Thursday 13 May 2010

BBC Liberal Propaganda Lie Machine

Political correctness murders truth and liberty, whilst masquerading as morality.

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Anonymous said...

Get a job at the BBC, then you will be able to use tax-payers money to pump out your own propaganda, (which is what the leftists have been doing for the last 50 odd years)

Make sure you take a copy of the Guardian with you to your job interview at the BBC so they think you're one of them. Tell them that you believe in climate change and all that nonsense. Tell them whatever they want to hear, go on climate change marches with them or gay pride rallys. Do whatever it takes to get inside. Then once you're in a senior position, you can start sacking leftists and start hiring fellow nationalists to replace them with.

extant said...

Brilliant. I bet you feel a load better you got all that off your mind; I have to do one.

I know it wont change fuck all, but at least ill feel better..

Is it you speaking Lee ?


Mancunian said...

Love it! There'll be a lot of scores to settle over the next decade or so - I for one am keeping a tally of the Bastards we need to get even with!

Defender of Liberty said...

Yes its me mate - the hate and contempt is 100 % real.

Wolfblood said...

These audiologs are going to catch on, Lee.
Let's all email them around.

btw, ermine becomes you, my lord :-)

Russia Truth said...

Check this out: I thought race was a "social construct"?!

Russia Truth said...

Re: the 8-year-old girl

Girl, eight, says 10-year-old boys 'did not rape her

Now, the BBC wishes it had shown the image of the "innocent" black in court - not the innocent white!

Anonymous said...

Too right Lee.....Donna

Anonymous said...

Again Lee spot on with your comments.

Great work.


extant said...

Defender of Liberty.

I thought it was and believe me Lee, I recognised immediately the contempt was real.

I am fkn angry too mate, more than I can express over a Blog.

My Mrs have been taking the piss out of me during the past few days for shouting abuse at the TV, I am bursting at the seam with hatred, I have never ever had so much hatred for anything as I do to the scum in control.

By the way, I had a letter from the filth constabulary today telling me in writing that they have interviewed the "Paki"stani who broke my sons nose, he has admitted the serious assault. They wont take it any further because my son allegedly verbally abused the aggressor..
I asked "is it ok that I can assault someone if I called them a name", he said "no comment".

He broke with such ease as I explained to him, he is a tool of the state and is broken and expendable just like an old used faulty part.

Also I informed him that there is no doubt that he and his corrupt colleagues are worse than the aggressors, worse than the violent scum that now infects our streets and should be deeply ashamed , especially considering his position.
Believe me , I said a lot more.

He said "I am sorry,I am just following order's, I don't know what to say".

I said you can act within the Law for a start.

My Son has been' as you know ,on the end of 2 serious assaults in 2 different Schools over the past year by Pakistani's. He has been racially abused more times than I can count by Invaders , simply because he is white and Christian, he must suffer in silence and receive no justice.

Just imaging how many more kids are going through the same.

There is more than one reason why the Justice system was erected, "to stop retaliation , revenge" and attempt to give peace and closure to the victim.

We are at War.

dhounsome said...

Been reading you for years, first time on comments.
I enjoyed that, man after my own heart, well done Lee, with you all the way. What a pack of spineless snakes.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks for the supports chaps,

Thanks for the comment dhounsome,

Extant , you are right mate - we are at war.

Dont be too hard ob the coppers at the shitty end of the stick they have to do as they are told.

Its the acpo scum and the CPS and the government that are the problem - most coppers know the score as they see it every day at work, but they have to do as they are told.

Direct your anger, channel it outwards in a positive direction - that way it becomes a force for good,



Anonymous said...

I think the point to be made here is, it is clear non whites are being promoted (discriminated against) over the heads of whites across the whole spectrum of national administration.

This is known as affirmative action. It is deliberate establishment policy of racial discrimination against whites.

In other words, legalised racism against whites is enthusiastically championed by our own politicians - politicians who we vote for.

The double standards of liberalism are shown in stark relief here, for it is perfectly permissable to dicriminate against whites, nay even applauded, but discrimination against non whites is hateful and beyond the pale.

Make no mistake, in the guise of double-speak, tolerance and non discrimination, war is being waged against us - by our own people would you believe?

The public face of the establishment's anti white conditioning programme is the BBC(media.) Fine tune your radar, for the multicultural media is telling you 24/7 that non whites are the future (your future) in Britain, so get used to to the idea.

Non whites are now in positions of authority and influence throughout Britain.

This is no coincidence, it is intentional strategy and is in an advanced stage.

White Britain is being systematically dispossessed.

So next time a non white candidate is shoe-horned into your consistuency then don't vote for them, as they will not represent your interests, that's for sure.

extant said...

Re-Direct your anger, channel it outwards in a positive direction - that way it becomes a force for good.

I try my best Lee, thats why I read as many and as much of possible of the truth so I can reinterperate to our people !

I am completely aware that not all Police are bad; to the Contrary !
The vast majority of Police Officers are decent people , they are also waking up fast.
I had 2 here last week about the assault on my Boy and I was Educating them about what is happening,eg Multiculturalism is Communism, etc etc. They looked absolutely gobsmacked when I informed them of what is really going on. I aslo told them to remember a few web addresses that they should look at.


This is what will give us our Country back.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your son Lee.......keep up the good work, people like you are our only hope.....Donna

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Donna,

I hope you are well.

It wasnt my son who was beaten up, sorry enriched, but Extants boy.

Another young lad who has experienced the reality of our coujntry that the arseholes in the ivory towers of parliament and in their all white enclaves never experience - yet.

Give your lad all my best mate,

regards to you donna,


Kratos said...

Actually, the police know more about what is going on than we assume. My young brother's car was wrecked outside our home by a Paki driving a van. We exchanged insurance details on the understanding that it was his fault and we will not make any claims because we wanted to claim the government's 2 grand on new cars.

However, after 3 months an insurance claims officer knocked on our door having had the Paki put in claims for him and three other people for the usual BS about whiplashes and so on.

Luckily, the officer was a former police official and helped us get all the evidences we needed to counter the allegations. He said it is always the same suspects from he same countries and sometimes particular cities in the Punjab or Kashmir region of Pakistan.

Adrian Peirson said...

They will come for the Net, it's important to get stuff onto DVD / CD and distribute it.

The trouble with banning someone from the UK Home Secretary is that it very often makes me want to know why.

Michael Savage

Mark Steyn

Anonymous said...

I really think these audio blogs are the business

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Lee, just listened to your audio blog. I agree with you 100%

How pathetic are white people in this country? They are absolute brain dead retards. I hope the CONservatives screw these white people over BIG TIME. I hope they put VAT up to 25%

These white people deserve what they get!