abundance of people.

So the goverment will do another YTS style sceme and pakage slavery as job creation, the slaves will be farmed out to private corporates at a captive extra low wage.

The corporates now get it all!

and even if the goverment employed them directly collecting litter etc, it does not address the underlying causes, and still creates state battery farmed from birth to death slaves.

They get the working class as slaves while the middleclasses get to abuse them, while all state run institutions are farmed out to unacountable `charities` for the political classes pals, yep Charles Dickens on corporate steroids here we go.

The obvious solution all along was the ending of immigration, meaning that people had to invest in our young and raise the wages of the working classes while reducing house prices due to a static demand making more of Britain more prosperous and with a higher std of living, rather than seeing billions going to the few.

The other option is the grammar schools, to raise working class communities and give the people hope.

yes all BNP policy, all good stuff, but drop the workfare and talk positive such as job creation and freeing the shackles from the working classes.

As we enter an age of authoritarianism, dickensian style poor and NWO corporate greed and slavery, it is time the BNP offered the alternative, not more of the same, in almost any regard, the NEW BNP have to be the antidote to the NWO corporatism, not singing from the same hym book, reinforcing their evil agenda. while the BNPs aims using such systems may not be as sinister, it is better to avoid all such reinforcing and the readdresss the issues in a position of power.

The new BNP 2 said...

Cont..Same goes for the Hitler youth Cameron announced and oddly enough the BNP applauded!

That is insane, the BNP welcoming a police state Hitler youth or snarks and sneeks and PC indoctrination along communist lines.

Bizzarre, we need to appose the NWO and their puppet parties on all fronts as you can be certain of one thing, none of it will benefit the people or the country.

seek to be the antidote on all fronts.

Lastly Lee, I have given some consideration about you as leader, the more i hear you the more i can see your approach as a radical alternative rather than simply playing the game, the system, why not confront it full on?

If not you then someone who will take it charging head on, not trying to sneek round the sides and someone with your energy and creativeness.

we need to start by doing all we can to increase our members, as mentioned about the price of membership, that has to be slashed, we will make back what we lost through the new members donations, we also need to mobilise the new larger BNP in protests.

people are inspired by size and strength we need to increase our sise and get our strength on display.

politics is a game of getting the sheep to conform, study conformity and you will have the keys to unlock the BNPs potentional.

You have to appear to be the big party, the growing party, the success story, popular, this is even more important than any ideology other than basic to the masses.

EVERYTHING must concentrait on that issue and the BNP need to have a full time propagandist to make sure this is conveyed at all time, in the leafelets in the posters, on TV at meeting, everywhere, that is key, break down the perceptions, young attractive women on posters - the whole works, this is what the others do and do well, the BNP are miles behind in propaganda terms, yet it is as important as the leaders role.

The new BNP

1. Get membership up, especially amoung the poor - lower the membership fee to £15. lost costs can be re gained from donations from new members.

2. Propaganda post based on positive images and conformity methods - look popular not isolated with the public - this is critical.

3. NWO, the authoritarian aspect of the NWO has to be confronted every step of the way, this is where we are headed so we need to be one step ahead of them which in turn means the other political parties, and offer the antidote, this again is critical make a new post for this and put someone like yourself or Adrian in its place.

4. Radical confrontation of the media and political class, Unions etc, no more Mr Nice guy, it looks weak not nice - the idea is to portry the party as loved, the other politicians as hated and attack them on their records and their racism, i have rarely seen Nick attack others as being the racists and traitors that they are.
opposing the rascism and treachery of the mainparties has to be core tothe party at press events, 40 years ago everyone would have called them all traitors, today hardly a whisper. remember that while we do not have the media driven consensus, we have the chance to create it, you will not create it by playing by their rules, you have a platform - use it.