Monday 10 May 2010

Prime Minister Milliband = War On Iran

Gordon Brown resigns.

The Zionist Milliband wins the Labour election.

Prime Minster Milliband = War on Iran is next.

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Ade said...

It's obviouslt what the Muslims in this country want, they voted for it.

Anonymous said...

Wow the opportunity for the BNP is there now to really move forward. A weak government buffeted by the IMF and rising unemployment. The BNP needs to be united and fighting.
So Nick needs to lead and be professional. Reflect on the campaign the various oddities of the election manifesto including the penal colony on South Georgia. Who really thought it would be a good idea to have st Geourge at the manifesto launch ? and the PEB was laughably ameuterish.
Nick needs to take responsibilty for that and reflect on it but there is no other leader so we need to go ahead united. Any challenge to Nick will be Searchlight sponsored.

Adrian P said...

I see in the Parliamentary negotiations that the term PR has been switched to AV, presumably AV ( alternative voting ) keeps the BNP out more effectively than does PR (Proportional representation ).

The MSM keeps spouting that what is paramount is what is best for Britain.

The three main parties are Pro EU, so what is being thrashed out is what is best for the |EU, that means keeping out the true Nationalists, the BNP, whilst keeping in the crypto nationalists.

It ought to be clear now that Plaid, SNP are meant as Regional Governments for the EU.

extant said...

You do remember the secret meetings Miiliband had with the Bilderbergers last year. He was publicly critisised for it by EU members.
Yes we will go to War against Iran, World War 3, then the Invaders will attack us all around Europe; big time.

I say take it to the Top of the shit pile ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, what did nick mean refering to losing his mep seat?

he mentions this in red white and blue bnp radio!

how can they get him out, surely they have no grounds?

i cant find any other reference to this threat other than this radio broadcast on the main site. nick seems certain he will be thrown out of his seat, something he has said? some petty rule?

no doubt it is some petty missunderstanding, i see they also hound ukip like this but no one else, and they call us facists.

getting sick of this fascist political persecution from a bunch of traitors.

still some clarity would be nice.

Adrian Peirson said...

Journalist beaten up investigating voter fraud

Respect party wants investigation into postal vote fraud