Saturday 8 May 2010

2081 - everyone is equal

In 2081 everyone is equal - by law.

Those who are too pretty, too strong and too intelligent must surrender their talents or be regarded as criminals.

Everyone must be as ugly, stupid and talentless as everyone else.

The truth is that we believe in lies.

There cannot be diversity and unity.

There cannot be multi-culturalism and society.

There cannot be equality and liberty.

Rise up.

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Anonymous said...

This is the reality of equality though, Ivana Trump who lived under a communistic regime said that when she was growing up there she had no help what-so-ever from the state to nurture her talent as an athlete, she went on to Olympic level without their help, i seen her on Big Brother and she went on to say that in Czechoslovakia everyone was encouraged and expected to be mediocre no one should excel and i remembered thinking at the time that this was now the same mentality in this country, everyone dumbed down to the lowest level so we cannot rise up.......

Adrian Peirson said...

If you think about it, Multicuturalism destroys Multicuturalism.

Trouble is, en masse, the herd does not think this deep, they simply agree with what they are told, that is how they can get away with plotting to sterilize our children, aborting 7.2 million of us since 1970 and then claim we need more people.

The herd is told we need more people and at a very simplistic moronic level it is a reasonable statement, it's not true, but it's an acceptable statement that gets accepted by millions without question.

Few stop to ask, wait a minute, if we need more people, why is it Govt policy that facilitates mass abortion and sterilizing of our own people.

When politicians speak, they are not speaking to millions of individuals, they are speaking to the collective herd.

The elites Dumbing down Society

Adrian Peirson said...

God Bless Western Civilization

lormarie said...

Harrison Bergeron! One of my favorite short stories to teach. Most of the students I've taught get the message loud and clear. We all have different abilities and talents...nothing wrong with that.

Adrian Peirson said...

I can't help thinking that another reason we are in this mess is because the two main defenders of our Liberty have been constitutionally silenced.
The Military and the Monarchy.

Would a BNP Govt agree their opinions ought to be heard by the public.

Adrian Peirson said...

UK Column and TPUC Latest.

UK Column