Wednesday 12 May 2010

Cam, Sam and Cleggy

Did you see Cameron preening like a peacock outside Parliament with Sam in front of the press, what a pair of plonkers.

They should have been embarrased to have been responsible for such a farce of a government - not looking like they are proud of being in power with the Lib Dems.

A tory government with Lib Dems in the cabinet is like the Taliban high command working with the Afghanistan Naturists Association - you know it aint gonna last long.

The Sun, Times, Telegraph and the rest of the yellow Tory media dogs are all trying to spin this farce as something worthwhile, when we all know that the next few months until they have a row and split apart and call election will be marked by endless rows and internal fallouts.

Its good for the BNP though.

We can now say ;

Vote UKIP - get Tory

Vote Lib Dem - get Tory

That means the BNP is now the ONLY official opposition party, for if you vote for the others you get either Tory or Labour.

When the crisis hits then all the parties are now smeared with the excrement of responsibility for it - leaving the BNP the only ones not responsible for the crisis itself.

Now we need to start work on preparing for the next elections.

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Adrian Peirson said...

All the more reason to start ramping up the truth, not too much, I know myself that some people just cannot comprehend / accept the truth.

But there are now significant numbers who know about Shadow Government, International Bankers, the fiat money scam etc.

Keep it simple for the masses but make sure those who know the truth, see which Party really understands what's goin on.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Clegg giving his speech alongside David Commieron in the garden of Downing St? He said that he and Cameron both have a "Common Purpose" together. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say about Clegg he is clever and cunning. Why he joined the looser Libs is a mystery. He is fluent in five languages (ok his Dutch mother helped with that and for those who dont know Dutch it is very similar to German one of his other fluencies). Amongst the half a million who voted BNP last Thursday we will have clever educated professional people equally talented but they will never put their head above the parapit . You do need those people Lee if you are to run an effective campaign. Why will they not publically support the BNP? Stigmatisation number 1. We all are aware of the media campaign but half the problem lies with the BNP. When the internet site fiasco is sorted I would suggest the BNP think on this. Yes engage with the community grass routes idea and I would suggest the BNP still has good support in its target areas but it needs new ideas and no more own goals.