Thursday 6 May 2010

Boxing Bob - the British Epic Bearded Man

Hoorah for Bob !

The despicable, gobby, vile little shit that spat in his face needed a good slap.

Well done mate.

The fact the little shit was trying to enforce some racist 'No Go Area' and deny the BNP and whites the right to politically campaign, was good enough for him to get a slap anyway.

This is our country.

There is not one inch of it that we will not campaign for.

Those that seek to prevent us from going where we wish in our own country are the inner enemy.

We will not surrender an inch to the colonists, the criminals and the ethnic ghettoes - every inch of this land is ours and will be forever.

Those that spit in a mans face, deserve a fist back.

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extant said...

One day THE GUTLESS bullies like the scum who spat ,kicked and then run will come across a real nasty bastard like me , who knows how to deal with wankers!!
Your right mate, it is ours and will always be ours.

Anonymous said...

That video of Bob and his team standing up to the thugs and delivering them a lesson in manners, was well recieved on the mainstreme blogs.

Bob is now a legend and a symbol of British pride and deservedly so.

the UAF clowns plying this for all it was worth simply increased the publics respect for the BNP.

again, well done Bob and his British lions.

let us hope we take the council to rub salt into their considerable and deserved wounds.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bob Bailey, the dirty fucker didn't expect that, this is our country and it's staying that way, good luck to all brave men and women in the BNP tonight and always.

Andraste said...

Hear, hear. Well done Bob.

Video: Bob Bailey gives a beatin' (Metal remix)

Anonymous said...

Well it goes down well in the Sergeant's mess but it doesnnt work so well once the MSM have distorted it. The sight of a middle aged man fighting looks appalling. The BNP seems to specialise in own goals and needs to get professional. Last year the BNP secured a million votes in the Euro and it should have amassed nearly that in this election. Internal divisions havent helped, web masters behaving like two year olds do not help. The major publicity of earlier in the year in reforming the membership was blighted by the viscious ejection of the Times journalist. Why didnt someone with any sense say we will wait for the police to remove him?
The BNP has a great opportunity now, divided and weak government with massive debts and uncontrrolled immigration. Regroup, get media savvy and get someone in HQ who can organise a party. Nick needs to sharpen up,;the Question Time did him no favours as he was unprepared despite many people telling him it was a media set up. Anyone with a history of dodgy statements or misdemeanours needs to be removed from the frontline.
The best BNP spokesman is undoubtably Simon Darby I suggest people learn from him.