Tuesday 11 May 2010

The Church of England - not really.

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Al Scott said...

Lee, you should rewrite “The Bible in Cockney” a full version.


Cousin Kyle = Paedophile
Horses Hoof = Poof

I’d buy it!

Anonymous said...

fops in frocks


Anonymous said...

another good rant lee, get it on the RWB radio, i would tune in just for a couple of weekly rants from yourself!

These entertaining and truthful rants need a wider listening base to gain more influence.

alanorei said...

A lot of good insights there, Lee, thanks

What you are describing is the church of the End Times, just before the 2nd Advent. It is called Laodicea - the people's rights, i.e. 'civil' rights as practised in the violent demo's of the 1960s in the US under the leadership of confirmed Marxist, Michael King, aka Martin Luther King, who adopted that illegal alias.

See Revelation 3:14-19, noting especially verses 16 and 19.

Re: paedophilia, only the AV1611 reveals the link between child molesters and so-called 'gay rights.' Check Genesis 18:20, 19:4, 5 and compare the AV1611 with any modern version. All the popular modern versions cover up for the child molesters.

Essentially the decline of the C of E as a whole got underway in the 1870s-80s, with the displacement of the AV1611 by the (now defunct) Revised Version, under the duplicity of a couple of Cambridge academics, B.F. Westcott (Bishop of Durham for some years) and F.J.A. Hort. They were spiritualist Jesuit plants who hoodwinked several generations of Christians*.

The RV was the first in a long line of counterfeit 'bibles' since then. Each one fades away after a couple of decades and has to be revamped and remarketed but they are almost all** basically the RV rehashed.

*Including the Christian Institute, which is a fundamentalist group, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne but irrationally anti-BNP, as you'll see if you consult their Election 2010 Briefing.

**An exception is the NKJV, which is kind of a hybrid and like any mulatto, eventually sterile i.e. it produces no lasting reformation.

W and H also had a pederast, Charles Vaughan, on their translation committee for the RV. Vaughan was the head at Harrow school in the 1850s and Westcott was a house master. Horrific abuse took place there at the time, with senior boys molesting younger ones. Vaughan and Westcott condoned it and, in Vaughan's case, participated in it.

This is all set out in a book called Hazardous Materials by Dr Mrs Gail Riplinger, of AV Publications. Many fundamentalists (not paedo-Episcopalian Marxists) hate her like poison for her stance on the AV1611 and have been working 24/7 for nearly 20 years to discredit her and her work.

I wholly agree with your strategy, Lee. It is essential but it must be predicated on a return to the Authorized King James 1611 Holy Bible. I'm somewhat at odds with Rev West here, who also favors the NKJV (New King James Version) but the NKJV is another counterfeit - as you'll see if you check the references given above in Genesis.