Friday 7 May 2010

The Barking Losses And the Future

Am I surprised we lost the Barking councillors - no.

I knew we would lose most of them due to the social and political situation we have today.

The public are frightened of the future as they have been bombarded with media 'fear propaganda', and it is a truism of human nature that in time of instability and economic uncertainty they stick with what they know.

Voting Labour or Tory is like hugging the comfort blanket for frightened children.

It is only AFTER the collapse has hit them personally, do they then vote for parties of national renewal.

Things are not bad enough for them to wake up at the moment.

They are still somatised, tranquilised and asleep.

They believe that they are told by the media, they vote the way they are told by the media and they cling to the lies the media tell them as a drowning man clings to a life jacket.

Let them live beneath to the comfort blanket of their illusions, for sooner or later the truth will reveal itself.

The election of George Galloway at the 2005 elections ushered in an era of communal bloc votes. He got elected as he got a COMMUNITY to vote for him, those being Muslims.

It is time we did the same thing with our own people, but we have a lot of work to do.

The BNP have not followed the strategy I have been demanding for years.

We have been trying to fight like the big boys in a stand up fight - and though we may win the first few rounds, we will always eventually lose the fight.

And we will continue to do so, unless we change strategy and tactics.

The media are a mafia we cannot defeat, so why bother trying to fight the same way as the other parties all the time ?

We need a new strategy and tactics.

In order to defeat the media conditioning, then our candidates have to be dedicated full time activists in their communities.

Instead of trying to be like the other parties and do as the other parties do we have to have a different approach - a community led approach.

This means we have to stop putting up candidates who have not done the required leg work in their areas, that have not demonstrated their commitment to the people in their communities by community activism and have not defused the media smears by direct personal contact with the electorate.

Quality over Quantity.

I have asked for a long time that before we stand any candidates they put in at least two years work in their own communities, in order to build up a loyal voter base and to create a nationalist community within their own communities that will support them and vote for them.

Every time I asked to impose my strategy and tactics, others whose roles in the party would mean they would have to surrender some power over their activists who would be required to do community work as well as political work always said no, as they wanted the party to remain solely a political mechanism, and not also a social mechanism.

Without that work to create a nationalist community amongst our people, our people will not vote for a party that seeks to represent them as a people or a community.

This level of prolonged commitment to a community also guarantees we also have dedicated, intelligent and committed activists, and that the decent councillors we have are not undermined by the actions of other less dedicated councillors.

For every councillor we have elected, we need to appoint three community activism co-ordinators.

The role of a councillor is not to serve the party, it is to serve their constituents.

Therefore in order to support them within the constituency in building a community network, we must send in trained people to build up community networks and sustain and build upon our voting base.

Instead we got councillors elected, concentrated on the politics and lost the community.

But there is a plus side to this.

Therefore the fact that the constituents of those councillors who lost their seats will now experience more mass immigration, more colonisation and more loss of their own communities to ethnics shipped in means, perversely, that we will in the end benefit from the loss of our councillors.

The fact that people will now have their labour councillors conpsiring to turn Barking into an 'enriched area' with loads of postal voting colonists moved in via the council, will be their own self imposed punishment.

This means that those councillors who lost their seats now need to start organising the community networks NOW to take advantage of what comes next.

It appears that a few hundreds Barking voters wanted Labour back and they have got it, and now they will watch their community destroyed as immigrants are shipped into the place to bolster the Labour vote.

The few hundreds of traitors who voted labour will destroy Barking, and allow us the opportunity to create a nationalist network out of the wreckage.

I have demanded for a long time that the BNP do as much Community Work as we do political campaigning.

The BNP is a political party that represents primarily the indigenous British community.

But the ONLY people in the whole country who have no consciousness of being a community, are the indigenous British people.

We alone are called 'racists' for daring to organise to represent our people and community in the multi-cultural society.

There are no community centres for indigenous British and English whites, but there are tens of thousands of such centres for every other ethnicity, nationality and race in our nation.

This is why Blacks, jews, Hindus, Sikhs etc see themselves as Blacks, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs etc - as they have community organisations, community centres and organisations that represent them as a community.

Our people have no lobby groups, no charities, no legal groups and no community centres for them to organise around as a community.

Therefore our people are divided on the grounds of politics, and exist as individuals without any sense of community and without any sense of community self responsibility to the past, present or future.

Even those of our people who are community activists spend most of their time working for the interests of other communities, and never their own people. This is why the middle class liberals love to adopt ethnic kids, as a way to express their loathing for their own kind.

Many of our people are atomised, isolated, brainwashed, conditioned media drones - believing what they are told by the media and voting accordingly.

The multi-cultural society has devastated our community, and along with the constant use of the term 'racism' to smear anyone white British or English who dares stand up for our people, we have no communities anymore or any sense of being part of a community.

This means we are powerless.

We have become atomised, frightened, individuals adrift in a society that despises us and communities that care more for immigrants than our own people.

They see the abuse heaped on our people and candidates by the media, and they are afraid they will get the same.

This is why the BNP attracts mainly people who are strong, self reliant and not afraid to rock the boat - but that makes us leaders who are trying to represent a community that does not exist.

We must first create our communities, if our communities are to vote for us.

The idea that money alone would get us into power was absurd.

We have no way to compete with the main parties that rely on money from capitalist crooks and trade union conmen - what we need to do is stop pretending we need to compete.

Money is a tool, it is not the end and be all - as the vote has just shown us.

Whilst we have raised more money than ever, it has not bought us victory.

The money that comes in the future must also be spent on community building projects as well as political campaigning.

Unless we create nationalist communities in our own communities, then our electoral victory is impossible.

The fact is we have a good base of around 10 % of support in our communities already - not enough to take power, but enough to form nationalist communities.

Through these nationalist communities we can then draw new people into our ranks as well as defusing the lies spread by the media about us.

The only we will appear human in the eyes of people who believe the media myths, is if they get to know us personally.

This is why the BNP have suceeded even as we failed to retain our councillors.

No doubt Billy Bragg and his retarded army of Hope Not Hate muppets and Lancaster Unity lesbians and smack heads will think they have had a victory - but they know they havent.

True political power is not measured in just the number of seats you amass, it relates to the influence a party has in the country itself and at the community level.

We should be organising our support today and tomorrow and from now on AT THE COMMUNITY LEVEL, not just waiting for them to vote for us every five years.

We must consolidate our base and from it create nationalist communities, that then form a national network of supporters that allow us to impose real power at the level of the community itself.

Only when every town. village and city has an active BNP Nationalist Community that holds social events, political events, family events, fun days, helps people with their legal and social problems - will we truly be on the road to power.

We are not the only victims of the system.

The Lib Dems also suffer from the same 'first past the post' punishment as us.

Their true level of support is never represented as it should be with MP's due to the system - but it appears that will be changing as Clegg buys Proportional Representation for the Lib Dems, and for us as well.

The BNP are now a massive power in this country, we just do not have the opportunity to get seats in Parliament that represent our true level of support due to the first past the post system.

In 2005 the BNP vote was 192,746

In 2010 it was 563,743

This is the true victory.

In a first past the post system all small parties are punished, this is why our system is rigged to favour the Labour and Tory Parties.

What we must do now is start community activism as well as political campaigning, we must build on the base of over half a million people that voted for us.

The Lib Dems will get their referndum for PR, and when they do we will vote for it - as that is our way into power, not past the archaic and absurd first past the post media controlled system we have at the moment.

This is why I said to people vote Lib Dem if you couldnt vote BNP, as if we had proportional representation today we would have about 60 MP's already in Parliament.

Those who think the power of a political party is based solely on counting the heads of councillors and MP's is an idiot.

Beyond Parliament is the Nation.

Our role now is to work to seed our communities with Nationalist Community networks.

These will be how we draw people into our ranks, how we will create a consciousness of being part of a community in our peoples minds and how we will prepare to take advantage of PR in the future.

The Euro elections showed us we can take seats in a PR system.

Our job now is to put in the work to create our communities, before the next round of elections.

Half a million people voting for us means we are now part of the mainstream of British politics, its just that we are held back by the idiotic first past the post system that corrupts our democratic system.

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extant said...

We should concentrate preaching to the masses, not to the choir.

We need strong close nit "Loyal" groups, not boys get together's and the odd fk wit who wants a moment of fucking glory.

One of us are in trouble, we are all in trouble.




Start at the Heart of any community,Church,Scouts,Community centres,Schools,Rugby,Football clubs etc.


People need to know, who will support them when their luck is down.
I suggested a long time ago on the main site, that we have a manned help line for people with financial troubles ;for one.



The list can be endless and will cost us nothing...



Hrodebert said...

Absolutely spot on. Elected representation is an illusion of power akin to fighting with a shield made of glass. We cannot continue with the present strategy.

Anonymous said...

Good common sense article. The "establishment" have the system sewn up. Unless by some miracle proportional representation is introduced we will always struggle. Not only have large parts of the electorate been denied their right to vote, large scale fraud is always there and will get worse. A complete new strategy is needed.

Abu Abdullah said...

Agreed. A de facto state within a state ala Hizbullah within Lebanon is the way to go. The BNP cannot gain power under the present political system, so it must go outside the system and create its own power structure, its own society, its own nation. Concentrate your resources and target selected areas for BNP takeover. That means taking over and/or starting farms, industries, shops, businesses, charities, religious organizations, social organizations, educational institutions, school boards, town councils, sports clubs, and all other institutions that make up an autonomous, functioning society.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, I think one thing many have overlooked is the polarisation of politics when their is an unpopular goverment. people wont vote outside the two main paties as one side wants to get the Labour goverment out and the others want to keep the thatcherites out.

off course they are both the same but the media spin the sheep into thinking they will get change, though no one really knows what this `change` is.

this is also why the lib dems were squeesed.

sooner or later when the austerity plans hit the sheep where it hurts then they will be looking for the alternative.

I the meantime lets hope we will get proportional representation, though that is not in the NWO interests so that is unlikely to happen, more likely some rigged system that makes it harder for small parties will result.

still we will be the party that told them so when the shit hits the fan, as it just has in greece.

The BNP did just about all they could with their resourses, the BNP have to be commended for just what they have achieve in the current system we have.

Anonymous said...

The fact is Lee, that despite the most favourable conditions possible, the electorate has rejected you utterly. I do feel for you because you obviously have a very slim grasp on reality. How could you possibly lose to Labour so completely when even the cynical Nazi would have expected some advancement at least?

One goose-step forward ten steps back. xxx

Anonymous said...

Doesn't help tho Lee when the goy see BNP Cllrs rolling around in the gutter brawling.

Defender of Liberty said...

Oh yeah, the electorate have rejected us - all 563,743 of them that voted for us.

You must be fucking mental dear.

If you define success in politics as having a few powerless puppets in a whore house as 'progress' then you have a very small mind and a very limited understanding of politics.

Its the lessons we learn that will take us where we need to be, not the loss of a few councillors.

Harry said...

We need an organisation that doesn't spend it's time paying a bevy of full timers, sucking ever larger amounts of donationsa merely to keep the organisation tottering along.

It appears many of the "inner cities"are presently lost to us. Towns in the North West, such as Barrow, Workington and Whitehave - all chockj full of white people - in Cumbria are, presently not. This is true across the country.

Millions of white people are terrified for the future, and have been, over the last fifty years been purposefully mentally retarded, into the belief that the "State", in the shape of LibLabTory, will"solve" tgheir problems.

We are being set up for an economic gang rape by the IMF and banks. Whoever takes power is going to have no choice over "austerity", ours not theirs. Greece is only the opening salvo in the economic barbarism and violence planned for White European Man, on the horizon.

The Labour Party and the Trade Unions are going to be incapable of stemming the tide over the next few months. IF we act now, we may stand the chance of replacing them as the natural home of the White peoples of Britain.

A fine piece, Lee.

alanorei said...

Insightful article, Lee

How is the figure of 60 seats under PR arrived at? It's clearly not a simple proportioning system based directly on %age of the vote.

Adrian Peirson said...

It's true, the political elites have turned the British people into timid non people, too afraid to ask for someone who will represent them.
Ashamed of their own identity.

I don't know what's happened to the main site, it looks down again, someone said Bennet had left.

Therin lies another lesson, the BNP online presence ought to be set up so that they can take the main site down and it means nothing because the other sites will cover the National and Local Issues.

The British people also need educating about what's really going on, that mass immigration is not about assylum, it is colonisation etc, political correctness is not about civility it is the stifling of debtate.

In that way, even if the BNP is obliterated, banned, the British people will still know what's really going on and, at the moment the British people have no idea they are being exterminated or that the three main parties serve the same Globalist masters, or that their children will shortly be conscripted into the EU Army or that there will be war with Iran, More False flag terror attacks, Bioweapons releases, mass forced vaccinations and sterilisations.

Do Lefties have children or are children a Nationalist thing.

Dr Blaylock on Vaccinations

Dr Sherri Tenpenny

If you want to get the Brits off their behinds, tell them the elites are dumbing down, poisoning and sterilizing their children.

Wake up call conference

Jane Burgermeister

Don't you just love lefties, enocide, illegal wars, 2 and a half million dead Iraqis since Gulf war I, now they sit round desks getting wet with excitement at dumbing down, sterilizing children.

Absolutely deranged psychopaths, the whole lot of them.

Incidentally, Jane Burgermeister is in the middle of a legal challenge against WHO and Baxter who shipped contaminated flu vaccine to Europe ready for putting into the Vaccine supply chain, she is dealing with the European Comission, any chance the BNP MEP's could help her or at least find out from her what's going on, this is another vote winner, lots of parents out there want answers on these issues and will flock to the first political party that starts asking the questions that need answering.

In addition, A Great Country will need a Healthy population, how about a Health spokesperson.

Jane Burgermeister v Baxter and WHO

More on the Swine flun Agenda

Anonymous said...

Lee I am glad to find your blog tackling the matter, rather than burying the old head and all.

The Tories have a split with eukip and the bnp has its split with nationilists.

As the yanks say do the maths!

Or better still as the Brits say, you can make it to number ten without even taking your socks off.

So if the train leaves the station at say around 7 and arrives at ten, were was my ticket and how did gordon manage to be at the station, even though he has not got a ticket to ride, let alone be at number ten!

This is required towards your gcse, obe and bow to the queen.

The answers can be varied and all applicants will be regarded.

Adrian Peirson said...

The Public are unaware of so much, the fact that 1.2 million Iraqis have died since our invasion, the use of depleted Uranium causing birth defects, be the only party that dare tell the truth on these issues.

The wipe Israel off the map lie.

The fake serbian concentrationn camp image used to take us to war.

Migrant gang rapes in the EU.

Anonymous said...

"The fact is Lee, that despite the most favourable conditions possible, the electorate has rejected you utterly."

I think you'll find much more favourable conditions are heading this way like a runaway train.

At a time of crisis people will polarize around the two main options. We're not one of those yet so we got squeezed like the rest.

Good blog and i agree that community activism is the way to build strength in depth. It builds the foundations that councillors can rest on and in turn the councillors provide the foundation for MPs. Organizations like Hamas exemplify the method.

I don't see it as an alternative to electoral politics. I see it as the best foundation for electoral politics. Community activism leading to local political strength leading to national political strength.

Some disappointments today but still 563,743 reasons to be cheerfull.

Anonymous said...

The 'Third Position NF' were arguing what you are proposing as far back as the mid eighties - and their wisdom was ignored. Perhaps its time to dust down the 'Third Postion' handbook...

Anonymous said...

I have sent one community focused idea to Nick to get his comments

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin is NOT the man to lead the future BNP, too corrupt, too old fashioned and too egotistical.

Surrounded by yes men he lives in a deluded fantasy bubble that has just been popped.

You said it best lee when you said that people vote for that safety blanket and that there is no white community. Griffins tactics have always assumed there is a huge white ww2 like solidarity and targets it, truth is there isnt one there. Average people I know laugh at the tactics we use in our election material and press launches because its clownish. Punish the pigs? Banksters? St.George man at launch? Marmite eating? Old ww2 themes that mean nothing to the pre 50 yr olds, and those past 50 will ALWAYS vote lab/con anyway.

We need to start building these communities and voting blocs, but in order to do that we need a new fresh image that can reach the selfish individualistic nature of white society and something to bind them all together.

Griffin people must see now, is not the man for the job.

gatesofvienna said...

With the real population at around 80 million stats for 2007.
How many real Brits are left in some areas of the country?
Immigration is a concern to the majority, yet all anti immigration parties did badly?
This quote from Stalin sprang to mind!

Update: A historical source has been found for one variant of this quote: Boris Bazhanov's Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary, published in 1992 and so far as I know only available in Russian.

The pertinent passage, which appears near the end of Chapter Five, reads as follows (loosely translated):

You know, comrades," says Stalin, "that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.

Nuff Said......

gatesofvienna said...

To get a Labour/Fabian MP...24.000 VOTES.

44.000 GETS A TORY



Agree fully with last comment-anonymous!

Anonymous said...