Saturday 22 May 2010


Yeehhaaa !

Now this is more like it.

Fuck the Federal Government.

The Federal Republic is owned by the Federal Reserve Bankers, the Corporate Media, the Oil Companies, the Military-Industrial Complex and the Zionist Lobby Groups like AIPAC.

Fuck the Federal Government.

The answer must be to form tactical alliances on issues such as immigration which allow protection of the local population, to form economic union along the line of a voluntary Regional Currency using Credit Unions and to form localised energy, industrial and agricultural policies that allows the De-Federalised States to resist economic pressure from the Federal Government when regional autonomy shows how it can successfully replace the Federal Government system.

17 States Now Filing Versions of Arizona's Immigration Bill SB 1070

May 21, 2010

For National Release

CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
(866) 703-0864

One of America's national organizations fighting against illegal immigration is announcing that 17 states are now filing versions of Arizona's SB 1070 law which is designed to help local police enforce America's existing immigration laws.

Numerous national and local polls indicated that 60-81% of Americans support local police enforcing immigration laws.

"Our national network of activists have been working overtime trying to help the state of Arizona and the brave Arizonans who have passed this bill," said William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. "Arizona no longer stands alone and we have now documented state lawmakers filing, or announcing they will file, versions of the Arizona bill in seventeen states! We will not stop until all states are protected from invasion as required by the US Constitution."

ALIPAC has documented the following 17 states are following Arizona's lead in response to citizen pressure.


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) has helped to pass some form of immigration enforcement legislation in over 30 states, while the group has also gained a national reputation for defeating legislation designed to give licenses, in-state tuition, and other taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens in 20 states.

ALIPAC's President, William Gheen is a former campaign consultant, Legislative Assistant, state lobbyist, and Assistant Sgt-At-Arms staffer in North Carolina who has turned his local experiences into a political battle plan by driving the national operations of ALIPAC.

"The Federal government has been hijacked by special interests that are neglectful of their duties and even hostile towards the rightful citizens of America," said William Gheen. "It is incumbent upon our states to protect American lives, property, jobs, wages, security, and health, when the Executive Branch fails to honor its Constitutional responsibility to do so by enforcing our existing border and immigration laws."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC lobbied state lawmakers and AZ Governor Jan Brewer to pass SB 1070, which strictly prohibits racial profiling while empowering local police officers to enforce immigration laws.

ALIPAC's activists have been working for almost four weeks now to encourage state lawmakers across the nation to file versions of SB 1070, to help alleviate boycotts and other political antagonism towards Arizona. Citizen activist are being asked to call, e-mail, visit, and fax their state lawmakers to encourage them to support existing SB 1070 type bills or to file them as soon as possible.

For a list of the 17 states joining Arizona's push for this kind of legislation, and to view the associated documentation, please visit our tracking link for updated information at....

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Russia Truth said...

God bless Arizona
Arizona under attack!
Top Official Says Feds May Not Process Illegals Referred From Arizona

Anonymous said...

yep, I told you Lee earlier, White
Anglo Saxon Americans are rising and are aware of the fraud being placed on them. The Tea Party movement here is growing daily.
Fed's being audited, AZ law is becoming popular with other states and Americans hate being taxed to death, remember when that last happened?

Anonymous said...

Lee, did you hear the news about the Tory's plans for "free schools" this week?

This could be a golden opportunity for the community politics you talk about. It could be a key component in building the right kind of communities. If you had control of your local school, what would you put on it's curriculum? What kind of things would you remove from the current curriculum? This could be a chance to gain influence in the education sector, to capture the hearts and minds of a new young generation, a chance to mould new recruits.

Also, some nationalist parents don't want their children exposed to all the marxism that goes on in schools today and opt for home schooling. But imagine the following scenario: An overtly "Nationalist Free School" is founded somewhere, the nationalist parents hear about it and move near to the school in order to send their children there and a nationalist community is born in this geographical location, centred around the Nationalist Free School.

Also, Texas education reforms are annoying the left wing BBC, lol. Imagine a nationalist version of that happening over here in the UK. Mmmm. Something to aim for...

LorMarie said...

I had no idea that more states drafted similar bills. I'm not surprised at New Jersey as they have a sizable Muslim population. As much as I think we need to do something about the illegals, the current climate worries me since it smacks of racism. There are plenty of white Euro immigrants in NY (especially Westchester) and in CT. I've run into a number of UK and Irish immigrants here. We all know why they are more acceptable..even in cases where they are illegal. White illegal immigrants may be rare, but they do exist.

LorMarie said...

Btw, my use of the word "Euro" is not meant to be offensive. Just a habit.

Sammie Hall said...

Most US States duplicate federal laws at the State level. This is so that a person can file claims under both sets of rights by filing in State Court.
Arizona is just doing what most states do--duplicating Federal law.

Most people do not comprehend that US immigration law is intentionally ethnic-based.

The % and absolute caps placed on all Nationalities is intended to prevent immigrants from clumping together and rebuilding the institutions and culture of their homeland (Coolie Act was the first ethnic restriction).

The mass-invasion of Mexicans has busted their Nationality caps, and precisely what the law intended to prevent has happened--they rebuilt the institutions and culture of their homeland.

The Yanks don't mess around with Commies, hookers, druggies, smugglers, or terrorists.
US Inadmissible Aliens law:

Russia Truth said...

LorMarie makes a typical nonsense comment:

"There are plenty of white Euro immigrants in NY (especially Westchester) and in CT. I've run into a number of UK and Irish immigrants here. We all know why they are more acceptable..even in cases where they are illegal. White illegal immigrants may be rare, but they do exist."

If the number of illegal immigrants entering the US via Arizona were small (as "rare" as you state about "Euro" immigrants) then there would be no need for legislation on citizenship checks. The numbers of illegal immigrants are not small therefore Arizona has reacted. Illegal being the keyword - a word that means nothing to liberal scum when mentioned with immigration. LorMarie, we are talking about "illegal" immigration, you know that means "not legal". I would be surprised if there were any illegal immigrants from Europe.

It's amazing how retarded fucks (like LorMarie) twist anything in attempt to justify their bullshit beliefs.

lormarie said...

Crusade, when you prove that you are able to handle an adult conversation in an adult manner, come again. Btw, you don't seem very perceptive at all if you believe what you typed.

Russia Truth said...


When you exhibit the ability to have an adult discussion, rather than simply making pathetic inane statements, then I will respond appropriately.

It's clear to see that my comments destroy your nonsense, only you are so stupid and brainwashed to realise reality. I am right, you are wrong - get used to it.

Get 'em off. said...


Its not about who's acceptable and who's not...It is about circumventing a global social construct that is designed and engineered to destroy all races and people. It is necessary so that the psychopaths and weirdos that constutute "government" and who value themselves only as a direct funtion of their perceived number of suboodinates, can attain a measure of the ritualistically self abusive power that gets them off. They're very important, just ask them.

The indignation that individuals feel as a function of abject ignorance and self-interest only is the most useful weapon "they" use in achieving the end result.

The engineered diasporisation of humanity needs to stop and the ritual self abusers restrained in a private place that is out of the public view.