Friday 28 May 2010

Fuck Chelsea FC

It looks like Chelsea have embraced racism by deliberately excluding local white and black kids from this scheme.

And yet you mugs still follow football and pay your money to the corporate wankers that have killed the spirit of football.

Football is now a game for corporate puppets.

Mugs the lot of you.

So much for talent being the only skill you need to get on in football, now its all about politically correct racism and hitting the right demographics to ensure the maximum amount of money can be made for the directors of the football teams.

Thats why they want asian footballers to attract asian football fans so they can get asian money.

Mugs, the lot of ya.

Chelsea's initiative of trying to find an Asian football star will see them hold trials between 29 and 31 May.

It is the scheme's second year and six players will get the chance to win a week-long trial at the club's academy.

The tournament is open to Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi players aged between eight and 13.

"This is a huge opportunity to come to Chelsea and enjoy the best coaches and the best training ground,' said Blues boss Carlo Ancelotti.

"Everyone with a love for the game should sign up and see what they can do.

"It will be great fun and a good way to make new friends and who knows, perhaps one day we will see one of them at Chelsea."

Chelsea launched the first project of this kind last year and have increased the number of places available on the week-long trial from three to six.

I came home from school and my mum said she had signed me up for a competition...I went along and ended up winning it

Jordan Sidhu

The Stamford Bridge outfit had 350 participants at their Cobham training ground in 2009, with two of the winners having been signed by Southend United and Leyton Orient.

"My life has changed quite a bit after winning the trials," Jordan Sidhu, who was signed on a youth contract by Southend United, told BBC Asian Network.

"I'm now playing a high standard of football and am happy that I've got a chance to realise my dream of becoming a professional footballer."

The youngster explained that he only entered because of his mum.

"I came home from school and my mum said she had signed me up for a competition," he added. "I didn't expect anything from it but I went along and ended up winning it.

"The trials are very good because they are a lot different from what I was used to. There were big training grounds, nice facilities and I met Florent Malouda, Petr Cech, Nicolas Anelka and other Chelsea players.

"At first I was a bit starstruck, but I got used to it."

Chelsea have teamed up with Asian Media Group, Kick It Out and bhangra singer Jaz Dhami to help get the Asian community involved.

"I have been working very closely with a number of sporting bodies in encouraging more Asians to get involved in football," said Dhami.

"I want to help break down boundaries and encourage more Asians to get involved in the game."

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