Saturday 15 May 2010

Football is for Mugs


Anonymous said...

Well said, I agree with just about every word of that.

Anonymous said...

When I said this years ago I was laughed at and branded a racist. Football is just another industry that foreigners invest in to make a quick profit.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee.....Donna

Anonymous said...


My local labour MP (who I stood against recently in the General election for the BNP) supports the local (foreign owned) football club and as in Parliament mentioned them and their 'dire financial state'.Bloody tough, I say , but then The the MP in question likes to get his perks from said football club.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the football industry will disappear up its own arsehole. It is one of the most credit and debt dependent industries going with overpaid prima donna shallow wanker footballers and their pay masters. Alice in Wonderland money, yet it has shown no signs of crumbling yet.....

One can see it as part of the 'circus' in our bread and circus. Is it no surprise that the premiership is sponsered by Barclays Bank?

I shall be amused if the South African world cup, maybe, descends into a crime fest, robbed and attacked fans etc, seeing that is what many blacks do best.


Anonymous said...

You have a point LJB, would the two black team-"mates" of Wayne Brown have taken offence if they'd been approached by Operation Black Vote?
NO WAY should Wayne Brown apologise for whoever he chooses to vote for!!
If there are any patriotic Leicester fans reading this, chant a positive message for Wayne Brown the next time he plays (as long as he doesn't back down and grovellingly apologise in the meantime).
You recently urged the BNP to extend it's grass-roots network, and to engage with the local community more.
Even though they are at present totally misguided in their fervent support of multinational globalist football teams, if the average football fan can be diverted from supporting their usual footie team, and instead start to support genuinely local teams, then that would create opportunities for local up and coming talent.

Anonymous said...

I hope that footballer sues them for poliotical oppression/bullying in the work place and the fans would boycot all following matches, but being the easily manipulated braindead cretins that they are, they will suck it down like good sheeple.

But yes lee, Football ahs been deliberately turmed into the NWO propaganda showpiece for the working classes,

The EDL are proof of that, they support being ethnically cleansed and disadvantaged as long as it is not one particular group!

as Lee would say - MUGS!

Anonymous said...

Wayne Brown for England captain!