Wednesday 19 May 2010

EDL Documentary

What the EDL needs to understand is that the media are weapons of the Establishment, and the Establishment have surrendered to the Islamists in the name of political correctness.

Though they have surrendered our country to the Islamists, the Establishment will also fight to the death Nationalists, Patriots and anti-Islamists.

That is because the Establishment are traitors.

Therefore co-operating with the media to produce documentaries is merely providing them with the ammunition to attack you.

The aim of the EDL must not be to try and court the media and gain the media's support as it isnt going to ever happen, so the aim of the EDL must be simply to stay a protest group and oppose Islamism and Islamists.

Anyone stupid enough to hurl racist abuse at a public event which is being filmed by the police, must be regarded as a liability and removed from the events.

Such people only serve the interests of the media.

It was good to see the stewards dealing with this.

The problem of Multi-Culturalism is that it has weakened the cohesion of the indigenous White community, as well as brainwashing many young ethnic kids into hating Britain.

The EDL must Nationalise integrated, British kids of all ethnic backgrounds and get them prepared to resist the coming Jihad - for the Islamists wont just target whites in the coming struggle.

Islamist bombs when they explode on our streets do not differentiate on the grounds of race or colour.

Shrapnel from an Islamist bomb kills all races and colours.

The Islamists when they undertake the struggle for power will do as they have done in nations across the world, from Israel, Aghanistan to Algeria, from Indonesia, Pakistan, Kosovoa to Chechnya and target all their traditional enemies as well as White Christians etc - and that includes moderate Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, jews and Black Christians etc

Therefore the EDL must allow ethnic kids to become Nationalised in order for them to be able defend themselves, and their communities, in the future.

It wont just be Whites hanging from the lamposts if the Jihadists took control of our nation - we would all hang alongside each other, black and white, Christian, Jew and Sikh.

Our government has sold us all out by surrendering to the Islamists - black and white, Christian, Jew and Sikh we have all been betrayed by the traitor politicians that run our nation.

The EDL must prepare our youth to resist the Jihad, to prepare them for the coming storm - to sow the seeds of national unity in the hearts and minds of our youth, so that when the time comes and the call goes out, we will stand as one, as all communities united under the Union Jack in order to resist all those that would seek to turn our country by force into an Islamist state under Sharia Law.

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Russia Truth said...

The main EDL website seems to be experiencing problems of late. But I have found this EDL website which seems very well updated.

EDL - Macclesfield Division

Adrian Peirson said...

And perhaps sooner than we think, given that our military strategists cant gave predicted 1.2 violent iraqi deaths nor the birth defects caused through the use of depleted uranium munitions, perhaps they did anticipate this, who knows.
Going back to the Shrimpton video, I wonder if they have considered what the 50 million muslims in Europe will do when Israel attacks iran and syria as suggested by Shrimpton.
And who the russians will then side with.

All this is due to happen before the olympics.

Adrian Peirson said...

The EDL better hurry, the Commies are not content with
200,000 abortions per year

They are ramping up the
Extermination process

extant said...

I beleive it is time this is directed to the scum who invited the savages to our shores.

Islamists do what they do, the establishment has created it against our wishes,not even careing what happens to thier own people, in the name of money.

Judas's must be formely confronted and exposed by any legal means.

Take it to their homes, just like they have brought it to ours.

Treat the infection from its route cause, to the top of the shit pile !
Dont deal with the symptom, deal with the cause...