Sunday 30 May 2010

Facing Up To Reality

One of the strange things I have noticed about some Nationalists is their ability to pretend reality is not reality and to live in denial.

For instance the way that some Nationalists attack the EDL for having ethnic minority people attend its events, and then in the same breath they say they support the BNP.

Its as if the fact the BNP is no longer a Whites Only party since the Constitution has been changed, has not occurred.

The BNP constitution has been changed and it is no longer a whites only party, so people better be prepared to see non-white people not just join the party but attend meetings, be officers of the party and stand in elections.

Thats reality.

The Constitutional changes of the BNP, which I had nothing at all to do with in relation to the drafting up of the new constitution nor its formulation in relation to its legal logic, ensures that the BNP is not a whites only party, and also that if the BNP sought to stay a whites only party then sooner or later it would be sued either by a legitimate disgruntled ethnic minority member or by an infiltrator determined to cause the party legal problems.

Therefore the BNP, like the EDL, is going to become a multi-racial organisation.

So to attack the EDL for being multi-racial is simply absurd.

In fact the EDL are in fact a type of 'model' for the BNP to follow.

The EDL as a group are of immense historical importance, though I doubt they are aware of why that is.

Nor are many other people aware of why that is.

Since the era of mass immigration the influx of immigrants into the UK have been brought here not to be integrated into British society and transformed into British citizens with a proud British Nationalist mindset, but they have been brought here to act as a mechanism to dilute nationalism, they have been taught to despise Britain as racist, to regard British history as offensive and British Nationalism as something to reject.

This is why we have Colonisation in our country, not integration.

Integration would have required immigrants to adopt British culture, respect British laws and become proud British citizens with a British Nationalist mindset.

What we have seen instead is what I call Liberal Multi-Culturalism - which is the present evil system which teaches non-white British citizens to have a chip on their shoulder about racism, to regard British History as racist and to reject British Nationalism and to work only for the interests of their own community and not the nation as a collective.

This has led to some ethnic minority people, such as the 7/7 bombers, to hate Britain and the British people - even though they were middle class, well educated, had been to universities and never experienced any racism.

Liberal Multi-Culturalism taught them to hate Britain and the British people.

Liberal Multi-Culturalism run by the Far Left and liberals has exploited ethnic British citizens and used them as a way to undermine British Nationalist values and to embrace a sense of ethnic and racial grievance, to adopt insular ethno-communalism instead of integration and feel a sense of perpetual contempt for the indigenous British people, hence the year on year rise in race attacks against whites in Britain.

Liberal Multi-Culturalism has destroyed British social cohesion.

Instead of Britain asking immigrants to abandon their previous identities and adopt a British one, integrate into our society instead of being colonists and to work for the interests of Britain instead of just their own racial / religious community - we have allowed them to come here and be given British citizenship and yet remain here as colonists.

This was done simply to ensure the immigrants voted only for the Left and Liberals - and that they rejected Nationalism.

This is why you have third generation immigrants in the UK who still support mass immigration, even though they know that it is destroying British social cohesion.

They say 'we are 100 % British' and then still vote on the basis of their ancestors immigrant status.

As I have said many times before, the day that third or second generation immigrants say 'immigration has to stop' is the day that I will believe they are integrated British citizens who put the interests of Britain before their own personal history or community identity.

These people say 'I am British' and then vote and act on the basis of their race / religion etc which contradicts that position totally.

If you are British then you vote for, and stand for, the interests of all the British people and not just your own community or because of your grandad's immigrant status.

But the EDL have changed this.

They have initiated what I call Nationalist Multi-Culturalism, which is the process whereby ethnic minority British citizens are taught to be proud to be British, to reject the left and liberalism, to respect British Nationalist values and to put the interests of all the British people first instead of just their own ethnic or religious community.

This is of immense historic importance.

The failure to Nationalise immigrants, has led to the breakdown of a cohesive British society.

Multi-culturalism is a form of voluntary apartheid, has led to ethnic ghettoes all over our country, created the race problems we see in British society, has led to vast swathes of Britain being colonised by unintegrated groups and British Nationalism becoming a despised ideololgy in supposedly immigrant British citizens.

Nationalist Multi-Culturalism rejects Liberal Multi-culturalism and demands integration and seeks to nationalise immigrant British citizens - it is what America used to do when it made all immigrants reject their past and embrace a future simply as Americans.

Note that the Liberal Multi-culturalists now call blacks in America - African Americans rather than simply Americans - in order to divide America up into racial groups who vote on the basis of their identity and sense of racial grievances rather than for the benefit of all Americans and America as Americans would do.

Liberal Multi-culturalism has in effect reversed the civil rights struggle totally - the blacks in the 1960's that fought for the right to be called simply Americans, now demand to be called African Americans - and in effect have re-ghettoised themselves on the grounds of their race.

This has divided America on racial grounds and allowed the Left and Liberals who peddle white hatred and racial grievances in the educational system to dominate the debate on American identity.

This form of Liberal Multi-culturalism has been taught to people in the schools simply for the benefit of the race relations extortionists, the left and liberal politicians and the proffesional 'community leaders' who self designate themselves as the leaders of a racial community simply for profit and career promotions.

Liberal Multi-culturalism has in effect broken America up into competing ethnic and racial groups, and transformed Americans into competing communities.

America is now ready for a racial civil war as a result of Liberal Multi-Culturalism.

This has been done simply to profit the far left and liberals.

This is why the EDL is so important.

British Nationalism, like the Liberal Multi-culturalists, has never sought to invite in ethnic minority people and encourage them to be British Nationalists.

This has led to them being as exploited by the left and liberals and them being used as the mechanism to break down Britain into competing communities - whilst simultaneously denying only one group, the indigenous British people, the right to also organise as a community to protect our community interests in the Liberal Multi-cultural society.

The EDL though are reaching out to ethnic minority people and seeking to Nationalise them, and hence to form a cohesive model of a Nationalist Multi-culturalism to replace the Liberal Multi-Cultural Model.

This is also what the BNP must do.

We must say to ethnic minority people ' we do not stand for assimilation, but integration - in that we are all British citizens who are proud to be British, we all put the interests of our country first, we each can work for the benefit of our Britain as well as our own communities and that we each face the same enemies and threats - political correctness, liberalism, Zionism, Islamism and social breakdown leading to racism, crime, unemployment and poverty'.

If there is a racism problem in British society then it has been caused by the dominant political and social ideology of our age - Liberal Multi-cultursalism and not British Nationalism.

British Nationalism is inclusive in that we are all British and are united under the Union Jack, whilst Liberal Multi-culturalism divides us all into racial groups and sets us all at each others throats seeking an ever dwindling slice of the cake for our own racial communities.

Nationalist Multi-culturalism demands that we all work together for the benefit of our nation, not just for our own racial and religious communities.

This is also something the BNP must do, because very soon we are going to have ethnic minority members who will taking on leading roles in the party.

And if we havent prepared the membership for this, and got the ideological position clarified, we are going to experience real legal problems.

Therefore members of the BNP attacking the EDL for them having ethnic minority members are simply in denial, and they need to get their heads around the fact that the party has changed its constitution and that we must start to develop the ideological principles that this change requires.

Nationalist Multi-Culturalism is the model to follow if the BNP is to stay legal and stay in the game of the British democratic political process. .

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waiting for the croc to eat you last said...


You fail to understand we are not a minority yet, we still have hope we do not have to be a total sellout other than where we need to fit in with the law, yet to then praise such a move is singing the tune of your own destruction undermining the core aim of the party, Nick thank heavens does not do this, yet you are eager to capitulate regardless of how ironic and self defeating it is.

May I suggest you join another organisation, if you believe that the multi culti embracing of the party was nothing less than addressing the legal requirements, Nick has already said this was unavoidable and regretable.

Basically put you have sold out, either you are not a real nationalist or you think this will be the key to success going the way of the paper Brit. you have NO cause the second you `embrace` the multi culti aspects as the EDL and UKIP do.

The second NIck or any other leader capitulates as you have done while we are still a large majority then i suggest you are not a fit member of the BNP.

As all the capitulation in the world will bring you NOTHING but destruction.

and please give the Nazi shite a rest, you again speak the language of our enemies undermining the cause, no one gives a crap about the Nazis rather than a handfull of cranks who you seem obsessed with - only you!

YOU elevate their status.

Now I know you will wriggle your way through this, choosing isolated parts and straw man with more bollocks ignoring the core agenda of the BNP and redefining it into something it isnt using side issues the BNP could not avoid to support your argument as you already have.

You can call me what you want, but embracing the core agenda of what the BNP stand against - which ALL the BNP have as a core believe, you can pretend otherwise and I say to you watch the BNP die should they follow your agenda orf propagandising multicult - yes i know the separate definitions and so do you, so let's not play games on the meaning of the word. you come accross as weak and dishonest, not fit to hold up the banner of Brits.

Nick knows this only too well which is why he does not play the game you would like to play.

Now perhaps you should get back to SF and obsess over a small group of reds and other nutters as this seems.
you would do well to head the words of John Tyndal who it appears had a better overview of nationalism than you ever will, here he exposes weakness, and the futility of capitilation, other than remaining within the law.

Lets face it Lee you have become weak, a victim of their brainwashing playing by their rules, people are not imspired by your weakness.

weakness and capitulation inspires inspires no one said...

Lee you can talk such bollocks at times, you should be on question time as you would fit in perfectly with the rest of the maggots selling out their core values.

you talk the talk of the mainstreme, you do their job for them, you use their definitions and demonise any real alternative ideology, I hope and pray such sellouts never become leader as you are simply feeding the crocadile hoping you will be eaten last.

The BNP were forced against it's will to except a multi culti membership, as you said they had no choice yet we all know what the BNPs agenda is and that is still stated in its constitution, which is now under threat, something it appears you will be more than happy to see destroyed given your eagerness to propagandise the `reality` of the multi cult as an unavoidable situation, in short you offer NO alternative when such a system is embraced, you become the mainstreme enemy of the Brits and racially attack Brits through your selling out.

You can talk all you like about other aspects of nationalism but once you embrace the multi culti issue you are NOTHING, you may as well close shop now.

Now if you as Nick griffin says simply had to and that this move is regretable then that is an understandable position yet the way you approach this Lee i find disgusting and a racist attack in itself against Brits, next you will be writing your racist hate for the guardian.

There is a huge difference between the stated goals of the BNP and that of the EDL in the position of multi culti, however it appears not in your mind, where you racial attack and marinalise true [atriots as it does not fit in with your mainstreme plans. - some radical you are, you are the system you claim to despise and a traitor to your people.

So The EDL shows NO such agenda to protect the native Brits, but encourage multi cult not reluctantantly as a legal requirement!

Now lee if you want to become South Africa or the balkans (listen to any speech by Arthur Kemp and you will realise just where we are heading, demographics is all and that demographic is expanding regardless of immigration and actively embracing a multi culti society as you do, yes i know you will wriggle out of that one claiming you are against multi cult societies, yet recently ironically you praised such multi cult comminities for their strength!

Again you are heading towards a south africa which is relatively free of Islamists, which is more than enough to satify the EDL! It will see you destroyed, you are now positivly undermining your own cause - whatever that was, their seems to be confliting views coming from you on an almost daily basis! back peddling to the NWO tune, at which point you no longer serve the interests of nationalists.

Defender of Liberty said...

You really are stupid arent you.

Its not what you think you daft twat, its what the law says that matters.

The party new constitution is a binding legal document, not a joke.

Here we see another nationalist onanist living in their bubble ignoring reality and blah blah blah until they go blue in the face.

The article I wrote states the reality idiot, not what I want.

If you think telling the truth to morons like you = weakness, then you are an even bigger fool than you appear.

Weakness would be silence.

Weakness would be telling lies.

Weakness would be seeking the applause of idiots like you rather than seeking the thoughts of forward thinkers.

Tyndalls dead.

The BNP constitution he created no longer exists.

We either folded and packed up or we evolved - and the members voted to evolve, unlike you, so pretending its 1982 forever aint an option moron.

You dumb fuck - we already have sikhs, blacks, jews etc in the BNP and we are already as multi-racial as the EDL !


If you think radicalism is a tiny group of race obsessed conspuracy theorists on an internet forum doing fuck all and going nowhere - then you are truly one of the world great fools.

You are not wanted in the BNP, people like you are the ones who will cause us huge amounts of legal problems - as you reject reality.

The idea that we can be a mainstream political party with ethnic members and ethnic officers, like Rajinder Singh already is, and still play games - then you are a political liability.

I am not a BNP member.

I did not vote for the constitutional change as I was not entitled too - the membership did, not me.

The members bear responsibility for the constitutional change not me - as I never voted for it.

Do you get that moron - the fucking members voted for the constitutional change NOT ME.

My input on the issue was not used.

The constitution we have today is the product of one person - Nick Griffin.

If you think the BNP will be able to play stupid games and one hand invite in ethnic minority members, have them as officers and candidates and still be an whites only organisation promoting white rights only - then you are fucking mental.

You are one of the idiots that think that the BNP can stay as it was before the constitution changed - oh dear.

The constitution is the party.

The ethnic members are now BNP members.

There are now ethnic minority party officers.

Pretending it hasnt happened is pathetic.

Grow up you dick.

This is about looking for a way forward that allows us to retain our principles and still function as a party.

Fools like you are too stupid to be involved in nationalist politics.

You are a fucking liability not an asset.

If you think Nick is playing games, then think again.

Nick wants the party to grow and that means recruiting both white and non-white members and others want the money that those members will bring in.

The members voted for the constitutional change.

I did not draft up the new constitution, someone else did.

All I am doing is saying its time for fools like you to wake up and smell the fucking coffee you mug.

Anti-Globalist said...

The Liblabcon and all the multiracist parties are an example of civic nationalists. Almost everyone who voted for them believed all their civic nationalist spiel about how they want to do what's best for Britain. The BNP can never swim in the same water. The BNP can only ever be THE BRITISH NATION - blood and soil. Without the BNP the nation itself is lost. If the party is forced to nominally obey treasonous laws to remain an entity then so be it. And I confirm that the leadership of the BNP are fully pledged to remain true to ethnonationalism. Just ask them.

Defender of Liberty said...

The BNP is not civic nationalist, as civic nationalism in todays society is about globalism and an end to nations.

The BNP is a BRITISH NATIONALIST PARTY - that means we can accept those who wish to live as British Nationalists.

We endorse British Nationalism, not civic nationalism or Nazism.

If you want National Socialism fuck off and join the British Peoples Party.

Blood and Soil is NAZISM.

British Nationalists fought the Nazis in something called WW2 - remember it ?

You need to wake up and smell the coffee mate, as if you think the BNP can have ethnic minority officers, ethnic minority members and be a National Socialist party then you are - to be frank - fucking delusional.

The constitution was changed in such a way that any attempt to keep the BNP as a whites only party will fail.

The members voted for that change, not me.

Wake up man, for fucks sake.

As for what certain officers party may think, then they are to be frank delusional as well if they think the BNP can only promote the interests of whites.

They would do well to read the new constitution, undertake a simple legal studies course and realise that the constitution is a contract and that all members have rights under that contract when they join.

And if they voted for the new constitution then they created that situation - not me.

extant said...

Well said Lee, I will second all of that .

I stood up in a packed BNP meeting 3 years ago and asked for us to consider allowing other groups, i.e. 3rd or 4th generation immigrants who want to keep Britain British and are damn proud of their right to be British.
Everyone thought I was a hard line lefty for a while, I was slightly ignored for about 6 months, but fuck it, it had to be said.
I respect both sides of the argument, but we need fast action now, if we don't get our act together, in a further generation when we are finished..
I could smell the distinct inevitable change, there is no going back, not completely anyway ;o

We must march on without the slugs !!

Those who can only see their tip of their nose , will never see what we can ,nor will they understand how to be a winner , sometimes takes a man to take 2 steps back and only then we can take 40 real hard steps forward.

Take how you want,I don't care; but I have been a winner all my life in anything ive put my heart into,its easy ,"you must be hungry for it, like you are for the air you breath"

There is no depth to where I will not sink to get what I want , there is nothing I will not do for as long as it takes to get it. It would pay some people of who believe they are some what of an Authority, to remember it well !

Fuck pride, fuck so called principles; they are an insecure mans crutch that we don't need, least of all right now.
We need to carefully navigate a strategic organised and decisive order, without imbeciles trying to take us back to nowhere.

No one will ever know what I'm thinking,nor will you ever know what Lord Chatham is thinking, least of all what people like us write ;o)
The only single issue you can rely on, Is the loyalty to the cause no matter what.


Anonymous said...

Lee, I don't quite understand what it is you are saying. Are you saying the BNP should become civic nationalists? Are you going to do a Sarkozy on us and demand that we breed with the immigrants "for the good of the country"?

Are you saying that the Muslims should stop being Muslims? Are you saying that the Jews should give up their Jewish identity?

I don't think that telling them to give up their identities would be a very liberal sounding thing to do. You would meet stong resistance from both communities.

There is confusion around the word "multicultural". It means different things to different people. Please clarify what it means to you.

I used to be very anti-multicultural. But now I'm starting to warm to it. I think New Labour actually got it just about right apart from the mass immigration bit. The support for mass immigration was the bit they got wrong. VERY wrong.

I think immigrant communities should be encouraged to celebrate their own identities. They should speak their own languages, not English. They should have such a strong sense of their own identities, that it would be unthinkable for them to marry outside their own group.

Because at the end of the day, that is all that matters to me: Stopping miscegenation. Erecting cultural barriers is helpful to this. You seem to be saying that you want to reduce cultural barriers. Which would be a disaster and tantamount to genocide as defined by the UN.

So Lee, are you against genocide as defined here:

Encouraging immigrants to be insular and to stay within their own communities is an easy sell, because it's very liberal sounding thing and is what Labour have been doing since 1997 anyway.

Yes to separation.
No to integration.

What I want multiculturalism to mean: Insular communities that have very little to do with each other and most certainly do not interbreed with each other.

Russia Truth said...

The reality is quite simple: the BNP crafted a constitution that ensured that the party remained legal, yet maintained (as much as possible) devotion to core principles. Now, these stupid fucks who can't get their feeble brains around the legal reality are, quite simply, fucking retarded. Look, no mmatter how much one wants to harp on about John Tyndall or whatever, that's all well and good, but if you are interested in ensuring that the BNP remains a viable proposition then the reality is as Lee has said.

Why is this so hard to understand? What is the problem? I don't get why some people, supposed nationalists, can't grasp this - it's so fucking simple.

It's like the twats in the NF who make much of the BNP "selling out" - er,no, the BNP has been attacked and had to change the constitution because we are a serious threat to the establishment. The NF are a joke, and do not threaten the establishment therefore they are not attacked by establishment organs.

as Lee wrote: face up to reality - for fucks sake!

Anonymous said...

So what exactly is this thing you call "British Nationalism" if it is not the same as civic nationalism? How do they differ?

I thought British Nationalism was supposed to be ethnic nationalism for those of British ethnicity.

Adrian Peirson said...

A good idea on what the Globalists are up to might be gleaned from research carried out by Dr John Coleman.
Any chance his works could be sold by BNP.

A good example might be his recent 4th edition release, the Committee of 300, someone posted a youtube vid a while ago and I've been looking into this guy, he seems like he's really done his homework on the New World Order and spent years of research in the Off limits section of the British Library and from his inside knowledge of MI6 and other contacts.

One of his most important works is on the Tavistock Institute on human relations.
It is the Tavistock institute which will be ultimately directing the Psychological warfare aimed at our people, for example the AntiBritish propaganda spouted by the BBC etc through programmes like Big Brother, The Jeremy Kyle show, Road Wars, EastEnders etc etc etc

The Tavistock Institute

The best way to beat Tavistock and their agenda is Exposure, such exposure will open the publics mind to just how devious and evil the Establishment really are.
Exposing Tavistock and its agenda to the people is key to defeating the NWO.

Other info on
Dr John Coleman

Would the BNP be able to stock these books, I tried Weatherstones bookshops today and it was not listed by them, yet these are very famous books and easy to find on the net.
You get the same thing at local Libraries, try asking your local library for 'Endgame'.

Anonymous said...

Britain is a union not a nation, the English, Scottish and Cymru nations have a right to candidates of their own nationality.

That is nationalist reality.

The BNP constitution is not our nations constitution.

The new BNP said...

The BNP should offer a box to tick on membership that joins them up to solidarity as a year long memer, this is a good way to get membership up and that would give the union some clout, as it stands 500 people is not going to get the results that are needed such as more serious legal challenges, regarding the police and others.

These challenges are critical in breaking down the BNP stigna that is holding the party back.

It is vital the BNP challenges more political oppression than it currently does, all the while the state can intimidate our member then membership will be limited, why this has not already been challenged since the constitution has been changed is a mystery.

The new BNP need to sort this with immidiate effect, if not then the BNP will be trying to ride a donkey in the grand national, hoping to win.

Is it possible Nick could apply to join the prison service and while he would reject any offer he could challenge any political oppression using his considerable EU salary, getting the ban overturned and potentially getting help for expenses through defending himself as a constituent of the NE?

if not Nick then perhaps Adam walker himself with the help of the party, with you being a legal adviser Lee, what are your thoughts on the subject, clearly a win would be a massive victory to the BNP.

Something must be done and within the next 6-12 months.

otherwise you are going no where fast an we dont have any more time, this should have been a priority long ago.

Adrian P said...

Here's a very interesting read on the Tavistock Institute's involvement in the deliberate Destruction of Western Civilization.

An excert from Dr John Coleman's book

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

extant said...


The immigrant is not really the Enemy,they are being used as the tool.
The Bastards holding the cards are the true enemy to us all, including the enemy of the immigrant.
We need to remove our hearts from our sleave and think ahead..

Anti-Globalist said...

History teaches that almost all civilisations have fallen due to integrating with other races. We will not be an exception.

Defender of Liberty said...

Actually, as Will Durant said " A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within".

All civilisations fall when they are run by traitors who import in foreign labour and who then use them as slaves whilst trying to keep themselves as an elite eg South Africa - therefore our aim must be to take power, remove all the illegals and use British culture to integrate the legal ones.

It is demographics that in the end destroys civilisations, so we must take power and reverse that process by deporting all the illegals and ending all future immigration, at the same time as making the immigrants who are here legally into nationalists and patriots who defend Britain and British culture and encouraging our own people to have more kids.

That way we avoid the collapse.

Anonymous said...

Blood and Soil

BUT at then at end of this is what matters that is what matters

for Both are being destroyed and it will thus destroy us