Sunday 30 May 2010

Call Wembley and Sheffield Arena NOW

Here is the number for Wembley Arena ;


Here is details of the event in Wembley Arena ;

Here is the number for Sheffield Arena ;

141 0114 256 5656

141 0114 256 2002.

Here is details of the event in Sheffield ;

Ring them now and tell them that unless they cancel this event with Zakir Naek, and all other events featuring Islamists and supporters of terrorism in the future then we will target the venue and if they continue to allow them a platform then we will find out the names and addresses of the directors of Wembley Arena and target them in their own homes for demonstrations.

Those that allow supporters of terrorism a platform to spread their message of hate are inciting terrorism.

Those that profit from allowing supporters of terrorism to peddle their hate in our country will, and must be targeted if they persist in doing so.

The era when we as British Nationalists just sat on our arses and doing bugger all but talking about taking the fight to the enemy has to end.

The owners of Wembley Arena know that they are aiding, supporting and assisting terrorism when they allow the scum like Zakir Naik to spread their message of hate in our country - and seeing as this gutless politically correct government will not stop the propagandists of terrorism coming into our country then we the people must act to ensure they cannot propagandise terrorism and hate in our country.

Call Wembley Arena now.

Tell them that unless they stop any future events featuring Zakir Naik then we will target Wembley Arena for escalating protests and demonstrations.

Get off your arses people.

No more merely talking bollocks on the Internet.

The EDL led the way with its activism - now Nationalists must arise and commence our fight against the Islamists and the people who allow them to peddle terrorism and hate in our country.

Nationalists must lead the way.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What happened to fight back? This should be going out to the 30,000 or so on that list.