Tuesday 11 May 2010

The Ugly Sisters Democracy

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Andraste said...

Great stuff Lee. Looking forward to next installment! (Unfortunately I can't upload it to my Youtube account because Youtube have suspended my account for 2 weeks)

Anonymous said...

Nice one, enjoyed that Lee.

Wolfblood said...

I love it mate! ;-)

Al Scott said...

Excellent - more audio blog-casts please.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Lee you should do some RWB BNP radio?

After listening to your interview complete, I found it interesting, I was most pleased that you had a better grasp of the NWO than the host, who appeared to be about 5 years behind everyone else.

The only suggestion i would make would be to slow doen a little as you sound a little rushed which makes you sound a little on edge.

But I too am sick of the arm chair snipers at the party.

The next move forward is to make strategic plans in relation to how politics is going, this means the NWO and totalitarian control.

The BNP could place itself in the perfect position to counter this but it will need to make itself heard on all the issues BEFORE they start raising their ugly heads.

In short it is a gift to us if only we will pick the ball up and run with it.

This mainly means the promotion of liberties and the exposure of the corrupt banking system and the people behind it.

It will start to resonate when we end up like greece, we need to be their with the ready made answers so the people are calling for us.

The BNP must promote russia today to break the NWO consensus said...

Lee i also think we should promote the alternate media especially Russia Today, a friend of mine recently said he couldnt listen to the BBC ITV SKY propaganda anymore and got Russia today, more real news on their in one day than in a whole month of the BBC.

Plus they have Nick on there and give him a fair shake, as well as people who expose the corrupt NWO.

Every BNP supporter should get it - I'm serious the impact could be huge, you were just saying in the interview that no one trusts the media - point them to real media, that can inform them.

we must take on the media in this way, we could make 90% of NWO propaganda redundant as word spreads.

how do we promote it, not sure but certainly get Nick on their as much as possible, link daily to a good story that they post on Youtube.

promote it in newsletters.

most people make their `informed` decisions and their perception of reality through the news - make sure they get an untainted one.

we cannot afford to waste anymore time.